Monday, August 31, 2015

Paul's Epistles: Love, Charity and Self Reliance.

Revisiting scriptures is always a good idea.  It is amazing what is forgotten over forty years. When that is combined with the variety of a person's interests, and how that may direct their reading, the impact can dislocate continuity and obscure the useful information.  I attended seminary while in High School.  The Old and New Testaments were covered in detail.  Recently re-reading Paul's works reacquainted me with the complications in his life when he scribed them and the useful content therein.  

Paul lived on the run while he wrote the Epistles. Romans, Jews, and others wanted him dead or imprisoned.  Visiting Christians in various locations was literally a life and death act.  Through it all, Paul remained consistent and unwavering in his beliefs and comments.  I happily discovered material that supports the Thesis on electrons/photons presented in this blog and confirmed the true Christian ethos.  Paul's remarks additionally reiterated the joy and beauty available in living the Commandments.  That was needed this past weekend.  My spouse and I had an argument.  We seldom do that.  Once a year is the norm.  This argument hit us both in our weakest areas. It was heated and emotional.  It rendered me incapable of doing anything.  Fortunately, Paul's admonitions realigned my perspective.  The following does not articulate my personal troubles, but does impinge upon a comprehensive mentality.

Reading scriptures is now a daily necessity for me, apparently.  That keeps my focus closer to God, and antagonistic energies at a distance or manageable.   The current state of the nation was clearly revealed in the Epistles.  Details were profuse and pointed.  Turning away from God's commandments, religion generically, and acting to install a secular, subjective, humanistic, relative and amoral, environment is well underway by the adversary's minions.  

Paul stated money is the root of all evil.  I disagree on the source, if not the underlying impetus - Advertising defines and refines greed, avarice, envy, jealousy, and ambitions.  Starting with the first Montgomery Ward catalogue, advertisers sought to grow wealthy - money.  How they inspire others is the point of my demarcation. Advertising overtly implies the target audience holds no value, or a lesser value, if they do not own the product offered.  "You ain't s__t unless you own - a something, is currently the pressure/method used.  Entire segments of society re-enforce this assertion.  Ownership of another something that meets all the practical uses a product ostensibly is owned to deliver, is not satisfactory.  The customer is depreciated for not purchasing the most costly, garish, or new device(s) available.  Examples include: cell phone, auto, name brand apparel, grooming habits and devices, knowledge of specific topics, and more.  These items will preclude a person's ability to associate with others, avoid denigrating comments, and may prevent their entering certain establishments.  Being COOL is defined in large part by the products owned.   

The same society asserts a Christian potentially faces a conflict if they fail to impart of their wealth to the needy. Christians are hypocrites based upon a pseudo-secular political interpretation of the scriptures.  This perspectives serves the interests of subjective humanists.  They seek to purchase each vote and loyalty with subsidies and arguing for antagonistic goals to separate groups of people - using race, sex, sexual behaviors, and wealth.  

Be clear, Christianity does NOT require an adherent part with their wealth to a needy person if the needy do not act to sustain themselves using the resources are available to them.  People who do not act to sustain themselves are owed nothing - unless they qualify as needy under specific exceptions - certain widows, orphaned children, the crippled and infirm, and others whose legitimate and concerted best efforts leave a shortfall.  

Each father is charged with protecting and providing for his wife and children.  Each wive is charged with supporting her husband - who is the final authority in the family.  Children too are expected to chip in an contribute as they may.  Certain unavoidable conditions; drought, acts of God, famine, etc, mitigate need. Past these, No One is generically eligible for assistance, nor are they owed assistance - as Progressives argue.  In the modern culture, many of the so-called needy live in poverty by choice.  The degree of poverty experienced is more often than not a result of choices made that depreciate the subsidy income provided - by numerous private and public sources.  Cell phones, real property ownership, elaborate, expensive, and unnecessary attire options, are chosen over essential needs - leaving a deficit in income for food and shelter.  To contend these individuals are eligible for assistance is ludicrous and actually conflicts with scripture.  Certain religious institutions ignore these eligibility standards and seek to provide sustenance to acquire more members - as this practice positions them to gain more income themselves.  The problem arising is the practice works to add credibility to the claims of Progressives.  It also prevents and denies people from realizing their God given grace.  Less is available for the truly needy when the practice is adopted.  

Race is used by Progressive to advance threats of violence, in addition to the moral implications.  Progressives purposely sought to  create law that prevents the father from residing with his family - the wife and children lose eligibility for state sponsored subsidy.  Eliminating the family structure is essential to make the state the provider and people dependent upon the state.  This assures votes and loyalty over generations.  Not regulating the procreation of women reliant upon the state assures family unity and blood legacy are lost.  Abortion is used to artificially regulate the numbers of mouths needing feeding - and provide others a convenient means to escape responsibility for sexual behaviors. 

The black community was the first targeted and remains the hardest hit.  One in four child lives with their biological father in a two parent home.  Fewer blacks graduate high school, get married, acquire college degrees, and provide for themselves and families, that when segregation was law.  Segregation can be inferred as better system to obtain black self reliance and success.  These facts are so disturbing, Progressives made inquiry into them and reporting them, or in anyway inferring a different outcomes is available - is a race crime.  Comparison may not be made - with the past, or against another race.  How this squares with Paul's admonitions is clear.  It doesn't. No amount of corruption  can make it.  The disturbing aspect is no one challenges this practice.  They permit it to flourish and all but doom children and families to dependency. Generational adherence to dependency is the career option promulgated. WHY, Democrats prefer this and do nothing to end it reveals their nefarious preferences and allegiances.  Black on black violence and crimes receives the same intervention. Black dependency and an over 90% loyalty to Democrats is evidence how well the system works.  

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