Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Contrived Mental Illness of Progressivism

The Leftists, Socialists, agenda that defines Progressive policy objectives are actually based in Marxism.  No amount of equivocation can change this reality.  Without Marx's manifesto, socialism doesn't exist.

A pattern emerges when analyzing the Marxist behaviors and methods.  Issues are always defined subjectively. Circumstances are employed to assert an injustice exists and fairness demands the Marxist policy solution.  A concern for humanity is always claimed to motivate their actions.  Humanity is very loosely implied, but always contains their personal preferences.  A quasi-moral integrity is the basis used to validate their specific interests. Those opposing their preferences are inferred as A-Moral or illegitimate.

The Marxist despises morality in any form - as religion is inherently tied to genuine morality. Religion is antithetical to Marxist goals as the ideology views religion as an oppressive and unjust mechanism or belief system.  The State is the divine and jealous entity Marxists worship.  Only one entity may demand a person's absolute allegiance. Demigods are permitted so long as they ultimately pay reference and defer to the State.  Some Marxists are motivated by a peculiar issue, or set of issues - their secular "Spiritual" needs.  Admittedly, this is oxymoronic.  They convince themselves they are not entirely obligated to the State, but accept their concerns will fail if they do not pay deference to the State - who works to gain allegiances by attending to approved, subordinate interests.  Race, sexual behaviors, the environment, etc qualify as secular "Spiritual" needs.  This is literally an Unholy Allegiance.

Secular spiritual needs are emotional desires or concerns that arise when a person drops religion and belief in a Supreme Being from their lives.  Personal behaviors and preferences, that are incongruent with religion, are what typically move a person to vacate religion from their lives.  However, the State requires a sacrifice when a person drops religion and defers to the State as their Supreme Entity.  The State demands each person accept and also support behaviors and preferences in each special interest the State has adopted.  These varied interests often conflict.  Ex - A black Christian focused upon racial concerns, will not naturally agree with homosexuality or wish to support it.  These conflicts based on ideology and personal preference expand when the State allocates money to its supporters.

A person's equality perspective most often determines which issues grasp their attention and concerns - their secular spiritual concerns.  The equality perspective is an irrational and inconsistent set of variables developed from a person life experiences.  Personal difficulties experienced directly, or those which impact groups or organizations preferred by the individual, create focus points.  The individual seeking to preserve their secular interests and affiliations join with others under the State's  authority. The State then claims an advantage of numbers and infers their preferences and policies enjoy wide support.  The actual numbers are not relevant when making the assertions as deception is an integral ingredient needed to advance secular spiritual concerns. This simultaneously infers fewer people agree with religious precepts.

Convincing a majority their Marxist objectives are legitimate, enjoy broad support is half of the Marxist's goals.  Denigrating their opposition and showing evidence support for their opponents is waning or eliminated is the other ambition.  The Marxist's declarations are in-valid. Were they true, there is no need for the declaration.  It would be obvious to the audience and the need for propaganda moot.

The political dynamics, and actual environment where Marxism conducts business is nefarious.  The people preferring secular spiritualism are typically unaware of the actual objectives of Marxism and ignorant of the true powers which enable and expand the ideology.  The secular spiritualist is inordinately focused upon their personal concerns and ambitions.  If the State embraces them and helps fund their concerns they will provide their support.  These are Lenin's Useful Idiots.  If they knew the real power and their ultimate objectives, how many would continue to support them is less certain.

Marxism was created by a group of bankers with global ambitions.  They financed Marx and Engles to compose the Manifesto and then paid for publication and distribution to areas their research and prior planning ascertained would espouse it.  This group sent 26 million dollars to Lenin and his ilk to install Communism in Russia and depose the Czar.  That amount in 1916 is easily 100 times its current value - or - 26 Billion dollars.  The drop oin value is also owed to this group.  They purposefly drive the value of money downwards each time they print more if it - out of think air, or the deamnds of governments.  Curiously, the Czar abdicated his throne six months before the Communists assumed control.  Why the group sought out and murdered the Czar and his family provides insight on the evil intentions and practices this group employs.

Murdering God - actions by science and philosophers to discredit and remove God from the public dialogue and beliefs is another action this cabal may have stimulated.  They certainly supported the conclusions once published by Darwin and Nietzsche.  This group worked to end the direct authority of European monarchs successfully.  It tool a mere 58 years for all European monarchs to fade away - Origin of Specie - published 1859.  The Czar disposed - 1917.   They also managed to gain title and status within the remnants of the monarchy - who retained control over the interests of influential persons.

Their true authority was gained when they simultaneously installed versions of the Federal Reserve Bank in those locations.  The Bank of England was the first example where this group assumed control over the printing of money and issuing loans to governments.  The charges they are paid for the dubious services they provide are astronomical and perpetual.  Politicians granted this authority to the group - to evade public knowledge and support, and, permit the accrual of the expansive debt required to install programs designed to create a population dependent, in whole, or in part, upon government largess.  In time, this group created an organization to exert global unity and control over the policies and practices of each country's Reserve Bank - and thereby their political decision making.  The International Monetary Fund is that organization.  Control the money and you control the allegiances of politicians and those dependent upon the money loaned to governments.

Atheism is the preferred ideology of this cabal, although its roots are in a corrupted version of the Jewish religion - drafted when the majority of Jews resided in and around Babylon - shortly after Christ's death.  A combined "theology" of a Talmud and Kabbala - mysticism are their preferred rallying points.  Certain Pharisees drafted the Talmud from the Torah.  The Torah is the sacred Jewish scripture.  The Talmud was created to legitimize behaviors forbidden by the Torah!  The Jews in Babylon enjoyed the banquet of lascivious behaviors in Babylon and wanted to modify the religious rules so they could participate, and or, validate amoral behaviors previously adopted.

This blog will explore these issues in depth in subsequent posts.

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