Sunday, August 23, 2015

George Orwell's Prophetic Paradigm of Progressivism.

Today's topic is best read after reading another essay - written by a man I consider a modern prophet and a thinker with few peers, in the time he graced this earth and since.  His interpretations and predictions are lasting; evidence of his ability to interpret the workings of the human mind when consumed with Leftist objectives - bribe the dull-witted with promises of personal relief, and punishing the individuals they blame for their own incompetence.  George Orwell's essay: Writers and the Leviathan, is a commentary from 1948 that is as appropriate today for a USA reader, as it was when penned for a Great Britain audience.  I'm stunned after reading it.

Orwell was a critic for much of his professional life and that added to his understanding of motivations and long term outcomes/objectives.  The media functioning as a propaganda tool and political deceit is, actually, a recent phenomenon.  The ethos of the media once refused to tolerate the hypocrisy and dishonesty modern "mediaticians" employ with aplomb and vigor.  They did not fear being rejected and ousted from their employ as writers, personalities, or commentators for being biased, illegitimate liars.  Their oath and credo once mattered.  But, like al things Left, the anxiety that comes when they realize the majority rejects them prompts an enhanced vigor - the Ends desired Justify Any Means necessary.  The dull of wit remain in larger numbers than when Orwell wrote the article.  It is an occurrence deadly to liberty and free thinking people.  The media can be counted in the dull of wit category, as the eventual outcomes of Progressive ideology mandates a predictable and consistent end for their ilk.  You'd think, they would know the history and be wary.

The Founders, those men who risked their lives and careers to create the nation, shared their energy and intellects for a common objective - they wanted to birth a nation that, to the best of their abilities, reflected the considerable insight of their mentors which they advocated.  The second renaissance of thought, came from men like Hobbes and Locke.  A more comprehensive evaluation includes adding the Greek philosophers to the influences than impacted their efforts.  Another resource central to the thinking of the majority was Judeo-Christian morality and Biblical scripture.  A few others, like Franklin, were deists - believed in a Supreme Being.  None were atheist despite their claiming Liberalism was their shared ideology.

It is sad to know that word, Liberalism is now as utterly inappropriate, distorted, and dishonest, as the political views and objectives its adherents display.  Liberalism is perfunctory prevarication and a shroud for the true political ideology of Communism.  Orwell noted modern Liberal are the extreme, violent, and rigid devotees of ideology because at the onset of the mental illness, it was an unachievable objective.  It only became viable because the lies used to advance to it appealed to the dull witted who were, and remain, incapable of differentiating integrity from desire, or enmity from envy.  Liberalism/Communism is sustained, entirely from the prorated promises of equality, and the plentiful punishment voiced against those whom the intellectually insolvent despise, depreciate; but contemptuously covet. They fail to appreciate even if all their perceived oppressors were vanquished and their booty confiscated, their plight would remain unchanged without radical amounts of effort and sacrifice from themselves.  Essential realities are papered over, or ignored by Communist as they know the ideology is a Ponzi Scheme to benefit a very select few who must gain the advantages using severe totalitarian policies that employ murder and intimidation as levers to generate the extra effort and sacrifice required.  There are no short-term, quick fixes that satisfy the inclinations of the immediate gratification and greed Progressive's political base typically display.  They are uninterested in expelling effort, let alone extra effort.  They are lured into the collective - told they are "entitled".  They must be coerced by threat to perform, or eliminated to reduce demands upon the ever eroding assets of the state.  The deadly elements of Progressive politics are glossed over and ignored by those wanting a short easy path to improved lives.  They are uneducated and typically blind to history.  Their allegiance is excusable.  The media and party advocates' allegiance is inexplicable, or evidence of an emotional distortion that precludes better judgment.  

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