Monday, August 17, 2015

Victimless Crimes and other Liberal Logic Logorrhea

Progressives, Liberals, Marxists, Communists, et al - may never tell the truth. The Democrat Party provides an insightful, if not menacing, example of the egotistical distortions, fabrications, deceptions, and falsehoods that are a mandatory skill set the Progressive politician must master.  They lie, when the truth more than suffices. The reasons making prevarication a practical Progressive political essential arises from its economic and charitable insolvency.  The Marxist ideology (Progressivism) is unsustainable and infeasible in practice that consistently delivers insolvent outcomes. Associating the philosophy with a Ponzi Scheme is a kinder, but wholly accurate comparison.

Compounding the difficulties that prompt prevarications, are the eventual solutions required to sustain the philosophy and maintain control over the declared compassionate objective of the ideology - the Worker/Citizenry - the "Everyman".  The philosophy's unspoken reality, a Totalitarian state, is found in the actions taken to eradicate opposition and eliminate the escalating demands of the Workers.  The axiomatic tactics employed are murder and deprivation.  Combined, a toll approaching 200 million human lives is the acceptable cost to advance and sustain Marx's ideology(s). The ideology is literally bankrupt - fiscally and fundamentally.

This philosophy may not, will not, tolerate opposition in this life or the next. God, any deity, is a declared enemy of the State.  A deity will influence, or command the allegiance of a Worker – in preparation for an afterlife. The ideology demands the State, collectively, exclusively, assume the authority of a secular Almighty.  The State seeks and enforces a zero tolerant obeisance.

The source of this vindictive virtue is the Communist Manifesto - Das Kapital.  That document reveals Karl Marx's ambitions, preferences, and natural inclinations. The beliefs and ambitions stated reveal his atheism and hated of a God. Marx stated in a poem: "With Satan, I have struck my deal." Karl Marx also stated he'd gleefully throw humanity into the abyss to achieve his goals.  A study of Marx's documented personal preferences, and perversions reveal a condescending, selfish, bitter collection of the contemptible convictions of a lazy, failed, human parasite. Marx displays his preference for envy, indulgence and enmity. The limits to acquiring power are stated in his conclusion: the desired ends justify the use of any means necessary.

Another advocate of profligate behaviors, Fred Nietzsche, wrote much that aligns with Marx, and indicates a shared resentment, indulgence of appetites, and angst. Nietzsche was the more famous and respected philosopher - for dubious reasons. To his credit, Nietzsche, at least, possessed the ability and dedication to author his maniacal anxieties alone. Comparatively, Marx chose an unkempt, and resentful lifestyle.  He relied upon the generosity of others - whom he secretly despised to subsidize his sloth and care for his wife and children.  Examining the details of Marx's comments exposes a demented personality who held views and beliefs diametrically opposed to the lies of compassion and charity he voiced in a superficial objective - to provide a parity of wealth and status for all Workers. That objective is ostensibly realized from stealing property and liberties from successful individuals. Marxism's central thesis is the confiscation of all property and wealth.  The State then redistributes the property to others – predicated upon their needsneeds the State assesses and defines.  Bribing allegiance is the prime directive.

If we advance a practical intellect upon Marx, his deluded disdain for mankind must, inexorably pollute his philosophical objectives.  History records a startling depravity when Marxism is applied.  Stalin's directed the starvation of tens of millions. Mao's condemned a similar number.  Pol Pot's decadent demands sentenced hundreds of thousands to starvation, or murder in the killing fields of Cambodia. Examine any country when Communism/Marxism was adopted. The investigation will always yield the true needs of Communism, a very select few confiscate wealth and property and control.  The Workers die, or live life in a decadent, depreciated state.  Luxuries are derided as the Bourgeoisie's intolerable and unjust arrogance - save the State operatives.   

Marx’s malfeasant manifesto is ostensibly a doctrine of equality and justice.  Conversely, in practice, and reality, it is a secular dogma perniciously composed as an appeal to deviant plebeian emotions: envy, greed, condescension, and absence of ambition. The doctrine masquerades as a vehicle to impartially install compassion and equity. It is not.  It is a philosophical perversion preferred, and appealing to, the human failures exposed when a merit based competition renders a verdict upon mankind. 

Note: Marx and Engels anticipated a transition was required to complete his final vision of Communism.  A valid philosophy, needs no transition. A legitimate concept will arise monolithically and stand supported by the integral concepts that reward the citizen and diminish the costs the government extends upon the citizen.  Marx's transition is a red flag - indicating Communism must initially acquire sufficient power and control before revealing its "evolved" morphology. Many of the malignant requirements of Communism are subdued and overlooked by the insipid and ardent Workers.  The appeal of Communism, false promises, predictably compromise the attentions of a limited mind. It was specifically designed to attracted and appeal to idiots.

The dull mind, unable to compete in a society, or reason properly; defined as an I.Q. under 80 (utilizing the standard deviations) sees a philosophy promising an artificial advantage to assist them overcoming their innate inferiority, and lack of  enthusiasm.  Intellects falling below 100, are typically the targets of Communism. Vladimir Lenin termed them "useful Idiots".  The dull mind eschews the sacrifice and dedication that when married to considerable effort delivers self reliance and expanded opportunity - the twin pillars standing upon the foundation of Western Civilization's successes.  

In another time, these souls would perish early in life as they are unable to sustain themselves.  They lack the acumen and attention required protect themselves from external threats and escape the natural consequences - predation, and unanticipated, incompetent, acts leading to self destruction.

Individually, and collectively, Communism is antithetical to the persuasions of a natural man.  

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