Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You are NORMAL and there are millions like you

It is past time Blue Collar White Christian Males, BCWCM, reclaim the place they earned in society.  Earned! They must act to repeal laws that directly discriminate against them and their Constitutionally ordered rights. In fact, per the 1964 Civil Rights Law, many of "actions" enacted to artificially elevate, qualify, and protect persons of a different race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual behavior are not only unfair, they are illegal. These practices also place unqualified people in positions of authority where their decision making and physical limitations jeopardize the life and limbs of their fellow workers the people they are charged to help. United, and inspired to action, BCWCMs  have the ability to change these patently prejudicial and onerous laws.  You have a responsibility to act.  America needs you now more than ever.

Please realize you are not an odd-ball. Nor are you alone. The majority of America is just like you.  America is more similar to you than you think. There are more BCWCMs than the Progressive press wants you to believe. 

For all intents and purposes, the media is a monolithic monopoly. They speak with one voice and assault the viewer/listener with a constant barrage of lies, half-truths, and purposely damning information about you and others like you. Did you know the media has daily conference calls with top Democrat politicians?  It's true.  They regularly collude to your detriment.  Why do they do this?  Why do Progressives insult you and demean you chosen behaviors = normal behaviors?  They fear you!!!  They know the power you hold.  They must compartmentalize and limit your power.  They must paint you as a dim-witted (or insane, deplorable) pariah with evil intention.  The media and those like them really are mentally ill.

You think you are powerless don't you?  You've heard the media again and again denounce you alongside a report that you're an out of touch, dying breed, that must be punished for their thoughts and actions - AND - the thoughts and actions of their fore bearers. They majority never saw a slave or persecuted other Americans.  They were working to assimilate.  

You're afraid too... admit it, you are and should be afraid.  You've seen and heard what happens to the racist.  Racist, per the Democrat definition, is a white male.  Yep, that's the extent of it.  Any white male who has the temerity to claim his Constitutional rights or demand an equal playing field - according to Democrat Party policy - is a racist that must be punished.  Job loss, loss of promotions, and other punitive actions in a zero tolerance environment ought to scare you.  That is why uniting with your racial kinsmen is essential.  You act in unison.  Since Democrats have grouped you, act as a group - always.  The group immediately asserts more power and influence than you can alone.  Inform every member of your group to never be attacked alone.  No one may act alone, or be isolated and bullied alone.  Assure, as far as possible to verify each member is genuine and not a Democrat spy.  You can do this.  

Democrats - what prompts their goals - fear and absolute control.  


Half of all eligible voters DO NOT Vote.  You can investigate and discover why, but I already have.  I asked white Christian males why they don't vote.  I also investigated the percentage not voting.  Round numbers - 40 million white males do not vote.  40 MILLION!  Add their wives = 80 million!!! 

There is a direct correlate and reasons WHY white males are disinterested in politics.  Look above...  they've been convinced they are a small group with no power to change what they consider unfair and punitive.  Others buy into the guilt of past racial sins.  They all think there is no difference between the political parties Republican and Democrat - they are correct in their assessment.  Neither party will represent their desires - an end to affirmative action and other race laws.  They want fairness and a level playing field.  Political leaders refuse to act because they also fear being attacked and labeled a racist.  

Approximately 126 million votes were cast in the 2012 election.  65 million Democrat, 61 million Republican.  4 million votes turned the election.  

If half of these male votes are marshaled - 20 million - the political impact will not be ignored. If half their wives vote - 40 million - will terrify politicians from both parties.  The wishes of these white male voting group will be addressed; fast!  The political landscape will change immediately.  The numbers of Progressives/Liberals will become exposed as the minuscule minority it is.  Politicians will act, and that will be the first step in re-making America, an America where all men are treated equally.  

The politicians opposing this voting bloc's wishes are finished.  White male votes can also influence several urban areas that are considered permanent Democrat strong holds. 

Unity is essential.

Some may be concerned these changes will undue the advancement of minorities. No, they won't.  Everyone will be measured equally - by merit.  That is as fair as it can get.  There are sound reasons why this must be repaired.  As mentioned above, having unqualified people in positions of authority, or where life and limb are endangered - is destructive, dangerous - and stupid!  Only an idiot would ask for the problems these decisions invite - see: mental illness. Segregation laws lasted 60 years.  The civil rights laws were enacted in 1964 - fifty years. If people can gain opportunity by hard work and effort - they have and will.  And, resetting the law will not preclude anyone from anything - save physical size and weight restrictions - that cuts in every direction.  

Slavery ended over 150 years ago.  Virtually no one alive today had a family member engaged in slavery.  Many had ancestors who were slaves themselves - indentured servants and apprentices were in fact slaves to the wishes of their masters.  The majority moved west and scraped a life for their families and had nothing to do with slaves or racial issues.  Blaming white males collectively for slavery is a bizarre and destructive plan to limit the political power and influence of white males.  It requires a vast collusion in every facet of life to accomplish this design.  Destroying it will not be easy.  However, millions of votes will move politicians to act, or remove them from office.  

More in the next blog on HOW to form a group and get them to the polls and vote.