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Why Race, Tradition, and Religion, are Targeted for Eradication - and by Whom - Part 1

The forces advocating perpetual change in America, for the purpose of destroying the integrity and sovereignty of the nation, are considerable, real, and hidden in plain sight.  The primary influence and pressure point that enables the changes sought is an age old impetus - money. Competition over status and protections enumerated in law are the current predicament.  The competition was generated by the same force that seeks to resolve the conflicts.  Objectively, regardless of the individual topic, or interest, seeking relief from government, collectively, their pleas for relief can be labeled Welfare.  The label word or name is immaterial.  The action, seeking relief in any form, is an appeal to leverage an advantage from government.  The integrity of the appeals is also irrelevant.  Once a source of relief is identified, some people will return to it, repeatedly, to increase, or ease, the troubles life visits – or to achieve a status their efforts failed to attain. 

The welfare state is not possible without a huge national debt to fund it.  Similarly, a generic family is incapable of purchasing a lifestyle their incomes do not afford without access to debt.  Considering the consequences of not paying down the family debt produces the same actions and circumstances, similar inherent pressures, on a smaller scale. This debt scenario is where I solicit the reader's considerable attention and thought. This scenario contains all the elements required to comprehend how Evil (Lucifer is my preferred agent of evil) is working to gain control over the earth.  Assuming control over the earth’s entire population is the objective. The reader’s preferred source of discontent and evil is viable.  The name associated with this phenomenon is as varied as the causalities.  Belief in evil, irrespective of the source, is the only requirement going forward.

The personal sovereignty and integrity of every person are in jeopardized.  Servitude and the loss of liberty will affect the believer and non-believer exactly the same. I reference the gospel of Mark to elucidate this scenario and express my compassion – 

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so?  Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

Accepting and practicing these virtues upon the thoughts and conclusions the reader encounters in the sentences ahead is imperative.  Resisting the forces disseminating evil is requisite, but the manner and attitude when so doing is qualified in Mark’s missive which articulates the Lord’s preferred methods. 

To comprehend the forces acting to destroy religion and society requires certain basic principles and definition be agreed upon and placed.  To confront evil requires defining evil.  The disciple Matthew accurately frames evil and its extraordinary relationships from which it acquires its massive powers.  "…money is the root (source) of ALL Evil."  This claim is remarkable and revealing.  Money is not responsible for a portion of evil doings, or a considerable amount of evil, ALL Evil, every particle and participle come from money.  The scriptures preceding and following the selected one above clarify and re-enforce Matthew's conclusion.  Numerous other scriptures bolster Matthew's assertion.  Paul, for example, qualifies and intimates the temporal troubles associated with money.  

Can one object exclusively spawn, and remain the source of ALL Evil?  Is it possible? The validity of Matthew's claim and answer to this query is resident in the individual’s perception of the object and the uses of the object – money/evil – in the earthly domain.  Money's eternal evil potential is less certain and requires speculation and then extrapolation of the earthly influence and consequences of money documented.  
These include:
The worship of money - an all consuming attention to acquisition and retention of money,
The processes used to acquire money, 
The motivations employed to acquire money,
The hoarding of money, 
The use of money to purchase influence, and exception,
The display of money, and/or objects money purchase - applied to indicate and/or elevate one's social status, and to intimidate or offend a fellowman, 
The practice of creating monetary barriers - to prevent the less rich from participating, or accessing certain areas and activities,
The practices utilized in currency markets, stocks & bonds, by the Uber wealthy which devalue the wealth of nations and citizens - fellowman,
The use of money to purchase: allegiances, destroy individual characters, assembling lies and distortions to purposely create conflicts and war,
The use of money to compromise, or influence the behaviors of others against their free agency,
The use of wealth to diminishing others and demand deferential treatment,
Profiting from the above activities, and others not mentioned, comprise a portion of the Evils available from money.

Perception and practicality suggests money and evil possess the parallel Matthew proposed.  How money gained an uncanny and omnipotent ability to make men choose evil is the operative question.  What conditions and motivations infected men to drive them to develop evil objectives and deeds necessary to acquire them?  More importantly, what, or whom, construes control over humanity with money and how? The Christian perception suggests Lucifer’s condemnation prompted his desire to control men.  Compromising or gaining control over men enhances his status and compliments a desire to disrupt God’s objectives.  Lucifer is responsible for intricately and inseparably crafting appetites susceptible to monetary temptation. Few activities in earthly life are divorced from money in some form or capacity. Leveraging control over a soul, or consciousness, is an implicit goal for Lucifer.  Each soul he commands works to separate God from his offspring and derail his plans for salvation.  Money did not originate as evil.  Its genesis came from a need to refine trade and commerce. 

It is important to remember God advised, if not commanded mankind to avoid debt. Debt directly imperils free agency.  A man's life is not his own, if debt layers upon his life and actions.  If man is to avoid debt, a society, a collection of lives, makes avoiding debt a mandate. Those elected officials may not collectively compromise their citizen's fiscal solvency!  They may NOT drive the nation, the aggregate of its citizens, off a fiscal cliff. The nation is equally compromised when its named adversaries supplement the debt held - as China and Russia currently do. This is insanity.  Adding insult to the tax payers - a portion of citizens are freed from any obligation to repay the debt. They pay no taxes.  The elected officials conspired to render certain citizens sacrosanct and thereby not responsible for any contribution.  

Initially, the money adopted held objective value - gold and silver were universally accepted objects of value.  The “worth” of the money was contingent upon the individual traders and locations, until a more universal value was agreed upon.  In that form, money held its inherent value regardless of geography or trader ethnicity.  The physical value of money was a practical value.  The value of the objects used as money accrued as the concept was shared and embraced. The advent of money simultaneously created unrighteous behaviors.  The motivations of men to acquire and retain money developed nefarious and unrighteous purposes.  

As wealth was centralized, a need arose to protect it - and community wealth.  Communities provided a larger scale of protection and a unified purpose.  Weaponry and war making machines came about.  Combined, the small size of wealth and tools used to protect the wealth afforded some the ability to seize the wealth of others by force.  Wars and conflicts arose and that set mankind upon Evil's natural path. Money's evil potential is limited solely by man's intellect and inability to misuse and abuse money.  This perverse perspective reveals man's considerable intellect as great thought and attention was displayed conniving to misuse money to increase personal wealth; and other, assimilated, evil purposes.  New evils propagated - those spawned from avarice and competition.  From those, more complicated evils arose, as mankind's greed for money escalated.  Money eventually became an essential, indispensable device required to participate in a society. Money delineated classes in society.  As commerce expands into an international venue, the potential domain of money reached its apex – it circled the globe. The international environment provided access to the lives and pocketbooks of each person living on earth. Money was the instrument used to accomplish this ambition.  

So who, or whom, would could acquire an astronomical sum of money and remain unsatisfied with their condition.  What would prompt a person holding this vast wealth to seek to control all of mankind?  What interest has an undivided focus upon compromising the behaviors and choices in life?  From the Christian perspective, only one exists.  That interest is not sated with incredible, near infinite wealth.  The motivation held is not in the instrument used to attain the objective desired- money.  Obsession on an unrighteous ambition, to compromise free agency and salvation, offers a clue to the entity’s identity.  Securing unfettered, absolute control over the choices and options for all mankind, their consciousness, or souls, defines and lays resident in only one entity: Lucifer.  Satan is the sole interest who does not benefit from the accrual of money.  His interests and motivations utilize man’s avarice with money.  Money holds no inherent personal value to Lucifer.  

To fulfill Satanic goals, men that worship and serve money (Lucifer's objectives) are required.  It is here the evil/money relationship unfolds. Lucifer’s agents and their organizations are secreted - in plain sight. Lucifer's agents long ago erected barriers to preserve domains and dominance. Laws, enacted by various governments, were placed to prevent inquiry, critique, or reporting on the activities and organizations that centralized power in the hands of Lucifer's servants. An international authority was required to mitigate regional differences and to set compliance regulations for the exchange of money.  Specific laws developed to protect the nationality of the money producers were modeled and then reapplied to divide races, nations, and religions.  Amazingly, to accomplish this ambition did not require considerable wealth. Wealth on this scale is a sum so large it becomes incalculable. However, is curiously omnipresent. It must be - to threaten, intimidate, and facilitate! 

This personal wealth is the source that initially enabled private control over the money production mechanisms a nation’s government utilized to conduct their business and accrue debt.  Debt is essential in this matrix. Debt drives the relationship.  This insidious plan was conspired by a magnificent mind, one keenly aware of man's mind and appetites.  Feeding men's appetites is the means by which this form of incremental, escalating control was obtained. Comparatively, the government interests were purchased cheaply.  Appetites were instrumental in the acquisition and transference of control.  Money was loaned and the debt began to accrue – as did the allegiance and addiction to debt of the government issuing control over their money to private hands. Comparatively, an average US citizen is forbidden from using private sector organizations to prepare his retirements money - IRA.  

People in government are bribed with opportunities to obtain great personal wealth while ostensibly acting in the public's interest.  The temptation of privilege and property continue to work and corrupt individual members to act against the government's sworn duty - the people they represent.  Government officials and lenders sold the personal autonomy and sanctity of the lives they represented in a secret packaged deal.  They agreed to, and afforded, private, nefarious interests the ability to print the money used within a nation, and charge interest on the money produced, and, the mounting debt. They were also paid to produce the money - and then work to determine the money's value in a global marketplace.  Printing money, without real property, or a physical substance holding recognized value, is the fools gambit governments throughout the developed world adopted. They sold control of their independence and sovereignty in order to build each nation's debt while avoiding accountability with the public electing them. 

Only two segments of the population remain - religiously minded, self reliant people who embrace and adore the national identity, and the wards of the state - races and special interests addicted to state subsidy and protection of their lifestyles that reject the national identity as exclusionary and oppressive. These citizens argue and compete over an ever shrinking fiscal pie. One groups votes to limit their individual responsibility towards government, while the other demand more subsidy and protections which legitimize their sloth and indolence.  Purchasing votes, holding total control over livelihoods, and enacting laws to protect lifestyles, are the tactics applied to garner allegiance from the sanctioned groups, and... create friction.  

Government officials and agency employees conspired and acted at the behest of the money suppliers to divide the national identity and unity therein.  This was accomplished by creating sanctioned groups, groups loyal to an expanding government.  Government buys their allegiance with: financial subsidies, and the issue of factional programs to create, reward, and perpetuate dependence upon government in targeted, sanctioned, segments of society.  These are required to destroy the unity present within a nation's traditions, identity, and religion.  Votes are the article purchased.  Friction and animus were also requisite components in this maze of obfuscation, purposely designed to distract from the essential "invisibility" and secrecy needed for the money producers to act in autonomy - away from public scrutiny. Simultaneously, these actions enable an ever expanding authority and control of the money producers.  

"Democracy" was the artifice placed to confuse, distract, and distort reality. Various competing factions voice and display their unhappiness to government in a game of legislative insignificance that merely advances debt and the control held by the money producers.  Petty, individual interests are brokered by government officials to sway allegiance and control over the workings of the government - financed by the people controlling the production of money and holding the nation's debt as a chip to assure allegiance. The two Parties constituting the Democracy are not genuinely opposed to each other.  The appearance of opposition is needed to give the appearance of credibility.  

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