Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Dual Slit Experiment - Proof Eternal Life and God are More than Possible

The Modern version of the Dual Slit experiment was first conducted in the early 1900s by physicists seeking to once and forever determine of the properties of the electron.  The confusion surrounding the duality of the electron prompted the experiment.  The electron is a component of every atom.  Component is the accurate term.  It may be a particle, and it may be a wave, contingent upon the environment and, apparently, the choice of the electron/photon.

At that time, all the observations suggested the electron was a wave - most of the time.  It behaved that way.  Problems existed.  Performing an actual observation and measurement of the electron was (and remains) impossible. A true smarty pants - Werner Heisenberg concluded the exact location of an electron could not be determined, and he scribed the Uncertainty Principle to define it.  Heisenberg was correct - at least in this existence and working the tools available, and ignoring any potential external, universal, influence.  Werner worked with another physicist Max Born.  Among other things, Born is recognized for making the Solar System model of the atom well known.  It is an inaccurate model, but serves the human senses' need to visualize this fundamental failure in physics.  Failure is the correct term.  Since the electron's position (and state) cannot truly be known, the model is inaccurate.  Born  went on to concluded "approximate locations" of the electron could almost be calculated. They could be guessed at.  Using the approximations was useful to create and work math expressions to achieve the objectives of physicists and other branches of science - sans the external universal influence.  Born's Matrices formed the approximate locations.  Problems remained.  The electron, which may also be a photon, based upon the gratuitous choice of the component, made matters difficult for quantum physicists.

Sunlight is a photon/electron.  The electricity used is a focused string of electrons.  Electrons literally weld every piece of matter together.  It is the "planet" object orbiting around the nucleus/sun in the atomic model mentioned above.  The Dual Slit experiment was devised to prove the electron was a wave, and since waves giggle around, not being able to determine their exact location was explained.  If only the experiment did that...

The experiment results made matters worse, much worse.  The outcome was so bizarre, physicists chose to determine what they saw interference - RE: WTF is that?  That was not supposed to happen!!!  When the experiment was conducted, they saw particles - Not Waves.  There was more.  The particles arranged themselves in orderly groups - so much for interference.  Rows of electron particles arranged in neat, graduated rows. It appeared the particles followed their predecessors, and, it might be inferred, they learned from them. Trying to measure and determine the electron made it change states.  The actions of the physicists can be suggested influenced the outcome.  The wave behaviors remained...  Why come the particles?  God laughed.

If the stringent secular views mandated by science and physics are removed, and an external universal influence is allowed in the room, much of the confusion evaporates. At least reasonable answers materialize.

Hypothetical: If the electrons cannot be located and their location determined, who is to say there is only one kind of electron.  Science discovers new sub-atomic components regularly.  "Quarks" are numerous and their purposes still a matter of guesswork.  Most of what is known about the sub-atomic realm is guesswork and defies classic physics.  That so disturbed Einstein he stated God does not roll dice - i.e. we don't know enuff.  Science will eventually learn classic and quantum physics agree.  I agree.

Let's theorize another electron type exists. Let give it unique properties - it provides life!  This is sound, because science has not yet used the standard electron to create life.  The Miller-Urey experiment proves the ordinary electrons fails to ignite life.

Let's further presume this new electron possesses sentience.  It senses the environment.  That electron will know when science is watching.  It will learn from its predecessor.  It will organize itself orderly - in a manner that MUST obtain - as Newton suggested all matter in the universe must so do.

Another brainiac - Ernest Schrodinger was so agitated by the electron/photon behaviors, and quantum physic's decision to ascribe only a secular environment for investigation and explanation, he made several statements defining his angst. NOTE: Schrodinger's expression validated Born's matrices!

E. Schrodinger:
"Although I think that life may be the result of an accident, I do not think that of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else."

"God knows I am no friend of probability theory, I have hated it from the first moment when our dear friend Max Born gave it birth. For it could be seen how easy and simple it made everything, in principle, everything ironed and the true problems concealed. Everybody must jump on the bandwagon [Ausweg]. And actually not a year passed before it became an official credo, and it still is."

The man who gave probability theory its expression (and legitimacy) came to renounced his work.  In the nicest way possible, Schrodinger infers the probability matrices are Too Convenient.  All the problems miraculously disappear - despite numerous conflicts and incongruence elsewhere in the study of quantum physics. (Probability is wrongheaded nonsense - is a less polite commentary.   The likelihood an external universal influence is responsible for life and that unique form of an electron is accordingly high. 

Electrons, at a minimum, move at light speed. Objects moving that fast overcome the known time/space restrictions.  Eternity is an absence of time.  Dimensional access and transcendance of the inherent restrictions is potentially enhanced or complimented at light speed. The precious commodity that is life, remains a mystery despite the advances science made. Miller-Urey, the experiment to show how life spontaneously erupted, is a profound, unmitigated failure. A special electron is required for life and consciousness. A confederation of electrons defines the human consciousness, or soul. An external, universal influence, God, is probable - much more than possible.  

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