Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Prophet George Orwell Predicted Banning Don Trump,

England is considering banning Donald Trump.  When Trump is elected, will the Brits rescind the ban?  What will they do to preserve their credibility and recover their US alliance/protection?  This ban and the actions behind it are an implied threat to American voters.  Trump's words and plans on massive illegal immigration expose the cultural suicide Britain's elected elite adopted to serve interests not in the best interests of the British people.  The destructive and antagonistic actions taken in coerced cultural assimilation were predicted and documented in Orwell's prophetic prose.  The elite do not anticipate having to endure and live with the horrific consequences of the outcome they design for the "little people" - the electorate.  Their plans include escaping the violence and life style depreciation these immigration actions will create.  These actions aer a capitulation to threats of terror from religious extremsist.  Snowball (and Neville Chamberlain) would be proud.

How did the UK fall so far?  The magnitude of intellect lost during WWI cannot be overstated, nor can the loss of cultural pride and national identity those lives lost embraced. The Britains were warned and forewarned!

The UK was blessed with a prophet - George Orwell. He accurately predicted all the technological oppression we and the developed world now faces.  He also predicted how tyrants and despots would use word control to install mind and then thought controls - Politically Correct speech codes - INGSOC anyone? Diluting Britain's cultural identity is a necessary action to pollute the public's consciousness and rewrite history.

Orwell's: Animal Farm was published for children and lesser minds in 1945. 1984 was published in 1949. Both warned and predicted the current and planned outcomes - when people placed the value of comforts and service of appetites above their God given liberties and blessings to the "Natural Man". All those liberties and blessings require perpetual sacrifice.  Self serving comparative analysis performed by idiots is what visited the ignorant behaviors bringing a collapse of freedom - and generic intellect.

A majority of voters that focus solely upon income disparity compromise the virtues and protections within a Republic - a concept of government imbeciles are no longer taught, nor do they value. Christian morality is similarly despised and necessarily negated. Bald democracy is historically the tool used to acquire absolute control and inflict oppression.  When democracy fails to deliver the votes wanted by the class warfare politicians, the tyranny of the minority fashioned into a cudgel - to intimidate nay-sayers in the steady march towards coerced servitude.

Advertizers and mass media, TV, and the internet, made avarice, envy, and greed daily staples that the clueless class feast upon in their Two-Minute Hate on-line exercises.

God ordained disparity in this life and no amount of human meddling will change it.  Fools can only depreciate and destroy the liberties they do not know or appreciate.

WE are NOT born innately equal.  WE are considerably and measurably different.  Only in the eyes of our creator, when he examines our chosen behaviors and weighs those actions for eligibility for the afterlife are all men equal.  

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