Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Glenn Beck - the EPIC Fail.

No recent conservative personality has failed the traditional ideology more magnificently than Glenn Beck.  Beck's comments and vision so inspired traditional conservative voters they filled the Washington DC mall with over a quarter of a million (or more) people in the summer of 2010.  Beck's fame was such he was able to leave his employer, Fox News, and embark upon a media platform - ostensibly freed from the restriction inherent with any major media outlet.  Anticipation was high that Glenn would propound his message and expand his followers once he was unfiltered and able to deliver didactic on more controversial issues. Beck had criticized programs and policies that invite, endorse, and expand dependency on government. He railed against government spending and endorsed lowering taxes.  Using oblique terms, Beck additionally identified and spoke about the Democrat serial policy and program failures. Glenn insinuated ending unconstitutional government policies that punitively disenfranchise blue-collar, white, Christians (affirmative action, et al) was an essential goal needed to heal the nation.  Ending race, sex, and sexual behavior privilege, subsidy and set-asides was the next logical step to permanently end a political ideology that exclusively used tax dollars and the power of the federal government to bribe and intimidate voters.  

What transpired since Beck's departed Fox defies convention and the expectations of his followers.  It provides a curious insight that may explain the potential causality for Beck's radical transformation once he was free to speak his mind.  

The causalities for Beck's altered opinions include: 

1. The compromise great wealth imparts.  Who funded The Blaze?  Are they the same people that co-opted the Tea Party?  Money has corrupted men and their opinions since the first currency was recognized.  
2. The pressures and conflicts of politics, business and religion.  The objectives defining each are divergent antithetical. A Government disperses rules to assure equality of access, NOT outcomes. Business is the pursuit of profit. Religion is a moral compass and must never be used to temper, or corrupt the operative functionality of government or business. Trying to combine and serve a hybrid is a fool's errand. 
3. The life and death potential in politics is LITERAL. As such, it stands to influence a political messenger and his message.  

Trillions of dollars are at stake.  People are silenced and killed for far less money.  Political murder is a distinct reality.  What Glenn faced is not known and will remain unknown until he snaps or is indicted.  

I first noticed Glenn's change when he went public to offer Teddy Bears for the hordes of illegal immigrants entering the USA.  Huh?! The Glenn we were led to believe would chain himself to prevent illegal entry.  Had Glenn lost his mind? Was he bought and paid for?  If yes, by whom?  K Street lobbyists?  That was my guess. They gave him enough money to indulge, then silence, and eventually ruined him.  

Supporters were stunned.  I did not renew my subscription after the Teddy incident.  Many others canceled too.  The cancellations accrued, apparently.  In desperation, or to garner a new audience with a different perspective, Glenn went on to capitulate, reverse direction, make false accusations, make friends of former enemies, claim consistency, and then insult his loyal supporters and their ideas in deed or by word. Glenn's move to The Blaze either released a pent up conflicted spirit, or exposed a man torn between (IMO) misinterpreted Mormon doctrine and compassion - charity vs self reliance. Giving to the poor is commanded to help the poor give tithes to God - NOT to solve their earthly problems. 

Glenn, like many Republicans, probably wore out - a desire to be liked by media and end their unrelenting assaults - has compromised many.  Glenn worked at CNN before Fox.  He knew the enemy and chose to work with them.  Was that a clue?  Was conservatism a last ditch option - not one Glenn preferred?  Glenn even told listeners he was seriously ill for a time.  His show became a parody of itself and "Incredible" in the purest definition of the word.  

Fast forward to May 2014.  Glenn calls another rally on the Mall in D.C.  A few hundred people showed up.  Losing 249,990 supporters in four years actually takes considerable effort.  The man who held conservatism in his hand, failed to follow through on his promises.  Why remains a question.  As Donald Trump slowly garnered support and then the nomination, Beck went insane for a time, or he revealed the shallow, insecure and insincere man he kept hidden all along.  A Cheetos face protest?  Seriously?!  Defaming and mocking a man who was trying to end the Marxists in Washington - a role Glenn once adopted - was the last straw.  Infantile and obnoxious, Glenn Beck lost his mind and credibility for the last time.  His audience was gone.  

What did Glenn teach us?  Politics cannot be left in the hands of politicians or media spokesmen.  We face a Marxist Communist Left who will destroy the nation the next time they hold a majority.  They will lie and cheat and steal votes to so do.  They are past incrementalism.  Revolution is next. 

Dissolving the nation using cessation, or remaking the Constitution to force term limits, a balanced budget, and ending affirmative action on congress - using the Convention of States - are the last remaining options.  Unfortunately, Glenn Beck won't be there, or remembered for planting and fertilizing the seed that started a renewed conservatism.  

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