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Monday, December 14, 2020

The Defamation of Ted Kaczynski - AKA The Unabomber - PART I

(Picture credit owed to Dark Mountain Project - )

Ted Kaczynski  - 

25 years after his capture, I chose to defy the Media's characterization of Mr. Kaczynski - a Lunatic; a Madman; a Conspiracy Kook. 

I read the Essay/Manifesto, December 2020, for the first time. The Essay positively Awed and Stunned me - literally speaking. The content is impressive. It inspired a reconsideration of the Media's evaluation of Mr. Kaczynski. The IQ that enabled Ted to enter Harvard Univesity on a full scholarship, age 16, defines the words, assembly, assessments, ideas, and goals contained therein. Footnotes and appropriate references are copious. 

The Bad Stuff: Ted manufactured explosives devices (from scratch) in a tiny, remote Montana cabin over the course of nearly twenty years he inhabited the cabin. 

Aside: That Ted was capable of manufacturing the explosives in a cabin so remarkably austere most opinions consider it unfit for human habitation, and, unable to sustain the bare necessities of life is a testament to Ted's adaptability, mental resources, and willingness to endure severe, long term deprivations. Surviving those living conditions displays Ted's character, ethical constitution, and sacrifices made to secure his goals; protect others and the planet. --- Be clear about Ted's "environmental views". His comments indicate he was NOT a tree-hugging lunatic. Planet Earth and its human inhabitants are inextricably bound. Ergo, concern and care for one portion extends to the other, in a literal and ideological symbiosis. 

More Bad Stuff: Ted mailed and delivered those explosives to people and organizations he believed were a Lethal Threat to American citizens and the Earth. Ted's explosives are responsible for three deaths and numerous woundings. (NOTE: Your author chose to temper his  appraisal and estimation of Ted's actions after reading the Essay.) I can neither condemn nor condone Ted's methods - contingent upon the objectives articulated and the analogous motivations stated for the methods chosen. This perspective applies the Liberal Left's practice of indemnifying Unorthodox Behaviors many find repulsive, but the Left find's useful to obtain the destructive political ends they seek. 

Concordantly, the Mass Media purposely labeled the Essay a "Manifesto" to besmirch the content and the author - The Unabomber: Ted Kaczynski. The Media scrupulously applies the word Manifesto to any document that poses a threat to their preferred political ideology - Marxism. The word manifesto is used to belittle the ideas posed, and imply (by innuendo) the author is not of sound mind, and/or Dangerous. Ted frightened most Media types. Hiding behind a teacher's skirt, avoiding recess, then defaming and insulting the people who they perceived a personal threat (in the safety and autonomy of their bedroom at home) is clearly evident in the Media's analysis and treatment of Ted Kaczynski. He's smarter than they. He's willing to sacrifice for his passions. He's brave enough to act and risk a death sentence or life in prison to accomplish his goals. Ted's is everything the Media are NOT! Timid, insecure, and self-loathing best describe the majority of people who choose Media as a profession. These same people chose membership in the LIBERAL LEFT'S cabal Ted referenced and dissected in his Essay.  

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


Jesus Christ was required to endure a human existence to prepare his physical body and soul for resurrection - to embody and deliver eternal grace. Christ faced the same physical and cognitive environment all men confront. This included having his previous recollections of God and the pre-existence concealed. God’s design of the universe is an ordered composition; containing matter, energy, and other complex assemblies with fundamental requirements. These are over-layered upon time and intersect laws that assure the proper operation of the universe. Jesus Christ is a select spirit. He displayed unique and superior qualities and was specifically called to task by God to act in a position of authority. Even in the context of Christ's advanced elite calling, he could not avoid experiencing human life. That experience was (is) requisite to acquire the experience and insight required to endure and command the essential operating dynamics resident in the afterlife.

Christ’s soul, perhaps more than any other, required a physical preparation in an earthly existence to enable his unique role in eternity. For Christ to optimally function as the advocate for man at judgment, to later rule and manage mankind, to assume his responsibilities (yet unknown to man) he must intimately confront, absorb and learn from personal experiences, the mental and physical challenges human life in the earthly environment contains. Christ’s experiences, in human form, must include surmounting the physical conditions and restrictions inherent in God’s design for all men. These same physical dynamics exist throughout the universe. Order requires it. 

Surmounting the challenges life on earth exhibits are necessary if Christ’s sacrifice is to have the intended meaning. (God too, experienced a human life and revealed that to us in Genesis – “in his own image”.)

Some may contend against this interpretation and ancillary assertions. I challenge them to consider and explain: What purpose does Christ’s life in a human body serve if the outcome - Christ acting as mankind’s advocate at judgment, and ruling over the earth’s inhabitants in the afterlife, was foreordained; and Christ knew his calling throughout his life? Christ’s presence on earth is needless if all his actions while on earth were pre-ordained. That condition means he arrived with an intimate and absolute knowledge of God, the pre-existence, and his calling. Christ, under these conditions, has no need for Faith. He implicitly knows the challenges forthcoming in his life and God’s plans. Under this rubric, the purpose for a thirty-three year life in human form is dubious - unnecessary. Christ was provided Free Will, a human body, and an environment filled with temptations of the flesh. Christ, like all mankind, was required to negotiate these – blindly, uncertain. Christ’s work and his actions while alive, exclusively, must arise from FAITH that a God exists – just like every other man ever born. Christ’s actions in deliberating, his decision-taking processes, and behaviors chosen, were requisite for him to prepare his his soul, his consciousness. Only then could he progress into the Savior.

Furthermore, Christ was confronted by Lucifer when fasting in the desert. If foreordination rules the cosmos, what is the purpose of, and what benefits are generated from, the confrontation with Lucifer? His life is preordained. He knows the outcome before, during, and after the meeting. Christ was not permitted to avoid the meeting. Something essential was resident in that confrontation. Christ was required to overtly rebuke and deny Lucifer – properly exercising his Free Will and displaying his Faith. Conversely, if Christ had chosen Lucifer’s several offers – then what? Is it not possible men occasionally failed to exercise good judgment and submitted to temptation – derailing God’s immediate plans? If so, must God contingently plan. Circumstances and the temporal nature of man suggest he must. 

Christ is a chosen spirit. He was more advanced in the pre-existence and likely in other ways unknown, than the average spirit before the earth was made. But God’s designs, Christ’s calling, and the location, earth, within a larger universal framework, combine to place physical requirements for every soul seeking to obtain grace, and advance to, and within, the afterlife. Consider also, if Christ’s calling and status were foreordained and predetermined - there is no need for any conflict. Christ’s death can occur immediately after birth – quickly, peacefully, without pain or intrigue. Christ needn’t suffer the trials and tribulations he did, to expand his intellect and insight. There’s no need to exercise Free Will, showing evidence of a perfected Faith. Christ’s delivering miracles (due exclusively) to his exceptional faith, needn’t occur. But imagine the awe and wonder Christ felt, when, with no divine recollection, he prayed and applied his Faith so perfectly a miracle ensued. That had to have been a life-changing event. 

If obtaining a body is all that’s required for Christ to fulfill his calling, what is the point of Baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit, the Gethsemane crisis, or the other challenges and rituals Christ was required to face and satisfactorily complete? Conditions and events that tempt unGodly behaviors are profuse and unavoidable requirements for ALL men – especially Christ. Christ needed to surmount them all perfectly – or at a superior and satisfactory level to physically prepare the content of his soul. Christ was not perfect when he came to earth. His life upon earth was requisite in perfecting him. What else explains Christ’s behaviors while on earth, his love, compassion, charity, anger, indecision, fear, and doubt?

Also consider this - Christ’s was initially unwilling to sacrifice his life at the moment of crisis. That infers he was afraid. He prayed. He begged to avoid death. If Christ’s life and decision making are foreordained – WHY would he question the process? Why would he ask to be excused from the suffering in his calling? If Christ knew for a certainty he was The Christ and Savior; he has no fear, no hesitation, no equivocation, or regret. He helps the Romans nail himself to the cross. He knows the grandeur awaiting him. 

That did not happen. Christ experienced a very human and emotional moment of truth. Christ’s Faith abandoned him. Doubt, fear, indecision, and terror were all necessary components in Gethsemane and Golgatha. Christ was required to experience the totality of human life. Otherwise, he is unfit to be the Savior. Without those comprehensive experiences, it is possible he cannot serve in the role required. The totality of life events transformed Christ’s physical and immortal soul! Christ did capitulate to God’s desires, but his hesitation and reasoning reveal a very mortal emotion – fear of pain, and a genuine appreciation for his earthly life.

Consider also why God does not overtly and ubiquitously exert his authority and display his considerable powers to accomplish and suit his wants and needs? We know from scriptures that God is an emotional being. Why wouldn’t God act to rectify matters based upon his emotional state? So doing would directly contradict the commandments God gave mankind is one explanation. Alternatively, the order and design of the universe, I strongly suspect, restricts God acting. God’s considerable powers, when released, are like a thermo-nuclear pinball that sets off all manner of consequences that disrupt the equilibrium and order within the universe. God must assess, contain, and reestablish equilibrium every time he intervenes in the order of the universe. Time, space, matter, energy, etc., must be addressed, and the fundamental continuity reestablished. From a practical perspective, it makes sense God must live within the restrictions the universe’s design predicates a majority of the time. Reestablishing the order precisely as it was prior to God’s acting, is likely intensive labor that requires considerable amounts of God’s Faith. Faith is the device that enables control over matter, time, and the ingredients in each. 

The physical requirements of eternity are intrinsically tied to the development of faith in God, overcoming temptation, and the accumulation of experiences, bolstered by information and intellect acquired throughout a lifetime. The required modifications to the spirit can only be obtained by living in human form, without proof God exists, and by taking the proper decisions while alive. Those requirements increase and align the soul's content in a manner analogous with heavenly, eternal requirements. These also perfectly fit within temporal scientific realities. The human soul has mass and physical properties. The soul accumulates sensory and cognitive experiences 24/7/365 over a lifetime. The soul is organized in a specific manner – contingent upon the experiences and decision taken – obedience, choice and faith. The dynamics resident within eternity, potentially including an alternative dimensional space, requires the soul be arranged in a unique manner and contain specific ingredients compatible with the eternal environment.


Friday, September 18, 2020

What Precipitated the USA's Fall -

(The following is culled from my first journal - circa 1991) 


To all those who influenced my life and perspectives: Jesus Christ, Omni (who knew the immeasurable value of succinct) Moroni, and Aamon.

Musicians: Frank Zappa (for providing objective genius) John McLaughlin, Jeff Beck, Peter Gabriel (and the Chamber of thirty‑two doors), Percy Jones, Dave Holland, Lowell George, Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Bill, The Boys in the band.

Writers: George Orwell, CS Lewis, The Marquee De, Herman Melville, Carlos Casteneda, Adam Smith, and Tony Burgess ‑ who brilliantly provided direction for my life.

Artists: Max Beckman, Jan Van Eyck, Leonardo da Vinci, Ludwig Van, George Close and my first born son.

Stanley Kubrick,

Dr. Tim Altenhoffen,

My children - for their forgiveness and love when circumstances compromised my mind and I wasn't my right self. Mea Culpa. 

My wife - Proof God Loves Me  

My buddy the Wease; whom I have not seen in 35 years - without his love, companionship, and inspiration I would never have chosen nor would I have survived ‑ Thank you all. 


Greetings and good tidings.  If you are reading this, there is a distinct possibility that you may actually complete this work; if I successfully straddle a few issues and manage to grasp your attention at this crucial juncture. I, therefore, beg your indulgence and encourage you, particularly the female reader, to pay close attention to this forward.  For contained herein is knowledge, indeed, true insight.  This insight and knowledge are crucial to understanding the speculations and conclusions presented.  Without this insight, you will go on to amass incorrect, assumptive conclusions about your narrator's preferences.  My preferences (for the record) are not of my own choosing. I have, over time, through trial and error, and deadly circumstances arrived at an understanding of the true and real meaning of life ‑ as life pertains to me. Make no mistakes. What the following story pages hold were the ingredients of my understanding. My preferences and perspective were constructed from these. So, with some distinction, you might respect that I am responsible for some good deeds. Additionally, there have been many, many instances when females, who shall remain anonymous, enjoyed the benefits attendant my company.  Although, at this juncture, and undoubtedly hereafter, they will, like Peter of the New Testament, deny any knowledge of my existence, let alone admit to having known me in the context of that ancient scripture.  So be it.  

       But since we're being honest here (and I do mean honest), you must be aware that what you glean from the tiny black characters appearing on the recycled cellulose planes where this story resides, are modified. After-all, what follows is often excruciatingly graphic.  Suffice to say all the good parts actually happened and remember how Shakespeare referred to the rose.

      Next comes the cruel and sometimes boring, sleepy pages of truth that are the author's prerogative.  However, I promise to limit them to no more than ten.  Be forewarned; without learning the insight contained therein, you will not only miss the point and actively seek to denigrate my character; you will find yourself more deeply embedded in the "Politically Correct".  For without this insight you will, through your debate, anonymously serve those interests who would rob you of your freedoms and thereby restrict your actions and thoughts at some future date.


      Throughout the first one hundred eighty years of the United States, (ignoring periodic economic downturns), progress was the hallmark. Behind the plows; on the Mississippi riverboat; operating the locomotive; cotton gin, combustion engine, etc…  at Melrose Park; on Wall Street; on the field of battle; everywhere you looked, society and the people who comprised it deferred to MEN. Men forged the vast majority of accomplishments and comprised the majority of the written history of this nation.  Fairness, and modern, politically correct, perspectives will not alter it. The opinions of politically motivated social engineers matter not - to me. Men, primarily White Christian Men, are responsible for that history – supported by their women. The bulk and indispensable components of the female contribution to the nation, communities, and families were not made in these primary arenas.  Pay close attention here… The female contribution was essential to all that occurred; and more. The integrity and moral conscience of our families and society were, and remain, the exclusive domain of the female. None of what transpired in the history of this great nation was possible without women. We owe the wives and mothers of our fathers and our father's fathers a vote of thanks, commiseration, and unlimited respect.

      One hundred and eighty years hence, the wealth and character of the nation was at its zenith. We ruled!  No if, ands, or buts… we ruled.... period!   What has occurred since then is open to speculation - how and why our nation, or perhaps more correctly our society, fell into the disjointed, materialistic, self-serving, dysgenic, special‑interests placating, sexually confused quagmire that now typifies life in America. Well let me tell you, my brothers and sisters, there are four elements which, when scrutinized, provide insight. 


      This conflict stands alone in that it represents the birth, chronicles the consequence, and clearly evidences the extent to which the politically correct, Neo‑Man will go to avoid offending any interest, and, most importantly, escape physical conflict/harm. Their faces have never met a fist! Around 57,000, fifty‑seven thousand American Men, and a few women, sacrificed their lives to defend the rights and privileges of cowards. Cowardly Neo-Men denied them the wherewithal to resolve the Viet Nam in victory. Their actions will forever cast the shadow of doubt; and prompt secret whispers in dark places - that denigrate the brave souls who stood up when called, and served their country. These men were denied their mothers bosom at death, suffered mutilations; physical and mental, witnessed their brothers in arms vaporize, and had their vengeance voided. They were, and remain, despised. Building a wall to their memory does not excuse or repair the damage done to them. However, the Viet Nam Vet did, in anonymity, service at least one agenda ‑ the Progressive (Communist) Media.  

Like most purveyors of carrion, the media packaged, prepared and (through a clever marketing campaign that bordered on treason), served up a corrupted reality that precluded dissenting opinions. The media preyed upon nightmares and fostered fears. The country was force-fed the horrors of war – the means and numbers of the dead -- on videotape and in print every day. This main course was complemented with defamatory opinions, and, insinuations that desecrated the actions of the soldiers fighting in Viet Nam and proponents of that war. The media sequaciously sought to squander the lives of America's youth to bolster sagging Nielsen ratings & promote their agenda. Gaining favor with Marxist Americans/Hollywood was their essential objective. Only an undaunted allegiance to the Radical left – Socialism/ Marxism/ Communism explains their actions and allegiances. The objective was to graphically display the most vigilant version of the evisceration occurring in the Vietnamese peninsula. The media sought to dictate opinion and leverage the actions of the government for their own ends - ignoring the needs, and lives of our servicemen - and their families. 

F.Y.I.:  The Viet Nam war, to the LBJ administration, was primarily a business decision that made the Johnson family millionaires many times over. Have you heard of Halliburton?  Halliburton recently purchased Kellogg Brown Root (KBR) – a company in which Lady Bird held the majority of shares. The Johnsons gained the family nest egg thru a series of deals made during the depression. KBR grew out of those deals. KBR was a no-bid contractor for the Viet Nam war.  Why would the Johnsons want that war to end?

Our Viet Nam Vets endured all this and so much more that I am not privy to know; and still, they fought to protect.  I'm certain those veterans who remain alive take solace in the knowledge - as a consequence of their valor, they promoted the Johnson family wealth, the Nielsen ratings, and the re‑election efforts of spineless, self-serving, seditionists. The seditionists continue to endorse regulations that mandate and define "proper thought" and conduct from their marble-lined confines on Capitol Hill. This, they graciously afford to restrain the liberties of their constituencies; while synchronously exempting themselves from compliance to the legislation(s) they scribe.

This is the legacy of Viet Nam. Democrats and their propaganda arm/Media Ignored the plight of servicemen in Viet Nam. Several entities took the flagrant opportunity to proffer their personal agendas. They used and profited from the moral confusion purposely created by the media and the radical Left fringe. Democrat loyalists entered the scene and simultaneously competed for attention and funding: The gay, minorities, Women's Movement, the ecologically insane, and the students/sycophants at institutes of higher learning, who, out fear of military service, demanded to escape the draft at any cost. They conspired to establish laws that prohibited any conflicting moral beliefs with their own circumstantial secular standards; and, of course, cessation of the war.  They distracted and convoluted the attention of the Nation (and portions of the Government) that rightfully belonged with those fighting and dying to protect our country's interests.                                                               

Championing the self-deluded, morally incontinent, garrulous, niggling, nihilists, the media expanded its power and influence. From that base, they continue to promote their special brand of fascism ‑ Political Sensitivity ‑ a self-serving embargo upon logic, reason, experience, opinion, and action. It's rather Big Brother like -- Eh, What?  Their stratagem seems a blatant attempt to create an environment where everyone will fail at some point -- this provides a news resource.  It fuels conflict between special interests (another news resource) and simultaneously threatens anyone who might challenge their wont - yet another news source. The media's propensity to lord their authority, intimidate and inculcate hysteric masses of humanity to parrot their defective deductions like mindless automatons they have created in their own image, is for one reason only. This is their truer ambition, to be the One and Only, the Omnipotent and Omniscient ‑ the great I Am. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.) 


This insidious little monstrosity has functioned well beyond its original application ‑ that being for married women to plan their families. These days, fourteen-year-olds use it to regulate their periods (and experiment with sex). The pill affords women the ability to conduct sex without consequence; a moral contradiction with which they have yet to cope. It allowed women to postpone childbearing in lieu of a career; which spiraled inflation upwards, and... it generated reams of legal documents and restrictions for the workplace - that added to production expenses, which further fueled inflation.  Working women, in their desire to escape criticism and achieve advancement (through means other than merit), have created an environment in the workplace where anything, (and I do mean anything) can be construed as sexual harassment. Additionally, women in the labor force have precluded many fathers from fulfilling their primordial directive - providing for their children and families. Affirmative Action augmented this atrocity. The pill promoted divorce because women could, through trial and error, and without fear of pregnancy, audition their replacement spouses or simply live off of, or supplement their incomes, with alimony and/or child support - while continuing to experiment sexually and expose their children to a parade of sexual partners. 

The pill prompted a change in fashion to more audacious attire bent on promoting sexual promiscuity.  The pill allowed one-half of two (NOw 5) generations of children to grow up without the benefit of their fathers, and... forty years ago created a sexual dilemma that at times was thoroughly amusing, if not an atrocious display of how many females would conduct themselves in pursuit of personal gain utilizing the sexual chip. Importantly, The physical and mental standards that once defined excellence and eligibility for employment in many professions were necessarily discarded. 


      This legislation, well-intentioned as it was, is another example of the manner through which Congress attempts to legislate around a quandary ‑ static analysis.  These bozos are so enamored with their position and stature they actually believe that should THEY enact a law, (with tall hats they listen, with small hats they think) everyone will obey it. To the contrary, when normally law-abiding citizens are confronted with legal duress they find legal means to avoid compliance.  Such is the case here.  When homeowners were no longer permitted to exclude what they considered undesirable elements from their neighborhoods, they fled those neighborhoods and relocated in ones where the purchase price would exclude what they no longer could through choice. Odd how the Left demands Choice for abortions - but few other topics.

Note: Check the price increases of the average single-family home between the years 1968 ‑ 1975. 

Those price increases are on the magnitude of 4 to 5 fold and have tripled again since then (1990) a rather comfortable barrier; well beyond the resources of the aggregate populace of all minority groups.  Understand, laws cannot, in and of themselves, change behavior.  They can modify behavior in those arenas where legal redress is viable.  However, at home or away from intrigue, people's prejudices (which, fortunately, are protected under the constitution,) flourish. People prefer to live in neighborhoods populated with members of their particular race. It's human nature. Precisely - birds of a feather will do anything and pay any price to avoid living next to THEM - unless those people happen to be in a similar economic strata ‑ then it's tolerable, but ultimately undesirable.  The tolerance premise is loosely constructed around the idea that those individuals who share similar economic bases will also share concerns in other areas – including morality and political preference. Want a know a secret? Blacks choose to live in white communities because they fear living next to their own race!

The fences are invisible these days but they are more than effective. Bye the way - when the price of housing went through the roof so to speak, so did everything else. Remember; when women entered the workforce there was an increase to the available workforce. That drove down wages. But the truly unusual effect was this - additional disposable income, per household, increased simultaneously. Businesses attempted to locate the price ceiling of their target audience ‑ the American family. Add a fuel shortage… and the economy slid or shifted. The net effect was everyone lost wealth or spending power.  As a consequence, working is no longer an option for most women. Servicing their own selfish desires has harnessed themselves to a self-defeating dilemma. For a majority of married women, the extra money they earn through employment is primarily confiscated by daycare. The additional income is barely adequate to permit her a marginal increase to her wardrobe, and borrowing ability - at the expense of her family and community. It’s no secret why drug use became rampant ‑ it was an entertainment bargain.


Those of us born between the years of 1950 ‑1964, and probably several years thereafter, were robbed. We were robbed of the wives our mothers taught us to seek;  robbed of the ability to secure gainful employment in our youth;  robbed of security for our families; and robbed of our dignity as fathers, providers, and citizens of the USA. Our constitutional civil rights were revoked by Affirmative Action. And… we were confused. We were really confused: sexually, morally, and socially. 

Eight thousand years of human behavior that remained virtually unchanged, rightly or wrongly from today’s socially corrupted perspective, cannot be dismissed or ignored.  There were, and are, bonafide reasons why men provided and women nurtured that extend beyond personal choice. These are instinctual, biological directives that exist within us all.  Everyone, except the socio-psychopath, politically ambitious, academic totalitarians, or journalistically inclined (which are often mutually synonymous) experience this confusion and anxiety whenever these thresholds are breached ‑ it's unnatural.  Consider: Despite many valiant attempts war has not been eradicated, nor poverty, nor bigotry, nor any of the "social ills" that are in reality intuitive human behavioral traits and the negative outcomes that arise when government attempts to control innate human behaviors.  For the most part, we are born with these persuasions; and rightly so.  These behaviors have preserved us as human races.

Survival… Like it or not, everything, absolutely every human act is based upon survival, and/or as a consequence of a perceived threat to that survival.  Some might argue pleasure is a strong motivator.  It is.  But survival will always be the root of motivation for most.  We turn to pleasure when we do not perceive our survival is threatened.  

Now then; there is the element of RISK PERCEPTION which warps the survival perception and many have written volumes of materials trying to explain the means to that end. So we needn't explore it here; simply be aware of it ‑ some people are Selfish Stupid. Preparation for survival purposes influences all behaviors.  It dictates life's roles, prompts domicile location, mandates procreation, supports the theories of natural selection, and most definitively guarantees Survival of the Fittest.

Society has become an artifice.  No matter how finely crafted this artifice, it is recognized in our sub‑conscious for what it is ‑ artificial. We delude ourselves into believing that if we pretend, others may also pretend with us. That's how today's society is based. Society only exists so long as the pretense is supported by a majority.  But when a majority of societies' members prefer and pursue an alternate course, that survival mandate comes raging back to the forefront, so quickly; history tells us the consequences are very often disastrous.

We are at once teetering on the brink of social and economic collapse.  Men are no longer men ‑ it's rendered illegal. Men have lost their God-given rights, responsibilities, and authority in society. That standard has been usurped in lieu of a more politically correct, limp wristed, even-handed approach to survival. When this phenomenon reaches its logical conclusion we can expect the following:

1.  An absence of male aggression and desire to protect. 

2.  Children suffering in poverty because their mothers miscalculated their litigious leverage and the impact divorce would have upon the fathers of their children. 

3.  Sexual dystopia/dysfunction - not so much from physical malaise as from ill-defined roles that confuse and mentally emasculate.

4.  An exaggerated sense of fashion.

5.  Increased homosexual conduct.

6.  Ineptitude in the workplace ‑ a result of attention to compliance as opposed to efficiency and production.

7.  The absence of power conflicts in the workplace (which foster creativity and efficiency).

8.  Technocratic employment that facilitates compliance with the plethora of employment regulations as opposed to production.

9.  The demise of a manufacturing base that requires physical strength as a course of employment.

10.  Rendering Fathers optional or nonessential to a family structure.

11.  A lack of respect for the male’s contributions to the family and generic denigration of males in general.

12.  Generations of apathetic children who cannot discern in the slightest who (or what) they are or where they belong.

 I listen with great amusement to complaints from women who declare there are no "Good" men left.  I suppose they may be right.  Through a cynical, protracted, self-gratifying course of action that had more to do with abating their own sense of confusion resulting from the moral dilemma that arose out of indiscriminate sexual conduct, women felt compelled to secure it all.  Women correctly surmised that men of quality, the type of men they wanted for mates, would label them sluts.  Women knew their chances of depending on these men were slim and the other males were intolerably lame. Women believed they had to have it all: the job, the opportunity, the power.  Women made the government their surrogate protector and provider.  They convinced themselves they no longer needed men.  They believed the government would legislate their desires ‑ it did.  In a matter of a few years, women destroyed a system that had worked for eight thousand years so they could exercise sexual and professional freedoms.  

It didn't quite suffice, though, did it?  Relationships and family are now constructed on a different plane; a plane that is legally qualifiable; a plane that gratifies self-interests in opposition to the good of the family; a plane that continues to deny people the rewards they need most ‑ a sense of being needed, loved, and special ‑ morally significant.  These issues confuse women.  Men are confused as well, but some men, myself included, have managed to cling to their last bastion with a vengeance ‑ instinctually compelled. Moral significance, this is why men placed women on pedestals and treated them with respect. Once women shed their moral cloaks, no man really wanted them for keeps ‑ they were defiled - for motherhood. The one and only reason men marry women with sexual histories these days is because they have limited options.  So, a majority of men choose women whose sexual pasts they consider the least offensive. Women acutely identify this phenomena. That is why women continually work to hide the depth and breadth of their sexual activities. It's sad really; both parties suffer from the same circumstance that inhibits their truer natures.

Of late, we have further compromised our integrity and solvency in our eagerness to ignore the whole and service the few.  Our government is a Republic - designed to service the interests of the majority. It must be conducted to that end. We can no longer afford to service each and every sacrosanct entity and compliant created by Affirmative Action that screams for attention and money no matter how compelling their arguments.  We need a return to the past morally, consciously, and fiscally.  

Women refuse to recognize a simple fact. Men I'm going on record here for all of us - we men allowed women to do this.  We are responsible for the deplorable state of affairs that exists in society today.  We assisted women and their goals. Our penises, as always, took command of our better judgments.  We mistakenly assumed we'd acquire more sex as a consequence of our complicity.                                                                                           

Consider:  If our forefathers had not so eloquently constructed the government that promotes the society we function within, the female revolt would have never been possible.  Look around, you don't see it elsewhere.  Sure, there are those nations who depend on us so heavily that they create some illusion of compliance to placate our government so their interests remain intact, but afford women full rights and privileges in every corridor under the law - No Way!  We're the only ones stupid enough to punish our children and families that way.  But remember, it's our system.  We can reclaim it.  We owe it to our progeny.  The stability of this country lies in the balance.