Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Not the bear - the Berra; Yogi Berra the catcher for the NY Yankees, MLB MVP 3X. He caught the Perfect Game by Larson, and... was an erstwhile phil osapher.  Yogi was misunderstood.  He kept his considerable intellect close to his vest.  He enjoyed the power and influence available when people do not know your smarts - they will under-estimate your abilities.  No man with his accomplishments obtains them without a considerable mind.  Accomplishment and intellect are inseparable.  Berra's comments to the press are noteable and likely made to keep the press out of his personal life - he was conservative and knew he'd receive disparate treatment is he revealed his political preference and philosophy - so he dumbed it down - making it simple enough for the press to mock him.  The press happily ridiculed Berra - never once thinking he was playing them.  Journalists are not the brightest bulbs.  Few of those revered actually possess a considerable mind.  They are compromised by their chosen profession.  The majority relinquished their once considerable power and influence for a party invitation, or to rub shoulders with their ideological idols. They media minions are dullards with a capital D and profoundly disloyal to their audience - the people who keep them employed.  I like to think of Berra confusing them by his meekness.  Few if any have reported Berra's intellect or associated it with his successes.

Recalling Berra's comments are memorable - "like Deja Vu all over again". 

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