Friday, July 15, 2016

Dead Baby with Doll

Kudos to the New York Post for putting this image of the dead child on the front page today.

I encourage Trump to use it ubiquitously and hang it around the necks of Obama and Hillary... and Bill Clinton. I hope readers recall Bill refused to take Bin Laden into custody when handed to him on a silver platter. That's a documented fact.  Bill could have prevented 9/11 - but choose another path. There was a reason for his action to not acquire Osama Bin Laden.  The reason follows.

Also recall also the Benghazi compound and the Ambassador who dies there. After Obama policy decisions destabilized the region by removing the regimes that provided a modicum of peace there, Hillary acted to cover their tracks.  Hillary and Obama purposely refused cries for more security from Ambassador Stephens and others.  They refused the security even after the terrorists drove a truck through the compound wall - Sounding familiar?

Obama out right refuses to act to eradicate ISIS, place blame for terror where it belongs, or mouth the appropriate words describing what Islamic extremists do and why.  Remember his comments - ISIS is the JV Team remark?

What was Stephens doing in Benghazi, a known violent, unstable area anyway?  Psssst! He was actually brokering weapons to the locals - the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS? Al Qaeda? et al . He was murdered in aa PROTESTS.  Moreover, Obama's reluctance was so rigid he had staff create the lie about the video causing the "Protest" that killed Stephens.  Obama would not name it or cast blame.  What was he and Hillary protecting?  Why was he protecting it? Recall Hillary took globs of cash for the Clinton Foundation in that area too! What was she protecting - using her office?

Let's begin to examine my OPINIONs -

Democrats refuse to do anything negative (past condemning and standing in solidarity) to stop Islamic terror - OR - inner city/BLM acts of terror.  There is a reason for Democrat silence and refusal to act.  This behavior is not new.  The very same behavior was used over 100 years ago to accomplish the same goals by Democrats.  The KKK was once their Terror Wing.  Woodrow Wilson also used the government to silence his detractors with laws that made it crime to criticize his actions - by word or print.  Advocating violence to intimidate US citizens, AND, create a crisis to exploit are now a plank in the Democrat Party platform.  Inner city and Islamic violence form the twin wings of terror fro Democrats.

Why is nothing is done to end inner city black on black violence? The reason is simple.  Black are in the tank politically for Democrat.  They vote over 95% for Democrats. Additionally, the welfare etc. hand outs and policies that make blacks dependent on Democrats prevent blacks from securing control over their lives.  Some blacks prefer the handouts.  Many don't.  But that side issue is immaterial - because Democrats don't care about the deaths in the inner city or the violence.  They WANT and NEED the violence. It assures black dependence on Democrats/gov't and adds chaos to their lives.  The law abiding black living there are more frightened and unable to change their lives because groups like BLM actions result in less police involvement.  Cops refuse to risk much in areas where they are Not WANTED!  BLM assures cops do less to stop lawlessness in the black neighborhoods. Blacks may not like to face the statistics, but they reveal another problems Democrats refuse to correct. Black people inordinately commit more crimes than any other race.  Following the clues to solve a crime (Profiling) is the standard and most effective legal practice.  Black buying a name brand anything also PROFILE.  Its the same thing.  Blacks must STOP listening to Democrats who, by the inactions, don't care if you're dead, or live in terror.  Middle class blacks must Make a FIST!  It is past time to stop fleeing from your racial kinsmen.  A sad reality is this - ALL blacks behaved better, and a greater majority obtained the basics for success in life - graduate high school, get married, get a job, and the BIGGY - fewer illegitimate childbirths!!!!  WHY did Democrats make it a law forbidding black fathers from being in the home with their children and wife to be eligible for welfare?

Ditto Islamic Terror.

The Poor Gays who have given money, their time, energy and worked to secure Democrat politicians election victories, and in everyday behaved like good Democrat soldiers - were discarded like a used condom when Democrats faced a choice after Orlando. Stand up for Gays - OR - protect Muslim violence.  The decision came less than one week after Orlando for Obama and Hillary and other Democrats (and the Legacy news). The combined to attack Trump over "dangerous" rhetoric and Islamaphobia - Trumps pledge to ending the lawless immigration and deporting risky people is over the top - per Democrat policy.  Democrats refused, they could not, or would not even say the words - Islamic Extremist.  Sorry Gay people.  Your LGBT group leaders will also betray you, your lives, and your liberties.  They will side with Democrats.  If another terrorist acts to kill more homos - the results will remain the same. Gays must get used to it, or change your lives - become conservatives.  You have much more in common with Christians than Democrats.  Christians don't like your sexual behaviors - but they will not betray you. They may ask or act to help change sexual behaviors but won't discard you. Now is the time for Gays to ask themselves - which is worse - the group who philosophically disagree with you, or, the group (Democrats) who support and protect a group who will act to kill you ALL?

How do you like it Gay People?  Are you pleased with your reward for diligently supporting Democrats?

What about you responsible Black people?  Are you happy and content with the Black Lives Matter people being coddled and endorsed - even by the NAACP - so your neighborhoods have even less protection/law enforcement?

Do you not see what is in play?

Both black inner city and islamic violence are protected because they provide Democrats benefits. Both groups violence scares people. Both provide a crisis to exploit. Both groups acts of violence are the gift that keeps on giving in the Democrat view.  Why?  The violence intimidates the law abiding. Democrats hope the violence intimidates them - to freely exchange liberties and pay more taxes for Government Protection.  That is precisely what the MOB does - extort payment for protection.  There is difference however.  At least the MOB delivers on their protection promise.  Democrats do nothing.  They want and need the violence to control minds and policy.Gaining permanent control of government is their ONLY ambition and they will create and suffer collateral damage to so do.  What was the Democrat response one-week after Orlando?

Advocating more gun controls is the Democrat official response.  Huh?!!  Seriously?

Crushing the violence and punishing the people involved will not be forthcoming as long as Democrat politicians are not evicted from office.  Term Limits are needed for BOTH PARTIES!!!  Since they will never enact a law that limits their time in office, voting them out of office is the current task.  The Communist wing is current in control of the Democrat Party - by any means necessary... Yes, IMO they will willing sacrifice you to obtain that goal.