Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Practical Quantum Essentials of Paradise - Choice and Consequence

The most insidious deceit propagated by the Left is creating an environment where actions that affront morality, or crimes the Left has deemed unimportant, have no consequences, and anyone considering responding to an action that breaks the moral or criminal code (sanctioned by the Left) becomes the offender.  

Choice in this scenario is not an implicit individual option exercised. Environmental factor influence outcomes.  The traditional evaluation where an individual and his choice are considered and analyzed for good or ill, is a subjective falsehood, a moral mirage constructed to oppress the individual.  Irresistible external forces are either unavoidable, or so compelling, they usurp a person’s will.  The person is a passive element in a circumstance, unable to determine and accomplish an objective.  One choice is no better than another.  All choices are equally valid – contingent upon circumstances and environmental pressures. 

The unspoken purpose of this deceit is to eliminate free will and reduce individual significance. The individual becomes an amorphous component in a metaphysical corruption of Newton’s laws.  An object in motion, or at rest, remains in motion, or at rest, until acted upon by some external force capable of altering the object's trajectory, or rest.  Removing free will removes the individual’s sovereignty and responsibility.  

Society's identified consequences for the choices found objectionable, typically based upon religious moral standards. Consequences were installed to remove or limit decadent or injurious outcomes arising from certain choices. Protecting society and its individual members was the worthy design.  Conversely, the Progressive Left presumes a superior, alternative, more compassionate, assessment - and outcome. The individual is disappeared into the anonymity, comfort, and protection of the Collective.  The Collective in this arrangement and perspective, is considered omnipotent. It is asserted to indemnify the individual from standing to answer for their choices.  The traditional axiom: actions have consequences – is derided as an uncharitable, and unnecessary oppression – evidence of a mean-spirited, and antiquated, punishment delineated from a malignant moral code.  The act of choosing is framed obtusely. Consequences are excused or nebulously precluded.   The illusion of choice is conspicuously irrelevant.  So too are any traditional consequences associated to the choice. 

The individual devolves into an irrelevant factor in this equation. The nefarious goal of the Left’s remodeling of choice is to depreciate the value of the individual, human life.  The benefits available from escaping personal responsibility are so enticing they initiate irrational equivalence and exuberation. Moreover, the limited intellect fixates upon selfishness. They feely associate the perceived personal gains and rejects rational considerations; and, the dire consequences the remodeling creates.  

Reading John’s Revelations puts this equivalence concept into context, and, predicts the purpose for its practice.  Acutely, the individual, or collective acts of seditious worship, and willingness to accept receiving a “Mark” – to function in society or a marketplace, convened to gain access to trade and buy, or proscribe participation, is an irreverent, unholy, objective. This is literally the demarcation for grace and a soul’s eternal solvency.  Many men willfully exchange a precious, essential gift imparted to them at birth, unconscionably.  They are instinctually aware of the illicit implications, but ignore them to gain the benefits and protections promised.  Greed and jealousy, or a fear of disassociation from the majority of their peers, prompt a short-term perspective that seeks to rationalize the option exercised – the Choice. The Left’s social order and construct inculcates excuse making and absolves responsibility.  Any choice is condoned – as it is not a choice. “Everyone does it”, conveys an inability, or reason, to resist and other irrational precepts – environmental influences mandated the option exercised.  

In either option, the soul disappears, or is co-mingled to anonymity - and damnation.   The promised consequences do not tempt more righteous behaviors – the lure of temporal satisfaction and a fear of faith, produce the impertinent choice. The Lord is depreciated, comparatively; evaluated less worthy of the individual’s affirmation.  A Father's love and compassion are provided no quarter.  The Lord has no option, as this equation is fixed, and, like many others, the operation of a universe is contingent upon the specific absolutes contained in a choice.  

Free Will is one important factor, implicitly granted to mankind that provides access to salvation.  The configuration of each soul contains specific electrons assembled and arranged in a consciousness that reflect the choices exercised in a life.  The choices made refine the confederated quantum components that will predicate their suitability for, their ability to survive, the conditions that physically define the afterlife.  Physical properties of matter and energy specifically assembled by choice in a consciousness, will predicate a soul’s eligibility to attain eternal grace.  These are not gratuitous options presented by a vain and callous God to evaluate the merit of the choices made.  They are practical essentials dictated by universal physical laws.  God must live with the consequences of the universe's laws, and man’s choices.  Each man determines his eligibility by choosing - to obey God's commandments (instructions that define eligibility) - or the contentment of the flesh. 

Choice, accordingly, has more intrinsic value than the Progressive Left comprehends, or is willing to admit.  That would invalidate their ideology, entirely.

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