Thursday, January 26, 2017

Democrat Slave Masters

(Long Post) 

The Democrats Party historically, and the current iteration even more, dislike and fear black people - despite what they claim publicly. However, because Democrats need black votes, they are unable to the traditional behaviors displayed when interacting with a political “enemy”. Their relationship with blacks is as uneasy, phony, and contrived as the other relationships Democrats are obliged maintain.  To display an overt allegiance with black voters, Democrats use black people as decorations. They adorn the stage with blacks when they speak as a backdrop, or, whenever a Democrat needs a “color” photo op.  When a Democrat is in trouble politically, they will display inordinate concern and appear often – pretending to care for blacks. This is when they actually touch black people.

Blacks have themselves to blame.  They voluntarily walked into servitude - a permanent dependence upon Democrat “compassion” and policy making. In their various miseries, blacks also provide Democrats a perpetual Crisis. The Democrat Mayor of Chicago, and former Whitehouse Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said that Democrats “cannot waste a crisis”. For Democrats - Blacks are the crisis that keeps on giving. Despite the quotas, set asides, stipends, and programs given them by Democrats, blacks have not gained control over their lives or advanced out of poverty & crime. Considering the vast opportunities and advantages provided to blacks, they did not achieve academic success, or parity, in the numbers predicted. History suggests racial parity is an unachievable goal. Over 50 years of evidence shows every government program enacted by Democrats to accomplish that goal is an unmitigated failure. That prompted Democrats to expanded dependence policies and programs.

Regardless of the stated concern or purpose, all the programs Democrats create for blacks have a single purpose – BRIBING black votes.

A detail of those actions follows:
Lyndon Baines Johnson, LBJ, the father of the civil rights laws and all the programs that flowed from that legislation, was an Old School Racist from South Texas. He expressed his true feelings to his colleges in 1957 - prior to embarking upon the many civil rights laws that later defined his presidency.

LBJ quipped: “These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us (Democrats) since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again.”

Giving them (blacks) a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference – RE: keep them dependent upon Democrats – is contemporary SLAVERY!

Whether it was the violent oppression of slavery, or, a desire to separate the races, or limit the number of black voters by using poll taxes, or segregation, and/or other ancillary race laws, people must realize and remember all these laws were created and enacted, by DEMOCRATS!   Why they did this is preeminent. Democrats continue to conspire in law making that make blacks dependent, or actions that limit their numbers by ignoring black on black crimes - and an abortion rate over 30%.
LBJ and his Democrat ilk remain fixated upon retaining and expanding the chains of dependency and oppression upon blacks for a reason - Democrats cannot win elections without black support.  LBJ needed a large majority of Democrat voters to enable his Great Society Programs (GSP). The Great Society included handouts to every kind and color of voter. This idiom has not changed. Growing perpetual dependence upon government is the Democrat way. It is essential. 

Conversely, boilerplate Democrat policymaking is so offensive to traditional Americans they stopped competing in the arena of ideas.  Eventually, Democrats were reduced to trolling for votes in areas formerly considered deviant – homosexuality, transsexuals, Et Al. 

At the time of Civil Rights passage, the South was held in firm Democrat control. But the South presented LBJ a problem. LBJ needed Republican votes to overcome the reluctance of the Southern Democrats to pass civil rights and other GSP legislation. Passage of the civil rights laws required white Northern Republicans votes and their Christian values to justify the law. LBJ lied to them.  He never planned to share credit for the civil rights laws. He immediately began framing Republicans as racists once the civil rights laws were enacted. Even though Southern Democrats fought and filibuster the civil rights laws, LBJ declared civil rights was a Democrat accomplishment.

LBJ was a master politician who applied the carrot and stick motivational techniques. Arm twisting it was called. LBJ also kept personal dossiers on congressmen and other bureaucrats. He threatened to expose the unorthodox behaviors of those involved if they refused or vacillated in backing his plans.

Importantly, congressmen from states where the black population was small, had little if any experience with blacks and other minorities. They saw nicely dressed, educated black men like MLK arguing for change. Thurgood Marshall, Adam Clayton Powell, and others appeared and behaved the same as the whites they knew. The notion that skin color alone was holding back honest, hardworking, and industrious members of society was unfair. Thus was the debate was framed when LBJ came calling for support.

Simultaneously, various acts of civil disobedience: sit-ins, peaceful protests, anecdotal examples of earnest black struggles, buckled with a handful of crimes against innocent blacks at the hands of whites in the south, made passage of the civil rights laws near axiomatic once the Republicans were aboard.

Blacks are purposely indoctrinated to be ignorant they owe a large debt of gratitude to white Republicans. They simultaneously ignore facts surrounding civil rights - the original abolitionists were Republicans - Abe Lincoln, who freed the slaves, was Republican. In fact, all the major societal changes that afforded and increased black freedom and access to political power was accomplished with Republicans leading the fight.

Only when illegitimate and racist laws (Affirmative Action) that enabled one group at the expense of another did Republicans balk. It was that refusal Democrats glommed onto to manipulate the black vote. What the Democrat wanted was to tether blacks and other “minority” groups permanently to their party.  LBJ knew blacks well - and what was needed to secure their votes. Give-away programs were specifically designed to lure and secure their enslavement - and votes.

f white Republicans knew what LBJ knew, and planned, the civil rights laws may never have passed. Certainly, the Affirmative Action laws and other black give aways would not be enacted. 

Blacks reveal their attention to the history and facts surrounding slavery by voting for Democrats at rates above 90% in most elections. Obama received 97% of the black vote. Blacks vote for Democrats because Democrats have convinced them that conservatives and Republicans are genetically predisposed to racism. They are taught Republicans are born hating blacks, and that they cannot change. White Republican racism is institutional. Simply being a Republican means a person is a racist at their core.

Many blacks believe this lie.  They go to great lengths to exaggerate and repeat the horrors that Democrats tell them about Republicans. Conservative Republicans are accused of perpetually planning to roll back the clock on civil rights, and re-establish segregation for blacks – or worse!!!  If ever they have a chance.

Black refuse to acknowledge Democrats were the party who developed segregation and applied it with force using the KKK. Why blacks refuse to acknowledge this reality is revealing.  Blacks adhere blindly to what Democrats tell them about Republicans and never question what Democrats say because they play to the worst and most simpleminded fear tactics. Even when it can be shown that Republicans worked towards, and voted for, initiating and expanding their civil rights and freedoms, blacks continue to refuse to acknowledge what Republicans did for them. Blacks refuse to vote Republican.

LBJ also knew a secret - blacks are primarily focused upon envy and hatred of whites. He knew some blacks wanted paybacks – and the means to do as little as possible, yet live a middle class life - reparations. That is what Democrats attempt to give them. Blacks are not really interested in equality. Blacks want to be exempted from the sacrifice and long-term requirements of success. Immediate and easy rewards are more popular and important. Blacks also want to punish whites - even Democrats. Seeing whites suffer - even by blacks who have never experienced segregation, let alone slavery - is proof the focus upon past discrimination is well alive and directing the actions of blacks.

Getting a quality education is universally recognized as a basic rudiment for any person to improve themselves. School vouchers and school choice is a Republican program with a large potential upside. The program is proven to work, at least somewhat - where and whenever it is applied. Washington, DC had that program until Obama arrived. One of his first acts was abolishing the voucher program - to reward the teacher’s union (NEA) for their support. It is more important to Democrats that the NEA face no competition. The NEA have failed whenever they do face competition – hence their desire to eliminate it. Moreover, the NEA fail even without competition - the failed results of their efforts are perpetually in the news. Serial failures are reason enough for Democrats to keep promoting the NEA. Curiously, a lack of money is always the excuse used for the failures.

IF the NEA were the best organization available to teach children, they would welcome competition - to prove once and forever, how much better they are. They would open a can of teachers’ Whoop-ass and show the parents and the nation how good they are. They haven't. They won't. They can’t.

Increasing dollars spent, reducing class sizes, building prettier schools, adding computers and other technologies, and making certain that no victim group is excluded or marginalized in anyway – that everyone has exactly everything they need to learn… hasn’t changed the pitiful outcomes from their teaching product. The NEA outcomes have gotten worse – much worse, in fact. In many urban centers, under 20% of students graduate. Repeat that... less than 20% graduate! Nationwide, less than 40% of blacks students graduate.

Let's frame that: black parents continue to reward Democrat politicians for dooming their children to ignorance, ignorance is causal for poverty, and all the other behaviors that innate stupidity spawns. Stupidity negatively affect a person their entire lives. Stupid behaviors compound the problems faced and behaviors chosen.

Have a child out of wedlock - 90% will remain in poverty the duration of their lives.

Black children are born out of wedlock over 70% of the time. That means that over 70% of black children grow up with no father. Statistics show children with no father in the home are doomed to poverty. Traditionally, fathers ostensibly focus upon discipline, and stand to protect their children. These fatherly factors enable a child to relax and feel protected. Father’s motivate children to practice self-control, study, and to scrape and claw their way to the child’s potential. Fathers know how a lack of education hampers and harms a child’s professional options and incomes – usually because the father knows this reality first hand. Two parents in the home is vital to any child’s success, financial viability, and well rounded development.

Now refer back to LBJ’s comments above. Democrats, when writing the welfare laws in the 1960s made certain that no black man (father) resided with (his “Wife”) in any government subsidized housing. That might prove unsettling and provide black families and children too much of an advantage in the minds of Democrats. Recall… LBJ wanted just enough to quiet them down… not enough to make a real difference…

Now deceased, NY, Senator Dan Patrick Moynihan was an old school Democrat. Dan actually thought for himself. Moynihan accurately predicted this deplorable outcome for black children.  But a majority of Democrats wanted the LBJ policies. Welfare was structured to pay for children and the mother – solely. A welfare system designed to pay for head counts on children led many black women to bear more children - to increase their monthly incomes. Unbelievably, no penalty for creating more mouths to feed while receiving public assistance was ever enacted.

Since welfare laws effectively outlawed black marriage - many black women chose a government stipend over relying upon spousal support. In truth, Democrat policies prevented the father being in the home. That led to non-traditional families - children were born to women who mated with multiple fathers.  Currently no penalties for indiscriminate procreation exist. It is common for black women to bear children from numerous fathers. Few black children have any paternal blood tie to their siblings. Many have half-siblings in other families. That made a problem for Democrats. Democrat had to excuse the absent father and the mother's behaviors.

The penalty of racism was nebulously defined so Democrats could use the racist accusation to silence complaints.

The advent of the birth control pill, and subsequent passing of abortion laws, allowed women to experiment with sex without consequence. So long as women managed their contraception device and ignored any resident morality conflict, women could audition their potential/replacement spouse and avoid pregnancy. The effect these behaviors had upon a child's morality and sense of security was never considered. The abortion law enabled women even more flexibility. They could terminate a troublesome pregnancy and retain the professional and personal options – just like homosexuals.   
Democrats saw another crisis – an opportunity for female dependence.  They created the Women’s Movement and became the surrogate father/provider for single, female headed households.

Democrats next used the Liberal judges to change any law that couldn’t withstand the legislative process/light of day – abortion is a classic example. In a few short years, any woman who wanted to divorce her spouse, regardless of cause or fault, was axiomatically granted custody of the children; a state subsidy for each child; a child support order for the father; and, copious perks and benefits the government provided to assure dependence and Democrat voter loyalty.

Democrats rewarded any choice that advanced the secular, non-traditional family model of a fatherless, and Godless, household. This is the choice favored by atheists, feminists, and the other constituents in the Democrat tent. Women flocked to the new, empowering, life enhancing, single mother led household model. That model removed the annoyance of controlling, stupid husbands/men - coupled with the ridicule of God and religion. Women were finally FREE from the yoke of God, matrimony, chastity, sexual fidelity, and, the oppressive, authoritative demands of a husband in the traditional, two-parent, family model that religion proscribed.

Blacks are the largest group using federal dollars and programs to abort their children. If not for the introduction of abortion in 1973, the population of blacks would be 50% greater today. This is what Democrats term: "A Good Start".

A black male child living in an urban environment has a one in four chance of reaching the age 25. Criminal violence and ancillary components of crime are causal for the unbelievable number of deaths. Democrats speak little about these crimes. Other blacks murder their racial kinsmen by a margin over 90%. Democrats responded to these horrific statistics by developing Hate Crimes. This did it to shift the attention and responsibility away from Democrat politicians, the black community who do the murdering, and place blame at the feet of whites/Republicans.

White conservatives are the go-to villain; accused and blamed for all bad things that happen to black people.

Blacks never consider that many Democrats view black on black murders of young urban men as Late-Term Abortions. They must. Democrats DO NOTHING to arrest the behaviors, or provide blacks with critical oversight and discipline to lead them away from crime.

The best option is offering black parents a choice in who teaches their children and refusing to condone the "cultural" elements of learning used to excuse academic under performance. Democrats ignore the claims by some blacks that academic and frugal behaviors that lead to success are "white" behaviors. That makes shunning learning an acceptable option. It's also an example of Democrat pandering. Fostering the belief that racial stereotypes held by blacks are real and no amount of effort will overcome them - is precisely what the Democrat wants blacks to believe.

Evidence that proves that Democrats have systematically worked to ensure that blacks remain an underclass and deny them access to the tools they might use to climb out of the ghettos, has NOT resulted in any change in voting behaviors among blacks. The majority of blacks continue to vote Democrat no matter how copious, damning, or pervasive the information regarding the Democrat’s motives and actions that harm blacks. Black racial stereotypes and selfishness align with Democrat lies. Adopting self destructive behaviors, relying upon the Democrat stipend, and blaming others for their plight defines the idiom. Blacks re-elect the likes of Marion Barry – a convicted coke addict and a very corrupt politician, repeatedly - ignoring his behaviors. Barry was re-elected because he feeds the flames of racial division that blacks cannot trust whites - and he promised more giveaways. Allegiance to skin color, and politics that excuse and reward dysgenic behaviors, matter more than credibility, personal responsibility and honesty. The promise of “free money" taken from the wallets of white people is what many blacks prefer.

Despite a long history of Democrat behaviors and designed outcomes that reveal white Democrats detest blacks - and evidence these Democrats refuse to live next to blacks, or send their children to black schools, blacks refuse to question the Democrat's motives. Democrats live in fear of an angry minority mugging them, or their wife or family, or…, burning down the neighborhood; rioting and looting. Democrats have created a separate (but equal) set of laws that keep blacks at a safe distance from themselves.

Democrats never let on that black life is exactly how the Democrat panned, how they want black people - uneducated, poor, dependent, hopeless and hate-filled. 50 years of Democrat programs have made life for blacks worse... just like LBJ promised... just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a real difference.