Monday, September 14, 2015

A Christian Primer for Preserving Faith & Family

The United Nations is a Progressive, diverse, secular organization where the ideas and objectives of corrupt foreign governments are afforded credibility and paid to so do. Small despots that gained control and power by murdering their fellow countrymen directly receive billions each year in subsidies from the UN and the member nations (USA).  The UN's operational charter and global designs conflict with the US Constitution. The UN favors Marxist principles. The UN's structure and objectives provides the means for global financial institutions (and their owners) to create a global evironment.  The UN is the means used to achieve their political, social, and fiscal objectives.  THe League of Nations preceded the UN.  The league came on the heels of the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank's origin.  A reciprocity of needs and benefits between the two is obvious.  When the League failed to hold the allegiance of sufficient nations, the UN arose to replace it.  The UN is an improved League - for the interests that exploit it.  

The UN cannot directly replace the USA, for now, a eroding democracy prevents that.  The Republic America once stood as, is no more.  Its purpose - to mandate protections and individual liberties, is severely compromised and headed for elimination.  The Constitution defines, describes, directs, and restricts, the federal government.  Individual liberties are enumerated therein. Those liberties enable religious freedoms.  Once the Constitution is usurped, protections and Christianity is made an undesirable and criminal pursuit.  The reader may think that is an impossibility. The people would never approve such a change.  That assessment is wrong and ignorant.  

Replacing the Constitution is well under way. It may be too far gone to stop.  Obama's use of executive privilege and congress's unwillingness to challenge Obama and his actions depreciate the constitution and make future confiscations of liberties much easier.  Both parties, through their actions, support this eradication and the growth of centralized government power - prohibited by Constitutional edict.

The average reader is thinking now - off we go to the lunatic fringe.  The lucid and rational author of this blog is set to present, as valid, the several conspiracy theories and doom therein.  

I pray to not do that.  My goal in this blog began, and remains a duty owed to God.  Diseminating a rational, alternative, Christian based ideology; married to a stable and credible metaphysical and scientific resource grounded in reality directs my efforts and hopes.  When I encounter material, evidence, and ideas that radically unite concepts and practical evidence, that material is shared here.  The reader will determine its validity, usefulness, and applicability in their lives and thoughts.  I know for a certainty our thoughts and behaviors create the content in our souls.  That creates an immediate responsibility for your author.  I will never, purposely, betray the confidences of the reader, nor will I place my own eternal interests in jeopardy for personal gain or to perpetuate a political or unrighteous spiritual objective.  Providing the reader information that improves their ability and eligibility to attain eternal life is my only motivation.  

Marxism/Lieralism Progressivism are labels for evil, and, the ideological context for demons to assume greater power.  Do not presume demons needs be a nefarious ethereal presence.  Demons may occupy the thoughts of men delicately, and thereby influence their bidding.

The political changes manifest since 2008 are telling and taxing.  The federal government is openly unified to ridicule Christianity; to make worship a crime in certain locations; to infer Christians are a superstitious group with a marginal intellectual capacity, and viewed as "part of the problem" (politically) speaking as a majority opposed Progressive Democrat policy making.  Christianity is presently targeted for eventual elimination.  The increased taxes needed to pay for expanding the agencies of government and implement broader secular policies impact every employed citizen. Ignoring immigtration laws serves a two-fold purpose. One is to dilute the votes of the Progressive opposition.  The second is to increase the numbers dependent upon government and diversify the genetic population - to better eradicate traditions and what remains of the moral community, spiritual unity, and goodness.

The changes noted have a specific objective - to secure absolute, perpetual authority and control of the government, and/or to subject the US government under the authority of the United Nations, so ignoring the Constitution is more easily accomplished.  

Knowing the problem and the problem's components, make resisting them simpler and more effective.  Defeating the individual components is the best, and perhaps only path, to end the planned destruction of Christianity.  

From this blog's perspective, only one adversary exists and ever existed – Lucifer. Lucifer is synonymous with evil.  Evil are the behaviors and plans designed and used to prevent spiritual reconciliation and perpetuate disobedience to God’s commandments.  Most people will not commit lying and other (lesser?) sins in the evil category.  After yesterday’s illumination, I suspect, that belief or concept may be wrong and an incompetent interpretation of evil.  Honestly, what I confronted yesterday dismayed me and radically altered my conceptual continuity respecting Christianity and life on earth.  The reader must entertain that information for themselves and evaluate its usefulness and credibility.  I am obligated to share it – if I am to fulfill the duty mentioned above. 

Lucifer’s plans and designs are fundamental in the God's universal design. They must exist!  Each time God communes with man, Lucifer MUST be present.  Man must openly exercise free will and chose God.  Alternatively, when man, or mankind, accepts and supports the dissemination of the Lucifer’s objectives, they physically worship that entity in their thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  Whenever society embraces these ambitions, when they tolerate, or endorse them - as political policy matters, they practice these objectives. Many policy matters are mandates. As such, they become a criminal or anti-social action complete with punishments and fines. These consequences were enacted to assure these objectives are met – and alternative thoughts repressed, or rendered a threat to society and government. A person's willingness or unwillingness to resist them is relevant to God. Each man possesses Free Will.  

What follows may offend the reader.  That is not my intention as the author.  Much of what is currently vogue or “accepted” within the modern society stems from an evil design. Lucifer has a large group of advocates and supporters – temporal and in another physical form.  His followers were denied a body by God.  Their physical form permits them to influence mankind and persuade Lucifer’s desires.  Examples like the characters and plot of the Exorcist film are rare.  That is not the most common means used to disseminate Lucifer’s designs.  A more subtle form of influence is used. It is infinitely more practical and successful.  An old adage suggest Lucifer’s greatest accomplishment was convincing mankind he did not exist.  That’s a truism. 

Truism is one of Lucifer’s favorite methods – convincing society that practical and useful benefits exist in specific, minor, disobedience.  The betterment of society, personal security, and community cohesion are the benefits promised. God will understand is implied.  Afterall, caring for all citizens and their needs is the utmost responsibility of governments.  When society is diverse, blanket, universal maxims will not properly fulfill the responsibility.  Tuning policy to favor the needs and preferences of various, diverse groups, must be allowed to be fair, just and equally allocate government services.  The benefits promised will not obtain if differential, biased, or bigoted beliefs and preferences do not compromise, and give a little – for comprehensive stability.  A tyranny of the minority arises.  The focus of government next devolves to service specific voting blocs that are abused to intimidate the opposition.  Or a ploy is extended that plays upon Christian values and duties - fairness and equality, charity and compassion. Either gambit seeks to use the Christian’s beliefs to their detriment and expansion of Lucifer’s aspirations.    

The source of my consternation and enlightenment is found at the link below. Recall I advised the reader the content there may offend their sensibilities.  There are aspects - conclusions and extrapolations I am not entirely convinced are true or accurate.  WHat I did believe is how evil and demons may control men.  The devices and vehicles used to accomplish that ambition cannot be ignored or dismissed - from my perspective. 

As in all things - PRAY for guidance and God's direction and support. 

James 1:5 - "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

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