Monday, October 26, 2015

A Conservative Christian Interpretation of the News - and the Cabal

Each Day Matt Drudge "organizes" the news created by others.  Matt is brilliant and saw early on the career opportunity available courting news makers and reporting Conservative news.  Matt provides the most current and relevant news.  He is hated by Progressives & Republicans for exposing their misdeeds. Conservatives rely upon him for insight and truths - information conveniently assembled that portrays what is happening to their nation, government, society, and themselves.  It's little wonder Progressive government agencies want him stopped.  Thanks are owed Matt Drudge for suffering the abuse he has to keep America informed.  

Without sites and resources like Drudge Report, the MSM would enjoy the ability to lie, deceive, and act as the propaganda arm for the Democrat Party - unconsciously - without critique.  That is the current role of the media.  They sacrificed their ethos and credibility long ago as the Fourth Estate - with allegiance exclusively owed to the People.  Writing a precise, and knowing the definition of that term, are arcane tasks that went extinct when thinking and a superior SAT score was required to enter Jour-Nail-Ism school.  No more.  Caring and a profound allegiance to Progressive issues qualify contemporary students.  Dullards and Idiots abound - as evidenced by numerous spelling and syntactical errors in the written word.  Their ability to think rationally, to contrast and compare, were relegated out of college when assuring racial and sexual standards precluded a more rigorous path.  Heck, I can qualify!

Today we will assess the current headlines and rewrite them in plain Orwellian Speak.  Orwell sought to inform people.  Misusing his name in conjunction with State-ist actions and plans is a telling example of the inability of journalists to properly analyze and conjugate a political perspective.  The MSM misapplies several names and ideas - Like:
NAZI - National Socialists - they were Fascist Socialists - NOT Conservatives
Fascist - are people preferring government control businesses - not very Conservative.  
This is a purposeful liable; to malign and defame Conservative, traditional ideas and virtues.  Confusion is another ambition.  Confusion is essential for deceit's didactical distribution.  

Let’s review the contemporary Republican Party.  
They are: Democrat - Lite - They want the same outcomes using different methods and time frames.  Both Parties are owned by the private parties holding stock in the Federal Reserve Bank. They are not alone. All developed governments are similarly owned and compromised.  If they do not respect their wishes - they get no money needed to operate the government.  Huh? You say?  It is profoundly True.  

Forget the Illuminati references - they are used to mock and dismiss legitimate analysis of a very real and malignant group.  Also dismiss the Jew references - these folks are no more Jew than I am.  The Jewish religion provides them protections - that is the exclusive reason to associate with them.  Previously, centuries back, The Jewish moniker enabled them to loan money, and gain wealth and associations within the Jewish community.  Lately, the term Anti-Semitism provides copious protection for these private members of the Fed, IMF, and World Bank.  These people are legitimate trillion-aires.  

Let's term them the "Cabal".  Are they at all like the organization the Conspiracy Kooks assert - YES!!!  However, the Conspiracy Kooks damage themselves because they took the bait offered by the Cabal.  They focused upon the Illuminati, Jewish religion, and Bilderberger; ET AL, groups.  Are these at all relevant?  Yes, but they serve a dual nefarious (and misleading) purpose(s).  

The Jewish tie provides the Cabal LEGAL protections and serves to divide loyalty. Jacob Klatzkin, a Jewish political Zionist quipped: “We Jews are aliens….a foreign people in your midst and we….wish to stay that way. A Jew can never be a loyal German, whoever calls the foreign land his Fatherland is a traitor to the Jewish people.”


In his book, “You Gentiles,” Maurice Samuel states the following of his people, the Jews: “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”

The above quotes are lifted and included as prompts for the reader to investigate credibility and legitimacy. The reader i sobliged to confirm or relate relevance.

Why is adopting a Jewish affiliation a useful, covert, tactic and strategy?  Nearly all developed nations have laws that make defamation, or unflattering, references; written or verbal - a Crime.  People are serving time in prison for offending this group; using language or words that meet the legal definitio of Anti-Semitic.  Accuracy and the truth are not considered exceptions or defense in these crimes.  Years ago the Cabal set out to acquire these protections - analogously all HATE Crimes are a spin off - to deceive the entire purpose was to protect the Cabal.  That the laws also protect ancillary interests of the Cabal was fine and somewhat needed and wanted as the minorities or other "disadvantaged" group that serve to disquiet and obligate the everyman tax payer, keeps the everyman a defacto slave to the State from a tax perspective.  The Anti Defamation League, ADL, held a student competition to draft the Hate Crime/AntiSemite law(s).  Joe Ribakoff won the competition - he currently disapproves of these laws and enjoys no commendation for creating them.  Ribakoff was disbarred in 2010 - California.  He was not the best lawyer and complaints were made against his lawyering.  This reality somewhat exposes the flaws in logic and application shared by the author and the laws arising from his efforts.  Credibility and legitimacy are ostensibly duties of the court. Hate Crimes disturb and pervert those objectives.  Destroying a nation always requires antagonizing and empowering an indolent, unintelligent, easily provoked, prone to violence, state dependent, a noble, oppressed, under class.  Each tim the Cabal financed revolt and deposed a government or monarch, this design was employed - Lenin's USSR, Mao's China, Cuba, Marism, Communism, even the Nazis, were helped and directed by Cabal money and influence.

The Illuminati reference was designed and adopted to deflect critical legitimate analysis and protect the Cabal.  Once upon a time, the Masonic organization served to unite the wealthy.  Masonry provided access to men the Cabal wanted to capture as business associates, friends, contributors, etc... They were bound in secrecy and intent by Masonry.   These men served a strategic interest and a few served a fiscal interest.  The secrecy woven into Masonry helped preserve the identities and plans of the Cabal membership.  Masonry provided expedience and secret fringe benefits.

Only a handful of individual families comprise the Cabal.  The accusations about the Rothschild family/legacy - ET AL references are dead on correct.  This aspect and relationships are not refuted - CANNOT be refuted.  Deflection and direct punishments serve to maintain the privacy.  By applying the Illuminati and Jewish religion, combined with the family references, to "Label" the Cabal are what the Cabal and detractors use to delegitimize the so called lunatic fringe - Illuminati Conspiracy Kooks.  The tactic compares to research data on differential intelligence - the data is never questioned, but the researchers are labeled to discredit them, and that is implied to the scope of their efforts.   

The reach of this Cabal is near comprehensive - media, banks, oil, money, energy, stock trading, United Nations, and generic businesses.  Their control is such they create their own destinies.  They plot a global environment they may control and exploit.  From where does the Cabal's power emanate?  Money - literally, money.  They control fiscal monetary policy for every developed nation.  The Federal Reserve Bank is one example of similar institutions that set borrowing rates on the currency a nation uses.  The Bank of England was the first entity that assumed absolute authority over a nation's monetary policy, the money available, interest rate charged, whom and which companies are "qualified" to borrow, how a nation's policies interact globally within the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and the World Bank.  They make money by charging for each of these "services" and interest on the money loaned.  They theoretically make reasoned economic decisions for the fees they charge.  The Treasury actually prints the money - the FED authorizes them to print.  The Cabal merely directs to whom the money goes, and authorizes the printing.  Printing is a misnomer.  Electronic money - bits and bytes that indicate a volume is the real functionality.  Few actual dollar bills are exchanged - only enough to satisfy the needs of the Little Guy and businesses.  

The reader must ask themselves: Why would the elected representatives of any nation defer the attendant responsibilities and inherent power resident in a nation's monetary policy making to a foreign entity?  What purpose was served?  Whom and what benefited from this action?  Google the Jekyll Island meeting -1910.  Be prepared for an onerous and traitorous account.

Once the Cabal gained control over the most powerful nations monetary policies and supporting legislation, the Cabal first sought to establish global policy making with the failed - League of Nations using Woodrow Wilson - the first Progressive President.  That organization was created specifically to implement the plots and plans the Cabal wants as "global policy".  Disemanating responsibility by admitting tiny nation's a vote of procedings, further enables deceit and secrecy. 

The United Nations came later.  We know their ambitions and various roles it serves as a global entity.  The monetary policies combined with the UN objectives are the face of the Cabal.  Forget the Illuminati and Jewish religion.  The UN and IMF expose the private organizations and individuals that comprise the Cabal - and its interests.  The wealth attributed to some Cabal families sums to tens of trillions of dollars. A few families are speculated to hold hundreds of trillion of dollars.  They do what they want and no rational government person - elected or otherwise will challenge them.  So doing is a risky move.  People go missing, are assassinated, are ruined, are locked away as mentally unstable or a threat to existing government...  the means to discredit and silence opposition is extensive and permanent.  

Have you wondered how a rational political candidate that made conservative promises and even after investigation stood credible, became a gear on a cog in the government machine - a silent, or excuse making, shell of their former personality?  The Cabal provides answers.  Not only do they use money and influence to purchase allegiances and loyalties, they do what is needed to survive and perpetuate their plans.  Deaths/murders, compromising evidence ruining reputations (by creating the paper trail needed to so do) they possess the ability to generate from whole cloth the evidence needed to remove a potential threat.  

Have you wondered WHY the establishment Republicans despise the Tea-Party/conservative base voters?  Why on earth would a Party refuse to support the wishes of the members provide them votes?  Ironically, the desires of the Republican base are grounded in Constitutional edict.  Why wuld establishment Republicans and Democrats united to label the wishes and attempts to organize opposition as evidence of unrealistic, extreme, lunatics - or terrorists!!!  The Cabal explains this behavior - how and why the elected of both Parties support the same plan to centralized authority - i.e. United Nation's style control.  

Be clear, the Illuminati is the not the problem.  Neither are the Jewish people.  A small group of uber wealthy, decadent, control freaks are the problem.  I refused to believe in the Conspiracy for years.  It made no sense.  I could not reasonably and rationally attribute near universal control to one group.  It defied logic and practical human behaviors.  Only after I admitted to myself EVIL is an energy with a tangible, physical disposition, could I plausibly consider the conspiracy option.  However, I still couldn't source the profound expanse of power needed to employ the design.  I needed to deploy control over the Cabal, and their considerable abilities to deceive, successfully, to a competant and comprehensive source.  Lucifer is the source and the author of the Cabals' ambitions. Some members of the Cabal actually admitted this relationship.

1976 - Ashkenazi Jew, Harold Rosenthal, aide to fellow Ashkenazi Jew, Senator Jacob Javits, states,“Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer.”(SOURCE) 

There is an old Christian saying – “Lucifer’s greatest con was convincing the world he does not exist?  Is this beginning to make sense?   This attribution is tied to Christian doctrine.  Revelations, Daniel, Isaiah, and other revelations detail and define this process and its source.  Complimentary scriptures – the Book of Mormon and Septuagint also reference the process and outcomes.  Having a legitimate entity that satisfies all the conditions prophesied is not unorthodox or blasphemous.  It validates scripture. The Lord warned mankind about the Cabal – it is a real energy with an ability to enter and corrupt the stream of electrons that define and comprise the human soul, or consciousness.  The Cabal service Lucifer’s objectives using a design he authored in an environment where God granted him sway. We are commanded to resist this affront to gospel in any way we can.  

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