Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Progressive President

Many talented political scholars argue over Hussein Obama’s motivations – persona, political, professional.  These arguments often highlight the consistency seen in Obama’s allegiance to Marxist principles and his personal history. Their observations are sophomoric.  It is obvious Obama services his political goals by applying Marxist principles.  That ideology was taught him from birth.  Obama first exposure was from his family; Mom, Grandpa, and maybe Grandma all either leaned left, or were true Fellow Travelers – a Jewish term that refers to their perpetual relocations over Europe.  Obama next leaned at the knee of a color coordinated surrogate his grandfather met in a bar – Frank Marshall Davis. Some have suggested Davis is Obama’s actual father.  The physical similarities are remarkable, and if he is the father, it explains why a grandfather would trust his grandson with a drinking buddy.

Later, Obama absorbed Marxist and Communists principles from prominent academics when he attended America’s Ivy League universities; Columbia and later Harvard Law School.  Obama “Official” father, a native African and Muslim, was educated in the US and while there met Obama’s mother.  He was a radical Marxists but was never around to impart his beliefs.  Stan Obama was a devote Communist who committed suicide by alcohol abuse once he lost favor in the Kenyan government due to his radical political views.  That education combined with a study of Saul Alinski prepared Obama to dabble as a Community Organizer. 

But Obama is not off the Democrat reservation.  Obama is merely more honest about the content and objectives of the Democrat Party political platform.  The current Democrat leadership - Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, et al. – those elected in 2006 and 2008 -- also represented the new mainstream Democrats.  Democrats are now the party of Marxism or Communism.  Semantics notwithstanding, voters know this.  The public learned the intentions of Democrats after Obama was elected.  Voters in the following election evicted Democrats, 2010, but that loss (and the message contained in their ouster) was ignored by Democrats who continue to act as if they enlarged their Congressional majorities. 

The relationship between Jews and Marxism is unavoidable and remarkable.  Obama has taken a strong anti-Jewish stance regarding Israel.  Were it not for his close relationship with Hollywood Jews, he could legitimately be labeled anti-Semite using the Jewish definition.  Obama must not know, or refuses to acknowledge this relations – as his actions should be more aligned with Jewish interests.  Obama appears torn between his allegiance to Reverend Wright and the Black Theology he adopted prior to arriving in DC. 

Why, after being raised by whites, cared for by whites, and in everyway lived a ½ black life inside a white family, did Obama choose to betray half of his ethnic legacy.  I suspect this was caused by three influences.
1. His absent father and the damage that absence created.
2. Frank Davis too was probably instrumental in teaching Obama whites were not trustworthy. 
3. He saw advantages in race.

Knowing he was intellectually deficient to his Ivy League classmates, (evident in his contributions, and profound absence of contributions, as Harvard's Law Review President)  most likely pushed Obama to embrace the advantages available in race.  All of his subsequent actions rely upon race as a lure or cudgel.  Obama flaunts his race to appeal to blacks when seeking their support.  When his actions and policies are questioned – he accuses racism – regardless of the ethnicity of the person inquiring.  Race is central to Obama.  He is not president were it not for the guilt and social pressures applied to race relations and past racial history.

Democrats lost their way when Woodrow Wilson laid the foundation for Communism within the Democrat orthodoxy.  Wilson was a fan of Lenin and the Soviet Revolution.  Democrats took a proactive stance when FDR reformed the Federal Government to become a political apparatchik.  But Democrats lost touch with traditional American values in the early 1960s when they championed the end of school prayer.  (They wanted the votes of atheists/agnostics.) Democrats made certain their finger prints were not in the documents of that case, but their ancillary actions betray any attempts to distance themselves from complicity. 

Other than Unions, and a few Environmental groups, the Democrat Party no longer contains traditional, self reliant, Americans.  Democrats no longer advocate for traditional American standards and values.  Traditional American standards are antithetical to current Democrat ambitions.  Religious Morality, for example, is no longer a plank in their platform because it conflicts with the behaviors and goals of splinter groups within the party.  Moral relativism is the “enlightened” standard used by Democrats to promote the bizarre and unorthodox behaviors found in the various Democrat splinter group supporters.  Democrats argue for a nation to accept behaviors and political goals they consider morally repugnant; when judged by religious and other standards. 

The tactics used by Progressive Democrats are found in Rules for Radicals, a 1971 book produced by Saul Alinski – another Marxist who believed in the use of violence, in all its forms, to end the Democratic Republic, proscribed by the US Constitution.

The Progressive/Marxist term "Enlightened" thinking is Democrat vogue for better than you… smarter than you… An egomaniacal superiority complex and a series of perverse inferences or threats implies attending specific institutions enables a person to think more clearly, more complex thoughts, and develop a more Enlightened solution.  This intellectual superiority is part of a continuum of superiority held by Progressive Marxist Democrats.  They use their academic pedigree, humanistic morality, and egalitarian perspective, as weapons to dismiss their critics, and to frame opposition to their objectives as mentally inferior.  The opinions and wants of the mentally inferior can be ignored when found in a political opponent – according to the Enlightened Thinking dynamics.

However, reality portrays a radically different assessment.  Abundant evidence shows people who depend upon government for their livelihoods are largely mentally defective and unable to negotiate life without assistance.  Democrats tell us the mentally defective dependents must be coddled and deserve a nation’s compassion.  Since this reality invalidates Democrat claims, They ignorantly and blindly assert support for Democrat political views is the sole criteria used by Progressives to vindicate a person’s intellect.  Every other measure of intellect is labeled, marginalized, and dismissed.

Student Radicals made a mess at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago (Shocker).  Protests and riots were filmed and displayed by every news source.  Americans were outraged and afraid.  The preceding 5 years were violent -- riots and looting, protests and fires, destroyed many American inner cities, college campuses and government offices - by Marxist/Democrat students and agitators.  Similar actions by today’s radical Left, at Democrat events, seldom makes the news. These are purposely suppressed.  A sycophantic MEDIA learned their lesson from 1968 when Democrats lost badly.  The MEDIA also refused to report how 60s radicals began to infiltrate the government. The structure of the Democrat party is currently filled with the residue from the 1960s activists.  Some Marxist revolutionaries hold elected office, but many, many, more found employment within agencies of the government and the judiciary.  (See: Sota Mayor and Elaina Kagan, Van Jones, Don Berwick, etc.)

These people were sought out by Obama for use in his administration.  Obama did not have to look far to find Fellow Travelers.  The Federal government and academia are where Progressive radicals find employment.  Only institutions where the Land of Make Believe standards are adopted and enforced will attract and employ Marxist radicals.  Enlightened thinkers must find comfort in others who share their views; as they are not embraced by American voters at large. 

Over the years, as traditional voters rejected the Democrat message, Democrats were forced to embrace the lunatic fringe.  Democrats lost the support when they ignored religion and its values/morality and began to advocate for the bizarre and unorthodox human interests.  Losing traditional supporters meant Democrats had to find replacements.  The lunatic fringe provided Democrats those voters.  Eventually, Democrats were compelled to include groups and interests that were wholly unacceptable to traditional Americans. The Left used the fringe aspects of society to marshal the votes needed to retain and expand political power using vote buying schemes, and indoctrinating society with their objectives.  Using the Jewish strategy of making opposition to their views, and sanctioned supporters, a crime. Democrats deployed this tactic to indemnify race, sex, and sexual behaviors - and - render opposition a threat, crazy, hatefilled, or....  Advocating the interests of the lunatic fringe at the expense of traditional Americans is the standard Progressive Democrat rubric. Democrat supporters belong to those fringe / splinter groups who would have little political influence due to their behaviors and political goals which stand at odds with a majority of Americans and small numbers.  Were it not for Progressive judges, agency employees, and politicians, who collectively work to bypass Constitutional requirements, Progressive supporters would have little political influence outside the jurisdictions where they congregate. 

  When pitched in political battles, Progressive Democrats employ a standard operating procedure – Terrorism.  Terrorism is defined by two words: violence and intimidation.  Intimidation – to make timid, frighten, scare.  Democrats enacted behavior and thought crimes – Politically Correct speech requirements are thought and language crimes.  The naked assertion they are intellectual superiority implies a political opponent is stupid, and because they are stupid MUST be ignored.  This is an ever-ready excuse to ignore objections from the public.  Having Fellow Travelers placed in positions of authority, Democrats avoid facing the public with their bizarre and unorthodox policy prescriptions.  The Courts and federal agencies used their powers of Fiat to implement policy that will not withstand public scrutiny or Congressional debate.  Voters faced being fired, or losing a promotion if their political ideology runs contrary to Progressive Democrat standards.  Race, Sex, Hate crimes, and a host of behavior and thought laws intimidated voters at work, and anytime they venture into the public domain.  Progressive Democrats use Politically Correct speech rules to tip every debate in their favor.  Their opponents must debate with their arsenal of words, and the ideas behind the words, framed by Progressive speech and thought codes/laws.

Obama was the catharsis.  He contained all the peculiar aspects needed to apply  Politically Correct terrorism; nationwide.  Terrorism compels many American voters to support an unknown candidate.  Obama’s visible characteristics and his phony personal history (poor black child who suffered discrimination) were the threats Democrats utilized to intimidate voters.  This idiom plays out each time Progressives enter into debate.  Progressives prefer to avoid debate where their intentions and goals might be exposed.  Politically Correct speech helps assure everyone plays by Progressive rules and the real intentions of Progressivism are positively framed and their objectives disguised.  

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