Tuesday, March 28, 2017

White Discrimination - The city of Oakland & State of California

NFL reporter Mike Silver scribed a sniveling short story about the selfish, callous, and unfairness displayed by the NFL's Oakland Raider owner, Mark Davis.  Silver goes off the rails describing the "blue collar" make up of Oakland and how these long suffering fans were held hostage by Raider ownership and ultimately betrayed - twice! Without using the word, Silver made it very apparent owner Davis's GREED was at the heart of the move. Heartless profit and a disregard for the fans were the pivotal elements prompting Davis to move the team.  Pffft!  What rot! Boo hoo!  Raider fans should be mad at the City of Oakland and the State of California.  The Davis family have been at least as patient as Job trying to get a new stadium.

Let's examine a few salient issues regarding Oakland, California, the fans, and Vegas.
California state sales tax = 13.5%.
The Oakland coliseum was in bad repair in the 1970s.  I used to attend games and other events there.  AL Davis, Mark's father, asked for a new stadium in the later 1970s.  His request was blown off.  Steadily, the coliseum began to degrade in earnest as politicians facing "competing demands" differed coliseum revenues to other areas.

We can now add DANGEROUS to the list of adjectives describing the coliseum.  Its a dangerous and dirty building, located in the midst of those "blue collar" fans -  it is in one of the most crime laden areas of Oakland. The Lockwood Gardens Public Housing Authority sits a couple blocks from the coliseum.  Trulia shows a Bright RED color for the number and variety of crimes surrounding the coliseum.

Know too, when the Raiders returned from L.A. they signed a lease with the City of Oakland for three years.  Oakland raised the lease rates even though the agreement made no provisions for the increase.  The city of Oakland had the Raiders by the short hairs and sought to leverage and profit from them - legalities be damned.  The city raised the lease rate five times in next 14 years.  Not surprisingly, little to NONE of the increase revenues went to repairs or good maintenance of the coliseum.  The city and state politicians spent that extra revenue doing what all Democrat politicians do - bribing votes.

Grass Valley is a few miles south of Oakland.  The Zoo is there - as is  the large infrastructure mains required for new developments. Grass Valley has many many acres of public lands wasting away - save for the obligatory windmill farms the state is obsessed to install when ever they see a vacant pasture.  Grass Valley is a good location for a new stadium and I'm certain that location was at least mentioned. Offering a good deal on the public lands would likely kept the Raiders near Oakland.  Alternatively, If the team located over the Altamount Pass - near Livingston - that location remains close and it is primarily open range land - dotted with windmills.

Be aware Mark Davis is obligated to pay the first half a billion dollars for the new Vegas site.  He is invested. IMPORTANTLY - Davis loses that money regardless of any unforeseen bad outcome.  Yes, Vegas offered the team public funds too.  The "public" benefits from the TAX DOLLARS paid by the team - anyone want to guess at that amount of money?  Businesses too benefit from the team in parasitizing off the team - hotels, food, ancillary purchases - to name a few. 

Oakland and California refused to offer any public money and bragged about it - at least until the last, eleventh hour (and 55 minutes) offer was made to keep the team in Oakland.  Frankly, I'm certain Oakland and the state of California are happier to lose that vicious man's game of NFL football.  Progressives Democrats associate; alcoholism, spousal and family abuse, fanaticism, and other, and worser behaviors with male sporting events.  Truth be told - the City of Oakland, in their minds, believe they will be better off with the Raiders gone.

So, I advise Raider fans living in California to put down the chronic, and focus their anger toward the real villains here - The City of Oakland, and the State of California.  Both entities drove the Raiders away for their own political ends.  They made profit more difficult than needs be.  They refused to share or budge.  Fact is, they are too stupid to admit, (or see) the income generated by the team. Moreover, they are rabidly dedicated to the Marxist future they appear hell bent on installing across the state.

Raider fans should also be more particular when choosing their politicians.  Ultimately, it was those politicians who forced the team to Las Vegas!

Lastly, Silver included this telling factoid in his report.  Silver intimated if Mr. Davis had sold - or gave his team away - to a minority owner - the City of Oakland and the State of California were prepared to help build a new stadium - with public funds I presume.  I''ll defer to the readers to unwind the prejudice and discrimination in that factoid.