Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Offensive Indoctrination & Thought Control

The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech.  That freedom is almost comprehensive and it went unchallenged for two hundred years.  Unpopular and offensive speech was tolerated, and invited - so much so, the most offensive speech was excused – offense and insult were sacrificed to the freedom.  Offense - hurt feelings - was considered childish, immature, and generally not taken seriously.  Adults ran society then.  Nominal challenges in life were vastly more difficult.  A majority of the sacrifices and personal costs - components required to become self reliant, rendered hurt feelings for the inconsequential  event it is.  "Grow up!  Stop being a baby" was the standard response when a person claimed hurt feelings.  People persisting to wallow in the hurt feelings were labeled pouters or whiners - personalities who focused too much upon a verbal slight were collectively considered intellectually deficient or  self absorbed to a fault. Laziness was also inferred.  How offense taking grew into a crime is a story that helps explain how blatantly racist policies applied with a unique circumstantial vigor excuses to advance policies that could not survive debate or legal review.  Free Speech gives broad latitude - only when the act results in genuine physical danger - screaming fire in a crowded theater are legally excluded.  Name calling... negative inferences... stereotypical remarks are all protected speech.  Politically Correct racist activists use language conventions to add another layer of government protect to excuse unconscionable, self serving, and sadly, behaviors antithetical to success in life.  The endemic behaviors in certain populations is so abysmal, the lowest expectations are quantum leaps comparatively.  Excusing behaviors assures one thing only - that the behaviors will persist and expand.  Excuse making is a reward.  Reward a behaviors encourages more of it.  Excusing self destructive and denigrating behaviors has a purpose too.  It invites a person to do nothing, to abandon hope, to wallow in self inflicted misery, and to blame others for their miserable circumstances.   Specific interests benefit from excuse making - clearly the people adopting the destructive behaviors do not benefit - long-term or in a meaningful way; one that enables or assists their self reliance and self respect.  Evil forces - metaphysical, temporal, spiritual and in human form .  

Making offense a crime assures mind control indoctrination spreads into areas not currently codified in law.  Taking offense is all that is required to consider a new crime and codification of the new form of offense.  Free speech is sacrificed to silence political opposition.  The Marxist welfare state cannot advance unimpeded without restrictions and threats of this type.  Remarkably, only sanctioned victims sensibilities are considered.  Comments and actions that fit every legal requirements of hate speech and racism are ignored and depreciated as justified.  Even when the speech crosses the bounds of criminal law and incites murder, if the speaker is a sanctioned victim class, the speech is protected.  When video evidence surfaces that invalidates the fictionalized offense and clearly exposes the alleged victims as violent and displaying anti-social and/or abusive criminal, hate-filled actions – the reporter of these actions are the ones prosecuted!!!  People like Colin Flaherty who report and host sites where video evidence is compiled that invalidates the fictionalized victim hood and portrays the sanctioned group’s violence and anti-social racist actions are regularly shut down for “hateful, or racist” content.  Only one version of racism and hate is tolerated - the indoctrination begins.  

Changes ensued and the freedom of speech eroded once LBJ’s great society victims were determined unable to compete without subsidy.  Victim hood compromises the freedom of speech and empowers the victim with special protections.  Their fragile sensibilities and emotional needs usurp the freedom of speech.  The failure to achieve academic parity also pushed the erosion.  In every way, when reality exposed men were not equal in every way, offense taking expanded – to prevent the public learning variations in innate abilities and effort exist.  Currently, offense is a crime and laws codified that make offensive speech or policy valid legal actions.  Legal lotto is but one aspect.  The more insidious portion is the restriction and elimination of political arguments that most accurately depict the competency divide and absence of parity in academe, the workplace, and areas where generic ability and effort are qualifiers.  Victims are protected and made sacrosanct by crimes of offense that preclude evaluation, or critique of the variations and failures within certain victim groups.

On any day, the number of video’s recorded that invalidate and damn the victim narrative greatly outnumber those that do fit the narrative.  The FBI’s annual crime report, and any large urban environment’s daily arrest reporting bolsters a reality where sanctioned minorities commit atrocious violent acts – targeting individual whites, businesses/looting, or gratuitously seek to provoke criminal or violent actions against whites, society, or Christians.  Christianity is another aspect of offense taking.  Indeed the first codified crime of offense taking was the O’Hair decision stopping school prayer. 

Miss O’Hair’s children, at the direction of their mother, took notes on the prayer’s content and number.  Once sufficient “evidence” accrued, Miss O’Hair and her attorney’s, filed a motion that eventually reached the US Supreme Court and ended school prayer.  Miss O’Hair’s life and background provides stellar and sterling proof of what interests and ideology moved offense into the legal arena.  Several Internet sources portray O’Hair’s life. Remarkably, only a few include the elements that articulate who O’Hair was and what motivated her actions in service of atheism, and her death – GREED.

O’Hair was reported to have suffered greatly during the Depression.  Curiously, this down and out woman managed to attend six separate colleges and universities.  She eventually obtained a law degree – all this in a time when college loans did not exist.  Were her studies subsidized?  That is not known.  After working as a cryptographer in WWII, O’Hair political sensibilities shifted and that creates more intrigue.  Why would a lawyer seek work as a social worker in a welfare division?  That question posits inconsistency number one.  O’Hair rose to supervisor in Baltimore’s welfare offices.  She simultaneously began investigating Communism – joining the Socialist Worker’s Party - 1959.  She sought to defect to the USSR but was not admitted – 1960. Is it possible her rejection came with a caveat – shows us proof of your willingness to be more vigilant for the Communism cause?  The welfare offices trained O’Hair in the various policies and methods used to redistribute money to sanctioned groups.  As a white single head of household in the early 1960s, O’Hair invariably worked to expand policy to increase her personal income and meet others sharing her political ideology. 

O’Hair birthed a child for a man who refused to divorce his wife ostensibly due to his Catholic beliefs.  This is a convenient circumstance she used to adopt the name of their child – Murray.  O’Hair claimed her heart break over losing the man she loved angered and inspired her actions.  She went by the name Madelyn Murray when she filed her motion to end school prayer.  O’Hair’s case lacked standing, so… it as bundled with the Abington School case – also seeking to end prayers and religious study. 

A Unitarian minister and father sought the case.  That is odd considering the Unitarian faith’s credo - members are to seek inspiration and derive insight from all major world religions.  Christianity and the Bible were the source argued presenting a violation of church and state.  The Mythical Wall was established and the “establishment” clause used to ignore the second clause in the religious freedom guarantee.  No entity shall impugn the Free exercise thereof.  Providing student an out – not compelled to attend prayer or scripture reading is the proper reading and order.  However, Christianity was cast to the curb. Religion generically was not ended – pagan and pantheism beliefs continued with new protections.  The motivations seem directed to harming the religious competition, and to inviolate the purpose of religion – to instill absolute behavioral values to children – and society.  A majority in the Democrat Party aligned themselves with the decision and it marked a turning point for Democrats.  They lost a very large portion of their white Christian base.  That forced them to seek alternative votes – blacks, then women, then other minorities.  This confederation of splinter groups continue to define the Democrat base.  The advocacy and policy model developed in O’Hair’s fight against religion was applied again when civil rights were sought to gain the votes needed to replace the ones lost to O’Hair. The created an environment where the Democrat Party was susceptible to external Marxists influences - each new group the Party was forced to embrace mandated a shift towards Marxist objectives.   

The victim hood narrative and methodology utilized to compose policies to unconstitutionally reward one group at the expense of another became the Democrat playbook.  It is a plain violation of law and "fairness".  Silencing the opposition became expedient if the objectives were to obtain.  Offense as a tool also enables indoctrination of young minds and other minds that are susceptible to damages for not regurgitating the policy objectives.  Implementation of illegal offense standards in the workplace helps gain conformance – once a few examples are made and the violator seen losing a career, opportunity for advancement, or terminated.  A contemporary tar and feathering occurs when a sacred constituent is offended and the Marxist machine disposed to ruin the offending person. 

Christianity and whites became the political enemy of Democrats.  How this came to be requires examination of the sources of the Marxism in the USA and abroad.  The following is an accurate and disturbing history a majority of white Christians do not, and many will not, entertain.  A small, incredibly wealthy, and well connected group of Jews are the source.  Historical evidence is irrefutable - Jews conspired to create the Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto - Marx was a Jew. They funded the publication and distribution. WIKI notes: (Marx was ) Ancestrally Jewish, his maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his paternal line had supplied Trier's rabbis since 1723...
Communism is exclusively funded and promoted by Jewish interests. Over 100 millions lives were sacrificed to this ideology masked as a form of governance.  Communism is Lucifer's liturgy.

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