Sunday, April 1, 2018

Christian Fairness and Fealty to God's Commandments

God, our Divine Dad, wants everyone to achieve salvation.  He made the process so simple the least of minds may comprehend the requirements.  He provided Moses the Big Ten - so each person had a benchmark reference on what God expects from us; which behaviors are essentail to obtaining salvation and grace. God did more.  He so loves his children, he designed a process with a "Do Over". Legitimate Repentence enables man to realize the errors made, admit the errors, change behaviors, and pray for Christ's assistance to help in acquiring forgiveness.  God dictated revelations to various prophets clarifying and extending his remarks/commandments.  God made the process as simple, or as complicated, as a man chooses to make it.  Choice, Free Agency, is the operative factor in this equation - (God loves equations in my opinion).  The entire universe operates contingent upon numerous and uber complex equations.  Read up on quantum physics, or a similar discipline, and you'll discover the practical applications of God's design; albeit an amateurish attempt by mortals to comprehend the mind and workings of God's eloquent construct.

This equation is a personal favorite.  It defines matter moving faster than light speed.  This equation shows how eternal life happens; or in our earthly state - how eternal life is possible.  Practical elements in this life provide me Faith.  I'm damaged and the accident causing the damage rendered me incapable of possessing blind faith.  I need help.  Something, anything, that permits me to wrap my rational mind around eternal concepts, are tools I need to cast aside my earthly reticence and truly believe in the God that made us - and his plans for mankind.  God is a loving and affectionate parent.  He granted mankind wide latitude with free agency.  He accepts repentance.  In every way, he wants his children at his side for eternity.  To qualify, we must obey the commandments.

The commandments given mankind are not punitive and given to frustrate man. Commandments are practical necessities for societies to peacefully co-exist and thrive.  They direct man's efforts to communicate with their parent - and other spiritual entities. Worship rules define that process.  Collectively, commandments are not issued to make life troublesome.  Physical impulses and appetites do that.  Lucifer aids in corrupting a man's mind to question commandments, find fault with commandments, blame the person mandating commandments, and to ignore them.  Obedience to the commandments literally compose a child's affection towards their parent.  Commandments serve another more important and less discussed purpose.  Commandments define the physical requirements to enter into the afterlife.  Let's repeat that. Obeying the commandments literally arrange matter within a human soul to make that soul capable of surviving the physical conditions of the afterlife. God's universal design relies upon specific physical conditions, matter, energy, properly arranged and functioning in a perscribed manner.  All the detectable and measurable elements of life are mutually contingent upon  each other. Specific environments require complimentary morphology and energy in order for them to survive and sustain the environment.  Not one aspect of the universe operates or exists outside the predetermined design factors.

Accordingly, each human sensory experience, each deliberation, each decision, each choice exercised, configures a human soul.  The choices are compliant with commandments, or they are not compliant.  No middle ground exists.  The human soul is arranged and compiled by the experiences, deliberations, and choices a person takes.  Non-conforming souls, or consciousnesses, are not able to survive the physical environment resident in the afterlife God designed.

The act of repentance, invites Christ to repair the soul's physical condition and components in order to survive that eternal environment.  That process must also be conforming.  The afterlife's construct will not tolerate non-conforming souls.

The balance of the universe rests upon certain absolutes be placed and they may not be altered capriciously.  Nor may a soul enter the kingdom of heaven in an altered, non-conforming state.  God's practical design is essential and eternal.  Eternal anything requires exacting tolerances and a balance mankind cannot comprehend.  The afterlife is a thing of beauty - where a soul has the opportunity to grow and mature into an organism defined by precision,  balance and a pursuit of perfection.

Correspondingly, preparing for eternity requires a Christian not indulge or entertain anything which jeopardizes God's design or their access to salvation.  This makes for difficult choices in life.  Going along to get along... may visit serious and permanent consequences.  Strict obedience is encouraged - for a reason!  Tolerating behaviors and choices known to be antitheical anathema to the afterlife, may not, cannot, be indulged.  We must resist these vigorously. God expects us to ignore potential negative earthly outcomes and behave properly.  He does not condone acting incongruently.  Choices and outcomes have consequences - for each of us.  No one is immune from the results arising from their behaviors and choices.  This maxim obtains in every aspect of life.  Our families, our associates, those we elect in government, must share a respect and reverence for God's commandments.  The deplorable circumstances in America today are a direct result of misguided people thinking God wishes they be tolerant of destructive and sinful behaviors - regardless of their motivations - or ours own.  Mankind was given direct instructions. Failure for not obeying the commandments is clear and abundant.  Mankind's lack of integrity and weaknesses helped usher in Lucifers design and the gradual, incremental, ascendance towards his plans of collective destruction.

This process is made simpler when temptations and improper behaviors are made legal, permissible, or attractive.  No one is exempt from temptation.  Persisitent exposure weakens resolve and the soul's composition - making it unfit for the afterlife.  Do not believe God will understand your compassionate motivations - being weak and tolerating forbidden behaviors in others.  God may not so do. Some repetative choices exist that place repentance beyond God's reach and past the bounds of repentance.

Associate with others that share your convictions.  Find strength in a common affinity for good behaviors and choices.  God will sustain you through the consequences arising from resisting man made laws that deprive a souls access to the afterlife.  That eternal goal is the one deserving your attention and effort. Sinister forces rejoice each time you fail to remain obedient.  These forces increasingly surround life in America.  Protect yourself.  Your eternal life, is precious to God.

"Choose the Right, when a choice is placed before you.
In the right, the Holy Spirit guides.
And its light is forever shining over you,
When in the right your heart confides.
Choose the right! Choose the right!
Let wisdom mark the way before.
In its light, choose the right!
And God will bless you evermore."

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