Monday, June 5, 2017

Christians Cannot be Democrats

If you are a Christian - you cannot vote Democrat.  It's that simple.  You either love the Lord or the Democrat Party but you cannot do both.  

Democrats tried to drop God from their party platform in the 2012 convention.  They were shamed to put God back in.  Democrats work hand in hand with groups whose sole purpose is the elimination of Christian worship.  

Democrats write laws that defy God, outlaw prayer, the Ten Commandments, etc...  They force Christian to choose between government handouts and Christ. Democrats claim they are protecting the mythical Wall of Separation between church and state - it's a lie, and it's hypocritical.  Democrats work to expand rights and government protections for Muslims, atheists, while simultaneously turning a blind eye and ear to Christian rights.  Choosing to not believe in a God is a religious choice!

Democrat offer government handouts to buy the votes of people who are told they are victims.  We are lectured - "it's not their fault they are poor" even when the recipient of the money does nothing to improve their lives and condition.  Not working and not assuming self responsibility betrays Christ's message.  Yes, Christ did say help the needy, but he said much, much more about personal responsibility.  Not being a drain on your neighbor is another commandment some Christians and Democrats ignore.  

Christ never said it is okay to pretend you're a victim to escape responsibility either.  So, taking welfare money long term - defies Christ's message.  What is long term?  One year is illegitimate.  It is okay to go to church and receive help from the church membership.  They will help you become self sufficient - as Christ instructed.  And, you'll get more for inspiration.

Ministers - you must choose.  God or Democrat Party.  You must refuse welfare money as that money is tainted.  It is given you by your enemies.  Any short term gain will be wiped away once you are no longer able to operate a church.  The time is now.  Pick a side.  

Union members...  take back control of your unions.  Get rid of the Democrat operatives who sell you and God down the river.  Make a fist and move the union to the party who offers real choice - not guaranteed government handouts/jobs to union members. That money is washed in the blood of Lucifer.  

Everyone may suffer financially if Democrats are removed from office.  That's life.  You helped Democrats destroy this country and a vibrant economy for your own personal gain. Did you not think there would come a day when the debt must be paid?  

No one ever gives away anything for free.  Keeping people and families dependent upon government is the new slavery.  Remember - it was Democrats who objected to Lincoln, opposed the civil rights laws, and rejected equal opportunity.

Importantly - Opportunity is NOT affirmative action guarantees.  You can thank Democrats for that too.  Blue collar whites took the place of blacks once AA laws were scribed. Did Christ ever suggest prejudice and injustice are OK?  Democrats want blacks and Hispanics on welfare and dependent.  Getting educated and employed allows a person to make up their own minds.  They won't always vote Democrat and Democrats couldn't risk that.  

Black on black murder is a Late Term abortion to Democrats.  This explains why Democrats really won't work to end those crimes.  Democrats pay lip service to these crimes.  What explains why they persist in ignoring them?  The children who escape being killed in the womb, but are murdered later, are one less problem child they must incarcerate, or provide an abortion to for the children they may later produce, or ???  Did you know if abortion was never made legal the black population is 50% larger today?  That is the kind of compassion Democrats offer.  Democrats are not interested in minorities - they hate them - but need their votes!  If anyone actually examines what Democrats do, and how they "Care" for the voters they claim to adore, you discover Democrats have done virtually nothing to change the policies and practices they have always used to control and keep them oppressed. Democrats are Lucifer's disciples.