Friday, October 23, 2015

The Fatality of Stupidity

Regular readers know your author agrees with the science available and published on Differential Psychology - genetics drive and dictate  a person' intellect.  This reality is so profound, even when a brilliant person is denied access to learning materials and methods, they will remarkably make up any deficit once permitted access to the needed materials.  Conversely, no matter how much money or effort or programs are dedicated to enhancing the intellect of a genetically stupid brain, they will not improve the intellect whatsoever.  To paraphrase Gump: Stupid Is as Stupid Is.  Stupidity is the singular death knell, the sole causality, responsible for destroying the beauty and wonder that once articulated America.

One act of stupidity - McCarthy's blabbering about a political benefits bias motivating the murder the Lybian ambassador and other - thinking he was improving his chances to become House Speaker, is the type of evidence that clearly reveals the potency of stupidity. His idiotic remarks, spoken to inform the public of his vast insight and intellect, ruined the hearings scheduled to finally discover who was responsible for not send military aide to save the people in Lybia. McCarthy's inability to recognize the human losses as more important than the political gains he perceived is an example of the literally deadly consequences of stupidity.  Yesterday's target - Hillary Clinton is equally daft and incompetent - at least at this juncture.  Her lack of attention to duty, due to her desire to accumulate wealth illegally - as a result of her position is grounds for a lengthy prison sentence and fine.  That she will face no consequence is evidence of the current state of America.  The guilty, caught red-handed, with copious evidence damning her will not be punished, nor will her campaign be appreciably impacted.

Morality is problematic in an ignorant society - one increasingly composed of idiots.  Morality exposes the inherent flaws and inability to conform to nominal standards of behavior, or apply long term goals.  Morality is assaulted, then rejected - for diversity and inclusion's sake.  Democrats wanted to prove the intellect of the underclasses and minorities were equal to other intellects. They spent a trillion dollars in a failed effort.  Democrats quickly learned the intellectual parity would not materialize.  Despite the causality evident - a genetic predisposition of stupidity, they persisited.  Achieving parity required damaging the ability of students with legitimate brains to achieve. Democrats purposely acted to lower the aggregate performance averages.  That was the only way to elevate the stupid's scores, comparatively.

Eliminating merit and truth were other needs achieved.  An academic and intellectual wasteland emerged across America from their efforts and designs. Traditions and all the elements that once defined American differences, what made it the unique and desirable and vaunted, were sacrificed to sustain a myth - Everyone is Equal in Every Way.

Only God views us equally.  We all have an equall access to eternity.  Past that, no one, no thing, no nuttin is equal.  Conversely, differences define us and the world in which we live.  The most rudimentary learning exercises highlight identifying differences.

Marxism is well placed.  An unbridled destruction of Marism is needed to end the oppression and salvage the blessings God provided the American citizen.  Comforts, stupidity, sloth, cool, and an obsession on defining oneself by material possessions is proof of what is broken and needing repair or elimination.  Not all technology is good for mankind.  When technology abets self destructive behaviors and thoughts it is best avoided and heavily regulated. Person's like McCarthy should be identified early in life - to prevent their doing damage to others and the community.  HIs flippant comments have assured a criminal will walk away from her crimes - her contribution, her politically motivated actions and inactions that cost lives.   

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