Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Destroying tradition and the meaning of words and language is always used to usher in Marxism, Communism or another Totalitarian regime - Democrat Party.

The leadership controlling that Party are the residue left over from radicals that rebelled against the US Constitution and the government it created.  The same radicals wanted to destroy all traditional practies and virtues that defined America - drug use, reprobate sexual "freedom", overthrowing every institution that represented historical tradition in America were the targets articulated.  Radical organizations - Students for a Democratic Society/SDS were criminals who murdered police (sound familiar?)  college professors, and political people that opposed them.  They supported any behavior or action that disrupted or ended tradition. The 1968 Democrat Convention is indicative of their methods and intentions.  Amazingly, the radicals usurped the Democrat Party and today act under its mantel and activily conspire to destroy this Nation.

Marriage is presented as not a big deal - unimportant.  If so, why have they gone to the extremes they have to destroy it?  Marriage is an essential union, legally binding action, and tradition with roots in religion - any religion.  Marriage grew out religious doctrine into law - just like all the other laws American enjoy and work with.  The basis was the Ten Commandments and other Christian statutes.  I will not premume the mind of God, but I will speculate on the purpose of the institution.  Marriage was primarily conceived to protect children. Without children, marriage becomes less essential. Providing children legal rights to the wealth and protection of the adults that created them is the purpose.  When two adults are physically incapable of procreating, they have no need for marriage - in a practical interpretation. Homosexuals cannot procreate.  Their ability to adopt children by virtue of a corrupt legal interpretation by the same Party referenced above, is to destroy another element of the society it claims to represent.  Manipulating language and morality is required to fulfill this ambition - and - to compel and indoctrinate society to accept the ludicrous argument advanced to legitimize marriage for people unable to procreate.

If this issue is taken another step, there is a heavenly apsect of marriage.  Some religions, have provisions for an eternal marriage - Mormons for example.  Marriage is a bond and a vow that proofs a person's ability to resist the temptations in life and remain monogamous.  The family is the actual target of Democrats.  The family, or any other device that protects a person or group from the ravages Democrats wish to infest, is an enemy of the State Democrats want to construct - to install a totalitarian regime - once they have the votes to effect it.  The hatred of Democrats can not be more clear.  This marriage issue has nothing to do with homosexual rights.  It is a covert attempt to destroy goodness and a compact that resists external intrusions from a government or regime.  Marriages are sanctioned in heaven and no scripture of evidence exists the Almighty has changed his mind on the topic of homosexuality, or marriage.  The Almighty will preserve judgment on thise who practice the derivation.  That's in his exclusive purview.

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