Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Progressive President

Many talented political scholars argue over Hussein Obama’s motivations – persona, political, professional.  These arguments often highlight the consistency seen in Obama’s allegiance to Marxist principles and his personal history. Their observations are sophomoric.  It is obvious Obama services his political goals by applying Marxist principles.  That ideology was taught him from birth.  Obama first exposure was from his family; Mom, Grandpa, and maybe Grandma all either leaned left, or were true Fellow Travelers – a Jewish term that refers to their perpetual relocations over Europe.  Obama next leaned at the knee of a color coordinated surrogate his grandfather met in a bar – Frank Marshall Davis. Some have suggested Davis is Obama’s actual father.  The physical similarities are remarkable, and if he is the father, it explains why a grandfather would trust his grandson with a drinking buddy.

Later, Obama absorbed Marxist and Communists principles from prominent academics when he attended America’s Ivy League universities; Columbia and later Harvard Law School.  Obama “Official” father, a native African and Muslim, was educated in the US and while there met Obama’s mother.  He was a radical Marxists but was never around to impart his beliefs.  Stan Obama was a devote Communist who committed suicide by alcohol abuse once he lost favor in the Kenyan government due to his radical political views.  That education combined with a study of Saul Alinski prepared Obama to dabble as a Community Organizer. 

But Obama is not off the Democrat reservation.  Obama is merely more honest about the content and objectives of the Democrat Party political platform.  The current Democrat leadership - Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer, et al. – those elected in 2006 and 2008 -- also represented the new mainstream Democrats.  Democrats are now the party of Marxism or Communism.  Semantics notwithstanding, voters know this.  The public learned the intentions of Democrats after Obama was elected.  Voters in the following election evicted Democrats, 2010, but that loss (and the message contained in their ouster) was ignored by Democrats who continue to act as if they enlarged their Congressional majorities. 

The relationship between Jews and Marxism is unavoidable and remarkable.  Obama has taken a strong anti-Jewish stance regarding Israel.  Were it not for his close relationship with Hollywood Jews, he could legitimately be labeled anti-Semite using the Jewish definition.  Obama must not know, or refuses to acknowledge this relations – as his actions should be more aligned with Jewish interests.  Obama appears torn between his allegiance to Reverend Wright and the Black Theology he adopted prior to arriving in DC. 

Why, after being raised by whites, cared for by whites, and in everyway lived a ½ black life inside a white family, did Obama choose to betray half of his ethnic legacy.  I suspect this was caused by three influences.
1. His absent father and the damage that absence created.
2. Frank Davis too was probably instrumental in teaching Obama whites were not trustworthy. 
3. He saw advantages in race.

Knowing he was intellectually deficient to his Ivy League classmates, (evident in his contributions, and profound absence of contributions, as Harvard's Law Review President)  most likely pushed Obama to embrace the advantages available in race.  All of his subsequent actions rely upon race as a lure or cudgel.  Obama flaunts his race to appeal to blacks when seeking their support.  When his actions and policies are questioned – he accuses racism – regardless of the ethnicity of the person inquiring.  Race is central to Obama.  He is not president were it not for the guilt and social pressures applied to race relations and past racial history.

Democrats lost their way when Woodrow Wilson laid the foundation for Communism within the Democrat orthodoxy.  Wilson was a fan of Lenin and the Soviet Revolution.  Democrats took a proactive stance when FDR reformed the Federal Government to become a political apparatchik.  But Democrats lost touch with traditional American values in the early 1960s when they championed the end of school prayer.  (They wanted the votes of atheists/agnostics.) Democrats made certain their finger prints were not in the documents of that case, but their ancillary actions betray any attempts to distance themselves from complicity. 

Other than Unions, and a few Environmental groups, the Democrat Party no longer contains traditional, self reliant, Americans.  Democrats no longer advocate for traditional American standards and values.  Traditional American standards are antithetical to current Democrat ambitions.  Religious Morality, for example, is no longer a plank in their platform because it conflicts with the behaviors and goals of splinter groups within the party.  Moral relativism is the “enlightened” standard used by Democrats to promote the bizarre and unorthodox behaviors found in the various Democrat splinter group supporters.  Democrats argue for a nation to accept behaviors and political goals they consider morally repugnant; when judged by religious and other standards. 

The tactics used by Progressive Democrats are found in Rules for Radicals, a 1971 book produced by Saul Alinski – another Marxist who believed in the use of violence, in all its forms, to end the Democratic Republic, proscribed by the US Constitution.

The Progressive/Marxist term "Enlightened" thinking is Democrat vogue for better than you… smarter than you… An egomaniacal superiority complex and a series of perverse inferences or threats implies attending specific institutions enables a person to think more clearly, more complex thoughts, and develop a more Enlightened solution.  This intellectual superiority is part of a continuum of superiority held by Progressive Marxist Democrats.  They use their academic pedigree, humanistic morality, and egalitarian perspective, as weapons to dismiss their critics, and to frame opposition to their objectives as mentally inferior.  The opinions and wants of the mentally inferior can be ignored when found in a political opponent – according to the Enlightened Thinking dynamics.

However, reality portrays a radically different assessment.  Abundant evidence shows people who depend upon government for their livelihoods are largely mentally defective and unable to negotiate life without assistance.  Democrats tell us the mentally defective dependents must be coddled and deserve a nation’s compassion.  Since this reality invalidates Democrat claims, They ignorantly and blindly assert support for Democrat political views is the sole criteria used by Progressives to vindicate a person’s intellect.  Every other measure of intellect is labeled, marginalized, and dismissed.

Student Radicals made a mess at the 1968 Democrat Convention in Chicago (Shocker).  Protests and riots were filmed and displayed by every news source.  Americans were outraged and afraid.  The preceding 5 years were violent -- riots and looting, protests and fires, destroyed many American inner cities, college campuses and government offices - by Marxist/Democrat students and agitators.  Similar actions by today’s radical Left, at Democrat events, seldom makes the news. These are purposely suppressed.  A sycophantic MEDIA learned their lesson from 1968 when Democrats lost badly.  The MEDIA also refused to report how 60s radicals began to infiltrate the government. The structure of the Democrat party is currently filled with the residue from the 1960s activists.  Some Marxist revolutionaries hold elected office, but many, many, more found employment within agencies of the government and the judiciary.  (See: Sota Mayor and Elaina Kagan, Van Jones, Don Berwick, etc.)

These people were sought out by Obama for use in his administration.  Obama did not have to look far to find Fellow Travelers.  The Federal government and academia are where Progressive radicals find employment.  Only institutions where the Land of Make Believe standards are adopted and enforced will attract and employ Marxist radicals.  Enlightened thinkers must find comfort in others who share their views; as they are not embraced by American voters at large. 

Over the years, as traditional voters rejected the Democrat message, Democrats were forced to embrace the lunatic fringe.  Democrats lost the support when they ignored religion and its values/morality and began to advocate for the bizarre and unorthodox human interests.  Losing traditional supporters meant Democrats had to find replacements.  The lunatic fringe provided Democrats those voters.  Eventually, Democrats were compelled to include groups and interests that were wholly unacceptable to traditional Americans. The Left used the fringe aspects of society to marshal the votes needed to retain and expand political power using vote buying schemes, and indoctrinating society with their objectives.  Using the Jewish strategy of making opposition to their views, and sanctioned supporters, a crime. Democrats deployed this tactic to indemnify race, sex, and sexual behaviors - and - render opposition a threat, crazy, hatefilled, or....  Advocating the interests of the lunatic fringe at the expense of traditional Americans is the standard Progressive Democrat rubric. Democrat supporters belong to those fringe / splinter groups who would have little political influence due to their behaviors and political goals which stand at odds with a majority of Americans and small numbers.  Were it not for Progressive judges, agency employees, and politicians, who collectively work to bypass Constitutional requirements, Progressive supporters would have little political influence outside the jurisdictions where they congregate. 

  When pitched in political battles, Progressive Democrats employ a standard operating procedure – Terrorism.  Terrorism is defined by two words: violence and intimidation.  Intimidation – to make timid, frighten, scare.  Democrats enacted behavior and thought crimes – Politically Correct speech requirements are thought and language crimes.  The naked assertion they are intellectual superiority implies a political opponent is stupid, and because they are stupid MUST be ignored.  This is an ever-ready excuse to ignore objections from the public.  Having Fellow Travelers placed in positions of authority, Democrats avoid facing the public with their bizarre and unorthodox policy prescriptions.  The Courts and federal agencies used their powers of Fiat to implement policy that will not withstand public scrutiny or Congressional debate.  Voters faced being fired, or losing a promotion if their political ideology runs contrary to Progressive Democrat standards.  Race, Sex, Hate crimes, and a host of behavior and thought laws intimidated voters at work, and anytime they venture into the public domain.  Progressive Democrats use Politically Correct speech rules to tip every debate in their favor.  Their opponents must debate with their arsenal of words, and the ideas behind the words, framed by Progressive speech and thought codes/laws.

Obama was the catharsis.  He contained all the peculiar aspects needed to apply  Politically Correct terrorism; nationwide.  Terrorism compels many American voters to support an unknown candidate.  Obama’s visible characteristics and his phony personal history (poor black child who suffered discrimination) were the threats Democrats utilized to intimidate voters.  This idiom plays out each time Progressives enter into debate.  Progressives prefer to avoid debate where their intentions and goals might be exposed.  Politically Correct speech helps assure everyone plays by Progressive rules and the real intentions of Progressivism are positively framed and their objectives disguised.  


Not the bear - the Berra; Yogi Berra the catcher for the NY Yankees, MLB MVP 3X. He caught the Perfect Game by Larson, and... was an erstwhile phil osapher.  Yogi was misunderstood.  He kept his considerable intellect close to his vest.  He enjoyed the power and influence available when people do not know your smarts - they will under-estimate your abilities.  No man with his accomplishments obtains them without a considerable mind.  Accomplishment and intellect are inseparable.  Berra's comments to the press are noteable and likely made to keep the press out of his personal life - he was conservative and knew he'd receive disparate treatment is he revealed his political preference and philosophy - so he dumbed it down - making it simple enough for the press to mock him.  The press happily ridiculed Berra - never once thinking he was playing them.  Journalists are not the brightest bulbs.  Few of those revered actually possess a considerable mind.  They are compromised by their chosen profession.  The majority relinquished their once considerable power and influence for a party invitation, or to rub shoulders with their ideological idols. They media minions are dullards with a capital D and profoundly disloyal to their audience - the people who keep them employed.  I like to think of Berra confusing them by his meekness.  Few if any have reported Berra's intellect or associated it with his successes.

Recalling Berra's comments are memorable - "like Deja Vu all over again". 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Conspiracies and Christianity

Christianity is the target for all things Leftist.  Truly, Christianity is the rampart Progressive Marxists must eliminate to assume permanent totalitarian control.  Christianity is directly and indirectly the focus of each policy preference and objective of the Left - while they confoundedly ignore Islam and other religious tenets.   The reasons for why the Left abhors Christianity are located in scripture and they have taken strides to restrict debate or discussion on the tenets of Christianity, history, and the average Joe's life experiences.  They must.  The Left's objectives require they distill enmity and exacerbate hatred between peoples.  They must infuse greed, envy, and jealousy as their political ambitions cannot be achieved any other way.  Marxism is an appeal to the dull-witted, the neerdowell, with a keen focus upon material goods that they believe enhances the opinions of others about them, or satisfies their procrastination and sloth quotients.  The Left needs stupid, lazy, people who are unable to plan long-term, and who resort to violence, crime, and other illicit means to compensate for their lack of smarts. These are they the Left enslaves to dependency upon the programs and stipends they offer in exchange for political support.

Intellect is the qualifier and quantifier for everything in life - if double dealing, avarice, and deceit are eliminated.  Significantly, intellect generally prescribes a person's behaviors - good and bad.  It can bridge differences in social status, race, sex, sexual behaviors.  NOTHING is more important in acquiring or reconciling social order - when a genuine interest obtains.  Unfortunately, it seldom does.  We are all products of our experiences, for good and for ill.  The rational man values equity and agency - Free Will - generically.  It is literally in his celestial DNA.  He can separate his temporal ambitions and impulses from a higher calling demanded by the Almighty - unlike his political counter-part.

The rational man is most often self reliant (as commanded by God)  and it is the products of his labors and efforts that are confiscated to bribe the neerdowell into dependence, and to hate the producer of of his subsidies.  This phenomenon clearly exposes absence of intellect and logic among the Leftist dependent.  A modicum of intellect would at least want to preserve and protect the producer that enables his sloth.  He would do nothing to jeopardize the source of his ease.  However, he is so easily duped, so comfortable in his sloth, and so stupid, that he does not perform a self benefit analysis.  He believes the politician that claims he is the source of his comforts, and when the same politician asks him to hate the producer of his ease, he does without question.

The majority of producers are far from rich, but the idiot cannot see, nor can he appreciate, the economy of scale which requires great numbers of tax payers.  Leftist politicians conspire to increasingly confiscate greater shares of the truly rich - but they too rely upon them to remain politically viable and able to fund their campaigns.  Only the truly rich are able to donate the amounts required.   The politicians must therefore tread carefully to not lose access to the money he needs.  That choice means tax payers living at the bottom of the income strata to part with their incomes to service the needs of others not appreciably poorer than themselves.  When all subsidies are added, many dependents live a higher standard than the tax payer.

The dependent group is historically comprised of specific groups.  These are delineated by race and ethnicity.  Other groups are formed along sexual lines. The lure of promises made to them to abandon tradition and vows they made tempts them to alternative, single head of household, lifestyles.  However, the racial and ethnic group is most prominent and perpetual.  This fact is potentially a great threat to the Left were it not for the thought and language restrictions of PC.  Certain races are sacrosanct and may not be evaluated investigated or criticized.  Even nominal government record keeping is purposely stilted to conceal or ameliorate the devastating facts that expose chronic, generations long, dependence, criminality, violence, and inability to negotiate life unassisted.  Because this group is an essential voting bloc, they are protected with criminal sanctions.  Livelihoods and reputations are targeted and attacked if ever a discouraging word, fact, or evidence is mentioned.  If ever the tax payers united and refused to pay for endemic welfare/subsidies the Left/Democrats are ruined politically.

Offering an ostensible, compassionate recounting of Democrats actions, to install civil rights in the belief once blacks were availed to opportunity they would achieve parity, is necessary.  Whether the assumption is true or not, is immaterial, as the resulting outcomes cements the Democrat's motivations.  Once Democrats saw parity was not forthcoming, they next moved them to enact preference programs - affirmative action; and later sex, and sexual behaviors preferences and protections.  Rational and pure compassion dictates after one generation passed, and Democrats saw the behaviors and accomplishments of the majority of blacks depreciate and radically retreat in many instances, the honest Democrat would act to end the preference programs and re-instate merit as the qualifier.  They did not.  Once the results sought did not appear, retaining the dependency votes required the Left to continue disenfranchising lower income white males, their families.  They did more.  They expanded their assaults to rail and attack white tradition (their own traditions!) as causal for all the failures in the sanctioned dependent voting blocs.  Democrats then added the newly formed dependents arising from their social engineering - women, Latinos, and homosexuals soon enjoyed the same preferences as blacks.  The modern Democrat Party has but one tactic - bribing votes with programs, subsidies, and redistributed incomes.

At this juncture, the scriptural references that predicted these outcomes, motivations, and threats are viable.  The Bible and other Christian texts define the problem, the source of the problem, and the commandments issued to avoid the problems.  Christian scriptures are not immune from PC tampering and reinterpretations to make them fit the modern idiom - everyone is equal in every way.  This is the greatest lie ever told, and believed.  The reader must remember the author is did not design the universe, nor the life forms within it, nor did he in anyway issue directions for mankind's various groups.  God did that.  As Christians, we are not permitted to dissect God's commandments or pick and choose the ones that compliment our lives while ignoring those that encumber and jeopardize our lives.  Numerous Christian voluntarily gave their lives rather than capitulate to the demands of the State.  We are not sanctioned to do less.

The Canaanites, the seed of Cain were cursed by God.  It was a sore cursing that includes a darkened skin.  The remaining people - Adam's offspring, were instructed to not breed with Cain's offspring and to avoid living near them.  Cain entered into a pact with Lucifer after he was expelled into Nod.  Lucifer's plans for earth and mankind are evil and destructive.  He must, however, tempt and bribe men to do his bidding.  Lucifer provided the instruction manual to accomplish and disseminate evil. Murder, as Cain did, is sanctioned, as are lying, deceit, and numerous conduct all expressly forbidden by God's commandments. Earthly benefits are the rewards. Cain's descendants practiced and mastered Lucifer's instructions.

Adam's offspring did the opposite - some of the time.  Adam's descendants did not do as commanded.  They were prone to envy the wealth of Cain's people and they sought that and the comforts therein.  They indulged their bodies and committed acts of sin as it suited them.  Other times they were made slaves and again exposed to the Lucifer's plans.  A roller coaster ride ensued from good to evil and back again for the Jewish people. When they behaved as God commanded, they thrived.  When they didn't, they suffered in cycles of despair.  Adam's people when separated from Cain's accomplished much.  They grew close to the Lord and improved life as they invented the means to conquer the earth and make use of its fruits.

Cain's people watched and mimicked the products produced, if not the righteous behaviors and honest dealings among their fellowman.  Other, less industrious Canines, were happy to subsist.  A majority lived lives of hunting and gathering.  They remained in that state until the 20th century and still do some locales.  Comparatively Adam's people invented the means to travel, industrialize, and profit individually and collectively while paying homage to God - in vacillating encounters of righteousness.  Adam's people invited Cain's people "into their camp" so to speak.  To their detriment, they continue to live with the negative consequences of that decision.  The more industrious Canaanites managed to infiltrate business that Adam's people were forbidden to conduct (LENDING MONEY) - they should have avoided any practice God forbid, but they did not.  Other Canaanites entered the monarchy and governments - using Lucifer's tactics for deceit and murder.  Overtime, they developed policies to hamper and eventually begin the destruction of Adam's people.  This persists to this day, and grows increasingly worse daily. If the reader wonders why and how their countrymen act to ruin their lives and the security of the nation they share, you now have insight.  Some in government, in league with others in business, and the dependent classes conspire to enslave the people of Adam.  That is their goal - as was created when Cain was banished to Nod.  

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Christian Primer for Preserving Faith & Family

The United Nations is a Progressive, diverse, secular organization where the ideas and objectives of corrupt foreign governments are afforded credibility and paid to so do. Small despots that gained control and power by murdering their fellow countrymen directly receive billions each year in subsidies from the UN and the member nations (USA).  The UN's operational charter and global designs conflict with the US Constitution. The UN favors Marxist principles. The UN's structure and objectives provides the means for global financial institutions (and their owners) to create a global evironment.  The UN is the means used to achieve their political, social, and fiscal objectives.  THe League of Nations preceded the UN.  The league came on the heels of the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank's origin.  A reciprocity of needs and benefits between the two is obvious.  When the League failed to hold the allegiance of sufficient nations, the UN arose to replace it.  The UN is an improved League - for the interests that exploit it.  

The UN cannot directly replace the USA, for now, a eroding democracy prevents that.  The Republic America once stood as, is no more.  Its purpose - to mandate protections and individual liberties, is severely compromised and headed for elimination.  The Constitution defines, describes, directs, and restricts, the federal government.  Individual liberties are enumerated therein. Those liberties enable religious freedoms.  Once the Constitution is usurped, protections and Christianity is made an undesirable and criminal pursuit.  The reader may think that is an impossibility. The people would never approve such a change.  That assessment is wrong and ignorant.  

Replacing the Constitution is well under way. It may be too far gone to stop.  Obama's use of executive privilege and congress's unwillingness to challenge Obama and his actions depreciate the constitution and make future confiscations of liberties much easier.  Both parties, through their actions, support this eradication and the growth of centralized government power - prohibited by Constitutional edict.

The average reader is thinking now - off we go to the lunatic fringe.  The lucid and rational author of this blog is set to present, as valid, the several conspiracy theories and doom therein.  

I pray to not do that.  My goal in this blog began, and remains a duty owed to God.  Diseminating a rational, alternative, Christian based ideology; married to a stable and credible metaphysical and scientific resource grounded in reality directs my efforts and hopes.  When I encounter material, evidence, and ideas that radically unite concepts and practical evidence, that material is shared here.  The reader will determine its validity, usefulness, and applicability in their lives and thoughts.  I know for a certainty our thoughts and behaviors create the content in our souls.  That creates an immediate responsibility for your author.  I will never, purposely, betray the confidences of the reader, nor will I place my own eternal interests in jeopardy for personal gain or to perpetuate a political or unrighteous spiritual objective.  Providing the reader information that improves their ability and eligibility to attain eternal life is my only motivation.  

Marxism/Lieralism Progressivism are labels for evil, and, the ideological context for demons to assume greater power.  Do not presume demons needs be a nefarious ethereal presence.  Demons may occupy the thoughts of men delicately, and thereby influence their bidding.

The political changes manifest since 2008 are telling and taxing.  The federal government is openly unified to ridicule Christianity; to make worship a crime in certain locations; to infer Christians are a superstitious group with a marginal intellectual capacity, and viewed as "part of the problem" (politically) speaking as a majority opposed Progressive Democrat policy making.  Christianity is presently targeted for eventual elimination.  The increased taxes needed to pay for expanding the agencies of government and implement broader secular policies impact every employed citizen. Ignoring immigtration laws serves a two-fold purpose. One is to dilute the votes of the Progressive opposition.  The second is to increase the numbers dependent upon government and diversify the genetic population - to better eradicate traditions and what remains of the moral community, spiritual unity, and goodness.

The changes noted have a specific objective - to secure absolute, perpetual authority and control of the government, and/or to subject the US government under the authority of the United Nations, so ignoring the Constitution is more easily accomplished.  

Knowing the problem and the problem's components, make resisting them simpler and more effective.  Defeating the individual components is the best, and perhaps only path, to end the planned destruction of Christianity.  

From this blog's perspective, only one adversary exists and ever existed – Lucifer. Lucifer is synonymous with evil.  Evil are the behaviors and plans designed and used to prevent spiritual reconciliation and perpetuate disobedience to God’s commandments.  Most people will not commit lying and other (lesser?) sins in the evil category.  After yesterday’s illumination, I suspect, that belief or concept may be wrong and an incompetent interpretation of evil.  Honestly, what I confronted yesterday dismayed me and radically altered my conceptual continuity respecting Christianity and life on earth.  The reader must entertain that information for themselves and evaluate its usefulness and credibility.  I am obligated to share it – if I am to fulfill the duty mentioned above. 

Lucifer’s plans and designs are fundamental in the God's universal design. They must exist!  Each time God communes with man, Lucifer MUST be present.  Man must openly exercise free will and chose God.  Alternatively, when man, or mankind, accepts and supports the dissemination of the Lucifer’s objectives, they physically worship that entity in their thoughts, actions, and behaviors.  Whenever society embraces these ambitions, when they tolerate, or endorse them - as political policy matters, they practice these objectives. Many policy matters are mandates. As such, they become a criminal or anti-social action complete with punishments and fines. These consequences were enacted to assure these objectives are met – and alternative thoughts repressed, or rendered a threat to society and government. A person's willingness or unwillingness to resist them is relevant to God. Each man possesses Free Will.  

What follows may offend the reader.  That is not my intention as the author.  Much of what is currently vogue or “accepted” within the modern society stems from an evil design. Lucifer has a large group of advocates and supporters – temporal and in another physical form.  His followers were denied a body by God.  Their physical form permits them to influence mankind and persuade Lucifer’s desires.  Examples like the characters and plot of the Exorcist film are rare.  That is not the most common means used to disseminate Lucifer’s designs.  A more subtle form of influence is used. It is infinitely more practical and successful.  An old adage suggest Lucifer’s greatest accomplishment was convincing mankind he did not exist.  That’s a truism. 

Truism is one of Lucifer’s favorite methods – convincing society that practical and useful benefits exist in specific, minor, disobedience.  The betterment of society, personal security, and community cohesion are the benefits promised. God will understand is implied.  Afterall, caring for all citizens and their needs is the utmost responsibility of governments.  When society is diverse, blanket, universal maxims will not properly fulfill the responsibility.  Tuning policy to favor the needs and preferences of various, diverse groups, must be allowed to be fair, just and equally allocate government services.  The benefits promised will not obtain if differential, biased, or bigoted beliefs and preferences do not compromise, and give a little – for comprehensive stability.  A tyranny of the minority arises.  The focus of government next devolves to service specific voting blocs that are abused to intimidate the opposition.  Or a ploy is extended that plays upon Christian values and duties - fairness and equality, charity and compassion. Either gambit seeks to use the Christian’s beliefs to their detriment and expansion of Lucifer’s aspirations.    

The source of my consternation and enlightenment is found at the link below. Recall I advised the reader the content there may offend their sensibilities.  There are aspects - conclusions and extrapolations I am not entirely convinced are true or accurate.  WHat I did believe is how evil and demons may control men.  The devices and vehicles used to accomplish that ambition cannot be ignored or dismissed - from my perspective. 

As in all things - PRAY for guidance and God's direction and support. 

James 1:5 - "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Christianity at the Brink of Extinction

Christianity is at great risk in America. The peril is ubiquitous, intense, and without comparative reference. There is no time in the nations’ history when Christianity was under a similar assault. New denominations of Christianity, at times suffered oppression, but those came from fanatics of another version of Christianity who disliked competition, or diversity of beliefs. Christianity, as a belief, was profuse and well founded. A minority practiced no religion and held no spiritual beliefs. Disbelief in a conventional God was a rarity and generally assumed a metaphysical construct. Worship, or exercise of the beliefs, retained conventional traits. The adherent conducted their beliefs using the tenets and rituals ordained or adopted. They worshipped as their conscience dictated. It was not a passive affiliation. These people retained their credibility and integrity by actually practicing the beliefs they asserted. A very strange religious phenomena/incongruence is currently present. The components of the phenomena speaks to the peril confronting Christianity, and, the individuals practicing it, and other religions specifically, and generically. The incongruence is seen in polling results concerning belief in God, church attendance, and public displays of Christianity and public worship.

Relying upon institutional polling is an unfortunate requirement. Polling is an inconsistent and inaccurate measure of beliefs and opinions as the polls produced suffer from the very same prejudices that cause the polling data irregularities. Unfortunately, polls are the only means to gauge the thoughts and beliefs of a targeted population. The phenomena / incongruence referenced here are found in the contradictions of religious beliefs. The Gallup organization was used for our purposes.

The statistical veracity in Gallups’ reporting is, in part, contingent upon their reputation and credibility. Gallup's queries and interpretative methods, the personnel used, the poll’s configuration: questions asked, sampling, and number of participants, may individually, or collectively, influence the results - and what is reported. Some polls reference earlier surveys - ostensibly to highlight variances in the new poll. Any poll loses credibility when the questions asked and preferences displayed infers an the pollster is antagonistic - seeking a predetermined outcome. Narrowing the size, or targeting a specific sample group, any tactic that stilts result to produce answers that fit the outcome desired is widespread and incredible. Finding a reputable poll that dispassionately and accurately reports views on God and religion in America is difficult.
 Note - not all bias is internal.

Polling organizations typically work at the behest of media; are funded by the media; or rely upon the media to display their work. A conspiratorial relationship often exists; where the interests of the host, or the client/benefactor commissioning the poll, adulterate the polls content by devising designs to produce their preferred conclusions. For example, if a God poll reports a global decline using a comparative index, that practice exposes a potential to highlight the differences - which depreciates the religious beliefs stated in answers.


Every bias has an inverse counterpart, the opposite of the stated objective. The unstated conclusions inferred from the index disparity, conveys the true objective of the pollster. This practice additionally protects the polling organization from negative complaints and assertions of bias.

Despite the biases and problems in construction and interpretation, the Gallup Organization is tested over half a century. They have suffered indignation and triumph due to their methods, reporting, and biases. Gallup are considered reputable, if not infallible. Gallup can draw upon 80 years of polling. That depth of resources provides a dubiously useful comparative context. The questions Gallup uses in their God poll cover the gamut of potential equivocations. The poll’s construction may then diminish misleading interpretations and answers, but... it also provides information to infer conclusions, the answers given, in no way conferred. Polling is more often used to infer conclusions than the overt ostensible purpose given for the poll. The bias/objective of the God poll is to promote secular beliefs; infer no God exists and that faith in God diminishes. Polling organizations are aligned philosophically with the media and academe. So doing (in their view) enhances their credibility and gravitas – as serious reporters of truth and information. :)

The results of a recent Gallup’s “God Poll” follow:

98% of Americans state they believe in “a God”.

When asked if the belief was centered in a “Universal Spirit/Higher Power” (inferring a prototypical agnostic or pagan God) – 7% answer affirmative. 91% affirmed belief in a conventional God.

***Note the overlap with the generic God reply. Only 7% aver belief in the Universal Spirit / Higher Power - the Pagan, or unorthodox God***

The unequivocal question about belief in a traditional or conventional God: “Do you believe in the: God of the Old Testament? Koran? Torah? or another recognized deity traditional deity(s) yielded a 73% affirmative answer. This infers 18% believe in some nebulous - God option.

Curiously, the number of people stating they believe in a traditional God narrows when offered another category of God - Pagan, Universal, Higher Power. Depending upon the statistical deviation accepted for God, the number of people stating belief in a traditional or conditional deity ranges between 73% and 98%.

The intensity of unequivocal trust in the Deity chosen convolutes their affirmations.

Percent polled having a little doubt (on the existence of God) – 14%,

Percent having considerable doubt about God – 5%,

Percent having a lot of doubt about God – 4%,

Uncertainty about God’s integrity (on some level) was indicated in approximately 25% of the population surveyed. The most Godly group; those holding no reservation on their belief in God, tallied between 53% and 71% - using the same calculus above for generic belief in God.

Belief in God measured in America’s Youth (ages 18-29) ebbs at 84%.

Of interest, Gallup selectively isolated the young and reported prior polling outcomes for each category except youngsters. That is unfortunate - as the most recent numbers reported for the youngsters eluded a drop in believers , although no statistical reference for comparison to validate the claim was presented. Whether the absence of reference is an innocent omission or one meant to suggest a declining belief subset among the young cannot be confirmed.

In fairness, young people are an inconsistent and uncertain measure regardless of the “belief” topic investigated. Young people naturally have reservations on virtually every topic. Their opinions and personalities are not yet fully developed. Additionally, the young’s views on life differ, radically, from older people and seniors. They are primed with hormones and obsessed with indulging activities previously forbidden as children. These activities are not wholesome, nor do they align with commandments. Importantly, most youngsters learn the negative consequences arising from the behaviors by indulging them - personal experiences. Highlighting the young’s alleged disproportionate agnostic or atheist views is a gratuitous reference to purpose aver society, collectively, in greater numbers, disbelieves in God and has less need for religion. It also infers disbelief will increase as the young age. Ideology drives the Godless conclusions drawn... and fabricated.

Church Membership:

1 in 10 people hold no official religious affiliation. No reason(s) were reported for that sentiment.


The Southern US contains the greatest percentage of believers.

The Least Godly group - includes agnostics, the “do not know” and the “will not affirm” confederation reside in the North Eastern US - Shocker!

Vermont earns the “Atheist State” moniker.

Godless Traits/Behaviors:

The avowed Godless often hold a post-graduate degree.

The avowed Godless consistently align politically with the Democrat Party as Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/Marxist.

The percentage willing to report they hold atheistic or agnostic views combine to total between 10 and 5%. The avowed atheist, the firmly do not believe in God group, account for lower aggregate <2%. They are the group most likely belonging, and beholding to, organizations who act to assure God plays no role in their lives or a public forum. They want no deity or religion holding sway over their chosen behaviors and lives. They prefer an absolutely rigid secular society and they are very intolerant of religion generally. The onerous, persistent oppression, or elimination of religion, is their preferred policy objectives. They are vocal and vociferous advocating their views. The God-less are so persistent, intolerant, and intransigent, they can be termed Bullies.

Ironically, Bully is the term the Godless axiomatically use to negatively portray opposition to any of their favored policies. The object of the Bully's attention are traditionally fearful, weak willed young people, who, like their Godless older peers, are incapable or unwilling to defend themselves against another in a fair competition. A correlate may be made from their actions - they feel God betrayed and failed to protect them in their youth. From that experience, they (in part) reject the God who failed them and act to eliminate that deity in retribution. They seek the safety and power and security contained in large institutional organizations. The actions of Victims of bullying, reveals they will not tolerate or indulge even casual worship in the public domain. The emotional damage done to their young egos (by others they label bullies) compounds as they age.

If they are employed or sanctioned by the government, or another large and powerful organization, a place they feel safe from retaliation, they vent their pent up rage. This group is small in number but strategically positioned to exert the greatest influence possible to eradicate religious worship - and God. They unfortunately hold a majority of positions in academe, agencies of government, the judiciary, scientific institutions, education, many in elected office, and, political action groups. The Godless are well positioned to philosophically offend religion, and to develop and enact policies that legally eliminates worship using government authority, and by pressuring private institutions.

The Egos of the Godless are self centered, and exclusively driven by self serving interests. Their actions infer they are possess all the negative traits they vociferously condemn. For example - The Godless believe the First Amendment only applies to their freedom “from” religion. Only their opinions and biased speech are protected. The Godless are individually and collectively arrogant and condescending of diverse views. They presume their educational credentials and professional employment conveys considerably more accurate conclusions, and influential authority, to their opinions. They use these presumptions and posture to impose and indoctrinate their beliefs and ambitions. From a policy perspective, they are abundantly aware of the conflicts governments face when God and religion hold the attention and allegiance of the citizen. Eliminating religion is essential as it better assures a seamless installation of their preferred society; and to confiscate or modify the ordinary citizen’s personal liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

If the labels are striped away, Marxism appears as their preferred ideology. Marxism presents considerable conflicts for them. As with their unspoken objectives, they must obfuscate and distract to distance themselves from nominal associations the public makes with Marxism. The Godless purposely relabel themselves once their actions create a negative series of memories in the public's mind. Progressive, Liberal, or Socialist are bandied about, as needed, to deceive the public from their true aspirations and convictions - a Marxist totalitarian state. Actualizing religious discontinuity in a society -requires depreciating and eliminating individual liberties and religious worship. God is ridiculed and mocked. The oppression and assault upon religious beliefs has become maniacal and irrational.

The appetites and dependencies of the Godless are the WHY explaining their motivations. The degenerate and obscene behaviors and instinctual needs are preferences they want protected and expanded.

Marxism is a cruel ideology. Remarkably, no application of the ideology has ever succeeded long term. Its protagonists vividly recorded the necessary brutality required to overcome public resistance. Proponents must insult and ridicule generic concepts of freedom and fairness. Violent, consistent oppression of any resistance was requisite to enable its continued practice. Marxism cannot abide free will or contrary opinions. They must be eliminated – traditionally by using the same tactics currently employed to eradicate Christianity - and a weapon!!! Muder is the preferred method.

Importantly, Marxism is embraced by a few to gratify and feed their appetites and dependencies. It is a philosophy that cannot survive in practice. It is a Ponzi scheme that affords the few in positions of power unlimited access to the diminishing returns the collective possesses and produces. Being freed from religious restraint, its proponents indulge instinctual impulses and are thereby sanctioned to do whatever is necessary to retain power and control. Morality does not impede their ambitions or actions. “By any means necessary.” is their fundamental operating maxim.

The promise of eternal life has traditionally empowered people to resist horrific conditions and assaults. God provides mankind an alternative to the tyranny of Marxism. God is anathema to Marxism and explains why every application of the ideology required the elimination of religion. Free will exists and obtains in every earthly life and choice. External pressures and threats do not usurp free will – best evidenced by people who sacrificed their lives to preserve their fealty to God. They chose a death or torture rather than betray their God and faith. A similar display of obedience is greatly needed today.

Modern society diligently strives to discredit and eliminate the concept of free will. The paradigm modern society pursues casts man as consciousness adrift on a sea of influences that drive him to outcomes beyond his choice or desire. Free will is an illusion in this paradigm. External influences in life hold incredible, omnipotent power. Those influences push and pull a consciousness to various consequences irrespective of the objectives chosen. The society, or social collective, creates the external influences, deployed upon the individual members of the collective. The individual’s duty is owed the collective, and no individual needs exceeds the needs of the collective.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Scriptures and Incongruence

Wife and I read the scriptures each night before bed.  We've been on the New Testament lately.  Matthew contains many passages and items that record incidents when Christ was ornery and out of sorts.  Some of his words appear rude and impatient.  Others are contradictory.  At times, Christ seems frustrated with what appears his assessment of the lack of enthusiasm, confusion, and stupidity around him.  To me, that is refreshing. That is evidence of my version of Christ - a man thrust into a situation where he was not entirely certain what transpires around him was what it appeared to be.

Christ's soul was housed in flesh.  Like any man, that flesh influenced his thinking.  He had doubts.  Christ was not comprehensively intuitive, or absolutely sure of his circumstances, his relationship with God, or the outcome laying ahead of him.  That is natural and necessary.  Otherwise, Christ makes no sacrifice. If Christ knows everything, if he knows for a certainty his future is guaranteed and his relationship with God is assured and unassailable, there is no doubt of his role, his calling, his authority, or his future estate.  Thankfully, he did not.  For Christ's sacrifice to have the meaning intended, he must value his earthly life.  He must fear death.  He must overcome these temporal affections and by faith, exclusively, submit to the consequences of his actions on earth.  There are verses in scripture that re-enforce this assertion. Christ begged to escape death in Gethsemane.  He was so afraid of the future he sweat blood. Upon the cross, he doubted he made the right decision and believed God abandoned him.  These doubts came after Christ was translated!!!  He had heard God's voice and witnessed the miracles that arose from faith - hoping his actions would provide relief.

We must remember the scriptures are journals written by others.  Their recollections were unlikely proofed by Christ for accuracy or content - although Christ must have given each of the Apostles details on certain things after the fact.  Gethsemane for example - all the Apostle's were sleeping when Christ prayed and sweat blood.  These circumstances leave room for error and opinion.  The journals were also translated along the way. By whom, and what was changed is unknown. The journals additionally underwent editing, and another round of translation, when they were codified by the Council of Nicea - who compiled the first official Bible.  What remained from the first record when Matthew scribed it (with Christ's input) is not confirmed. The objectives of men, even men that are ostensibly religious men, is under the same influences that prompted Christ's uncertainty.  We see with a discomforting regularity religious people behaving in ways that compromise their offices and contradict their words.  This gives ammunition to agnostics and atheists and Lucifer.

Scriptures are reference points, if not an entirely accurate and comprehensive record.  They are like curb feelers that help a person keep properly oriented and not stray too far.  Ultimately, faith and prayer are the mechanisms that provide the most direct and unequivocal information regarding God and grace.  No two people hold the same emotions, intellect, nor are the motivated equally by the same conditions or influences.  Each must find the information and evidence that inspires their belief - and faith.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Marriage Made in Heaven

Destroying tradition and the meaning of words and language is always used to usher in Marxism, Communism or another Totalitarian regime - Democrat Party.

The leadership controlling that Party are the residue left over from radicals that rebelled against the US Constitution and the government it created.  The same radicals wanted to destroy all traditional practies and virtues that defined America - drug use, reprobate sexual "freedom", overthrowing every institution that represented historical tradition in America were the targets articulated.  Radical organizations - Students for a Democratic Society/SDS were criminals who murdered police (sound familiar?)  college professors, and political people that opposed them.  They supported any behavior or action that disrupted or ended tradition. The 1968 Democrat Convention is indicative of their methods and intentions.  Amazingly, the radicals usurped the Democrat Party and today act under its mantel and activily conspire to destroy this Nation.

Marriage is presented as not a big deal - unimportant.  If so, why have they gone to the extremes they have to destroy it?  Marriage is an essential union, legally binding action, and tradition with roots in religion - any religion.  Marriage grew out religious doctrine into law - just like all the other laws American enjoy and work with.  The basis was the Ten Commandments and other Christian statutes.  I will not premume the mind of God, but I will speculate on the purpose of the institution.  Marriage was primarily conceived to protect children. Without children, marriage becomes less essential. Providing children legal rights to the wealth and protection of the adults that created them is the purpose.  When two adults are physically incapable of procreating, they have no need for marriage - in a practical interpretation. Homosexuals cannot procreate.  Their ability to adopt children by virtue of a corrupt legal interpretation by the same Party referenced above, is to destroy another element of the society it claims to represent.  Manipulating language and morality is required to fulfill this ambition - and - to compel and indoctrinate society to accept the ludicrous argument advanced to legitimize marriage for people unable to procreate.

If this issue is taken another step, there is a heavenly apsect of marriage.  Some religions, have provisions for an eternal marriage - Mormons for example.  Marriage is a bond and a vow that proofs a person's ability to resist the temptations in life and remain monogamous.  The family is the actual target of Democrats.  The family, or any other device that protects a person or group from the ravages Democrats wish to infest, is an enemy of the State Democrats want to construct - to install a totalitarian regime - once they have the votes to effect it.  The hatred of Democrats can not be more clear.  This marriage issue has nothing to do with homosexual rights.  It is a covert attempt to destroy goodness and a compact that resists external intrusions from a government or regime.  Marriages are sanctioned in heaven and no scripture of evidence exists the Almighty has changed his mind on the topic of homosexuality, or marriage.  The Almighty will preserve judgment on thise who practice the derivation.  That's in his exclusive purview.