Thursday, July 13, 2017

AMBIOGENESIS - Miller-Urey the Insipid Dunderhead's Version of Genesis

The Sentience Thesis concludes the energy that constitutes the human soul, and provides life to man and animal, is not yet comprehensively identified or comprehended by science/quantum physics. New quarks are discovered regularly when new technology (and God) permits it. This life energy is unique and different from the generic electricity and light (Electrons & Photons) seen and encountered each day on earth and the universe.  
In order to arrive at a human consciousness, human life must first be assessed and qualified. The fundamental energy animating life - is a mandatory component needing clarification, and, a question produced from phenomenon wanting an answer. Science and physics contend electrons/photons are generic, universal pieces of energy. Science further asserts life is powered by electrons.  True - the electro encephalogram (EEG) is used by science and medicine to verify life energy (electrons) are present in a body. Science additionally contends biological evolution explains the variety of life forms present on earth, and, how life initially arose. Science condescendingly adds: no God(s) ever existed. Science acted to prove the integrity of their claims. They devised an experiment to forever end consideration of a Divine Causality for life as we know it. 
 The Miller-Urey experiment was exclusively designed and devised to prove; if man acquired the proper ingredients, and introduced those ingredients into a viable environment, AND, literally provided the spark – life would spontaneously arise. (Please note, assembly is required with the Miller-Urey experiment. Comparatively, it is an insipid dunderhead’s version of Genesis. In no interpretation can the potential results be termed Spontaneous. Results are a product of experiment’s design and human interaction! Ergo, applying the term spontaneous to any explanation of how life arose in the universe is preposterous, dishonest, and ungrateful.) 
Miller-Urey’s spontaneous life is ignited when the small, controlled, electrical charge (literally the “Spark O’Life”) is introduced to the vessel containing the essential ingredients for life. Miller-Urey’s specific purpose to provide evidence (PROOF!) that when naturally occurring, and essential for life, materials found on earth, irrespective of their initial point of origin, are assembled in the proper proportions, and stimulated by energy, Life (as we know it) will spontaneously erupt - ostensibly. The first use of Miller-Urey was 1952. Ambiogenesis is the term “created” to describe the experiment’s purpose.  The definition of Ambiogenesis in the lay science dictionary: “…an experiment using natural materials and methods to eliminate a divine causality from the potential life creation process(es) considered.”  
 If a person takes the time to investigate this experiment and the results; and, if a modicum of objective rationality and rudimentary logic are introduced in the investigation; significant problems are witnessed, and easily detected in the Miller-Urey experiment.  Science currently claims the experiment produces the “Building Blocks for Life”. That term is overtly nebulous and purposely misleading. The Building Blocks for Life - MAY include: amino acids – although the specific quantities and types are unstated. The building blocks may involve: organic matter, inorganic matter, unspecified quantities, and indeterminate concentrations, configurations, etc.  Astoundingly, science consistently claims creating life is (using the modern vernacular) “Cake” – way easy. Curiously, and to science’s continuing consternation, no scientist has ever produced an organism (of any variety) i.e. “Created Life” - using the Miller-Urey experiment.
 This presents a conflict. Science’s own “Method” contains specific instructions on experiments with outcomes like Miller-Urey. They are to be documented and set aside as a failure – pending any future experiment with more positive results. Moreover, the actual results on an important foray into the creation of life as we know it deserves copious public reporting. Betraying their own Method, the Miller-Urey results science published are nebulous and over stated – to be kind.
 Any honest confederation of highly educated people who claim omniscient integrity and absolute authority in matters of fact and truth, would piously declare the results of their Miller-Urey labors for all to see.  No matter the outcome of their work, success or failure being irrelevant, when a group is endowed with the supercilious domain science gratuitously grants itself, they fear no challenge. Incoherently, science has yet to copiously publish the results of the experiment, or, the details explaining the “Building Blocks for Life”. This leads one to posit a reasoned alternative analysis; IF, any form of life, or an arrangement of matter that could host life, arose from the experiment, it would be published in large, bold, type and broadcast relentlessly. Science hasn’t. Inexplicably, the results of the original Miller Urey were buried in an obscure professional journal. Using that avenue of reporting exposes the insignificance and dubious usefulness of the product generated by the experiment – Black Goo. Black "Goo" is the substance produced in Miller-Urey from an objective perspective.
 In 2007 scientists opened the vessel sealed in 1952 and concluded amino acids were present. I don’t recall much fanfare and doubt the credibility of the findings published.  However, following the comprehensive Miller Urey postulate - potentially, one billion odd years from now, the amino acids produced in that first Miller-Urey experiment, if, and when, who knows what, additional, specific, and essential, matter and energy align, they might erupt into a “Life as we Know It” organism. Miller Urey apparently uses secular, subjective, and relative, interpretations of life. Another “potential” explanation exists. Science lied stated overly hopeful conclusions, because if the Miller-Urey experiment realized nothing, it pushes science backwards into God’s lap.  
 Still, there are useful lessons in Miller-Urey. It is an experiment that consistently produces the same outcome. It has never failed to deliver that outcome. It is a wonderful experiment to produce Black Goo. Science claims the Goo contains the "building blocks of life”. An unscientific, but objective analysis might contend it is Black Goo and nothing more. Unless and until, science produces verifiable physical evidence that proves what science alleges – using the same stringent standards science demands from religion - Miller-Urey remains an abject secular failure. The life energy needed to actually animate inert matter is not currently discovered and therefore available to science. The secular scientist’s worldview asserts God is a super natural, wrong-headed and simpleminded belief that ignores reality. The irony is stupefying.

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