Monday, August 10, 2015

True Detective's Most Revealing Truth

The HBO series True Detective grabbed my attention last season.  This year's story was not as appealing to me, but it did resurrect disturbing memories from my youth, and what I've learned since escaping California.  The main plot dynamic centered around the crimes committed by a rouge's gallery of politicians, foreign nationals, law enforcement, and the nominal California businessman - to purchase a stake in the High Speed railway planned. (This railway is a real event - AMTRAK is currently planning the rail system.) Many Californian businessmen gathered their investment nest egg from criminal pursuits.  Their legitimate businesses are bought with money gathered from drug sales and other activities in their youth. Crime is relied upon to gain entrance to, and in other instances to perpetuate, the legitimate ventures; as tax rates that exceed 50% consume so much profit "alternative revenues" are needed to supplement positive cash flows.   I knew a pair of business partners that operated a pair of new car dealerships, a leasing company, and ancillary pursuits.  After leaving the state, I learned both were sent to prison on drug convictions.  That was shocking, but not out of the ordinary. In the later 1970s, many curious executions occurred in the Central Valley.  Erstwhile yuppie couples were found murdered in their homes and other locations. Upon further investigation, drug related activities were determined causal in their deaths.

That is where your author's personal history intersects.  "Dabbling" in the drug trade was common for many I knew.  A person's individual greed, their risk tolerance, and business acumen determined how the dabbling eventually impacted their lives.  Risks are an unavoidable aspect.  The competition at the drug source often bleeds over into the "retail" marketplace.  If a person is not paying attention, or they become too greedy and invade another's "turf", or if they are unwilling to make the proper business choices, they may end up a statistic.  The actual purchase if rife with risks and dangers. Through my associations I learned intimidation was an all too frequent component.  Intimidation came directly, and when an associate in the trade experienced persuasion, a beating, theft of property, or death.  Some people got in, made a good profit, and re-invented themselves legitimately.  There are many businesses in California that grew out of the drug trade and other crimes.  A few grew their businesses to become influential.  Their criminal backgrounds are often relied upon to perpetuate their legitimate ventures.  That is why the True Detective show caught my fascination.  I once knew people like ones portrayed.

What is acutely disturbing is the reality of the show.  Democrat strongholds, states where Democrats controlled the government for decades - California, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and others, are where legal crimes thrive.  Wind farms that ostensibly produce electrical energy are one example. The farms consume huge tracts of land for a nominal energy gain.  They are inefficient, and when the wind stops produce no energy.  Ditto solar farms. These projects are funded by government exclusively for the companies that Democrats favor.  Cost over-runs, regulation violations, and the funds to create these exclusive set-asides are typical.

Alternative energy was created specifically to steal the infrastructure and market share bought and paid for by traditional energy suppliers - fossil fuels, hydro-electric, nuclear.  The alternative energy wanna-be competitors, the group whose must rely upon Democrats: regulate away their competition, pay for their new operations, subsidize their existing operations, and attack the competitions, so they may assume the wealth and market share earned by others. This is the Fascist aspect of Democrat policy making/business idiom.  It does not matter if the business operations sustain themselves. Democrats will subsidize the failures in perpetuity - see AMTRAK.  The goals are for the businesses to funnel back large sums of money into Democrat campaign coffers, share the money stolen from tax payers, and provide a physical edifice of the political argument.

The Solyndra solar panel debacle is an example worth examining.  500 million dollars was given to Solyndra - a grant! No strings...  Solyndra built a plant that enabled Obama a campaign video. That tour is the extent of Solyndra profits. The plant closed its doors less than one year after breaking ground.  Cheaper foreign products was blamed.  This price variant was not known, or anticipated?  Was this the rocket science complexity factor Solydra official missed?  Two-hundred and fifty million dollars was spent on the facility.  The remaining sum, an equal amount, was never accounted.  It remains missing.  Where did the money go?  No one is looking, but I suspect the Solyndra ownership, and perhaps, maybe, some Democrat entity divided the money.  To the Solyndra failure we can add Beacon, Ener-One, and several other alternative energy failures that received tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and closed; went bankrupt.

The new AMTRAK rail system is the newest example of theft and waste.  The railways will never reach the advertised objectives.  It won't compete with airline prices.  It won't draw consumers because most do not like going slower at a higher price.  Another ignored fact is the "cultural variances".  If tickets are eventually subsidized to Democrat dependents, many potential riders will avoid that option.  Additionally, the railway requires polluting thousands of "Pristine" acres for development. The supplemental businesses required to operate the railway will pollute more. As always in Fascist endeavors, a very small group will profit handsomely. The union will gain a few more members.  The annual government subsidy checks will increase. And, over time, the railway will descend into ignominy.

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