Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Conspiracies and Christianity

Christianity is the target for all things Leftist.  Truly, Christianity is the rampart Progressive Marxists must eliminate to assume permanent totalitarian control.  Christianity is directly and indirectly the focus of each policy preference and objective of the Left - while they confoundedly ignore Islam and other religious tenets.   The reasons for why the Left abhors Christianity are located in scripture and they have taken strides to restrict debate or discussion on the tenets of Christianity, history, and the average Joe's life experiences.  They must.  The Left's objectives require they distill enmity and exacerbate hatred between peoples.  They must infuse greed, envy, and jealousy as their political ambitions cannot be achieved any other way.  Marxism is an appeal to the dull-witted, the neerdowell, with a keen focus upon material goods that they believe enhances the opinions of others about them, or satisfies their procrastination and sloth quotients.  The Left needs stupid, lazy, people who are unable to plan long-term, and who resort to violence, crime, and other illicit means to compensate for their lack of smarts. These are they the Left enslaves to dependency upon the programs and stipends they offer in exchange for political support.

Intellect is the qualifier and quantifier for everything in life - if double dealing, avarice, and deceit are eliminated.  Significantly, intellect generally prescribes a person's behaviors - good and bad.  It can bridge differences in social status, race, sex, sexual behaviors.  NOTHING is more important in acquiring or reconciling social order - when a genuine interest obtains.  Unfortunately, it seldom does.  We are all products of our experiences, for good and for ill.  The rational man values equity and agency - Free Will - generically.  It is literally in his celestial DNA.  He can separate his temporal ambitions and impulses from a higher calling demanded by the Almighty - unlike his political counter-part.

The rational man is most often self reliant (as commanded by God)  and it is the products of his labors and efforts that are confiscated to bribe the neerdowell into dependence, and to hate the producer of of his subsidies.  This phenomenon clearly exposes absence of intellect and logic among the Leftist dependent.  A modicum of intellect would at least want to preserve and protect the producer that enables his sloth.  He would do nothing to jeopardize the source of his ease.  However, he is so easily duped, so comfortable in his sloth, and so stupid, that he does not perform a self benefit analysis.  He believes the politician that claims he is the source of his comforts, and when the same politician asks him to hate the producer of his ease, he does without question.

The majority of producers are far from rich, but the idiot cannot see, nor can he appreciate, the economy of scale which requires great numbers of tax payers.  Leftist politicians conspire to increasingly confiscate greater shares of the truly rich - but they too rely upon them to remain politically viable and able to fund their campaigns.  Only the truly rich are able to donate the amounts required.   The politicians must therefore tread carefully to not lose access to the money he needs.  That choice means tax payers living at the bottom of the income strata to part with their incomes to service the needs of others not appreciably poorer than themselves.  When all subsidies are added, many dependents live a higher standard than the tax payer.

The dependent group is historically comprised of specific groups.  These are delineated by race and ethnicity.  Other groups are formed along sexual lines. The lure of promises made to them to abandon tradition and vows they made tempts them to alternative, single head of household, lifestyles.  However, the racial and ethnic group is most prominent and perpetual.  This fact is potentially a great threat to the Left were it not for the thought and language restrictions of PC.  Certain races are sacrosanct and may not be evaluated investigated or criticized.  Even nominal government record keeping is purposely stilted to conceal or ameliorate the devastating facts that expose chronic, generations long, dependence, criminality, violence, and inability to negotiate life unassisted.  Because this group is an essential voting bloc, they are protected with criminal sanctions.  Livelihoods and reputations are targeted and attacked if ever a discouraging word, fact, or evidence is mentioned.  If ever the tax payers united and refused to pay for endemic welfare/subsidies the Left/Democrats are ruined politically.

Offering an ostensible, compassionate recounting of Democrats actions, to install civil rights in the belief once blacks were availed to opportunity they would achieve parity, is necessary.  Whether the assumption is true or not, is immaterial, as the resulting outcomes cements the Democrat's motivations.  Once Democrats saw parity was not forthcoming, they next moved them to enact preference programs - affirmative action; and later sex, and sexual behaviors preferences and protections.  Rational and pure compassion dictates after one generation passed, and Democrats saw the behaviors and accomplishments of the majority of blacks depreciate and radically retreat in many instances, the honest Democrat would act to end the preference programs and re-instate merit as the qualifier.  They did not.  Once the results sought did not appear, retaining the dependency votes required the Left to continue disenfranchising lower income white males, their families.  They did more.  They expanded their assaults to rail and attack white tradition (their own traditions!) as causal for all the failures in the sanctioned dependent voting blocs.  Democrats then added the newly formed dependents arising from their social engineering - women, Latinos, and homosexuals soon enjoyed the same preferences as blacks.  The modern Democrat Party has but one tactic - bribing votes with programs, subsidies, and redistributed incomes.

At this juncture, the scriptural references that predicted these outcomes, motivations, and threats are viable.  The Bible and other Christian texts define the problem, the source of the problem, and the commandments issued to avoid the problems.  Christian scriptures are not immune from PC tampering and reinterpretations to make them fit the modern idiom - everyone is equal in every way.  This is the greatest lie ever told, and believed.  The reader must remember the author is did not design the universe, nor the life forms within it, nor did he in anyway issue directions for mankind's various groups.  God did that.  As Christians, we are not permitted to dissect God's commandments or pick and choose the ones that compliment our lives while ignoring those that encumber and jeopardize our lives.  Numerous Christian voluntarily gave their lives rather than capitulate to the demands of the State.  We are not sanctioned to do less.

The Canaanites, the seed of Cain were cursed by God.  It was a sore cursing that includes a darkened skin.  The remaining people - Adam's offspring, were instructed to not breed with Cain's offspring and to avoid living near them.  Cain entered into a pact with Lucifer after he was expelled into Nod.  Lucifer's plans for earth and mankind are evil and destructive.  He must, however, tempt and bribe men to do his bidding.  Lucifer provided the instruction manual to accomplish and disseminate evil. Murder, as Cain did, is sanctioned, as are lying, deceit, and numerous conduct all expressly forbidden by God's commandments. Earthly benefits are the rewards. Cain's descendants practiced and mastered Lucifer's instructions.

Adam's offspring did the opposite - some of the time.  Adam's descendants did not do as commanded.  They were prone to envy the wealth of Cain's people and they sought that and the comforts therein.  They indulged their bodies and committed acts of sin as it suited them.  Other times they were made slaves and again exposed to the Lucifer's plans.  A roller coaster ride ensued from good to evil and back again for the Jewish people. When they behaved as God commanded, they thrived.  When they didn't, they suffered in cycles of despair.  Adam's people when separated from Cain's accomplished much.  They grew close to the Lord and improved life as they invented the means to conquer the earth and make use of its fruits.

Cain's people watched and mimicked the products produced, if not the righteous behaviors and honest dealings among their fellowman.  Other, less industrious Canines, were happy to subsist.  A majority lived lives of hunting and gathering.  They remained in that state until the 20th century and still do some locales.  Comparatively Adam's people invented the means to travel, industrialize, and profit individually and collectively while paying homage to God - in vacillating encounters of righteousness.  Adam's people invited Cain's people "into their camp" so to speak.  To their detriment, they continue to live with the negative consequences of that decision.  The more industrious Canaanites managed to infiltrate business that Adam's people were forbidden to conduct (LENDING MONEY) - they should have avoided any practice God forbid, but they did not.  Other Canaanites entered the monarchy and governments - using Lucifer's tactics for deceit and murder.  Overtime, they developed policies to hamper and eventually begin the destruction of Adam's people.  This persists to this day, and grows increasingly worse daily. If the reader wonders why and how their countrymen act to ruin their lives and the security of the nation they share, you now have insight.  Some in government, in league with others in business, and the dependent classes conspire to enslave the people of Adam.  That is their goal - as was created when Cain was banished to Nod.  

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