Monday, August 31, 2015

NEW Dark Matter Postulates = more I Don't Know.

Physicists and cosmologists are befuddled by a lot of things.  For people that are ostensibly brilliant, they sure are dumb.  This is not an uncommon phenomenon. When a bright mind is indoctrinated and not permitted to consider, let alone investigate, the "Standard Model", or the Eucharist of quantum physics/QP - the Copenhagen Effect (Uncertainty Principle), because so doing would invalidate 100 years of accepted beliefs, quantum physics is doomed to remain in a posture of not knowing.  

Dark Matter was recently determined more of a problem - more confounding  than previously suspected. When a topic is structured in a manner where potential answers are precluded, or indemnified from investigation, progress is  hampered. This problem arose way back when QP was in its infancy.  All the measurable on particle physics were wrong, inconsistent, did not makes sense - when compared to classic, Newtonian physics. Certain physicists had ideas they were certain were true.  SOME of the measurable suggested an assumption was potentially possible. (Others did not.) 

Undeterred, and tired of wasting time in a field where progress was stymied, certain physicists chose to break with the scientific method. They ignored philosophical truths. A presumption - the Uncertainty Principle - was manifest using a perversion of mathematics.  The presumption directed the operators and equations chosen. But even that required special operators and specific assumptions be made regarding the electron/photon. 

Some scientists and physicists, (like Albert Einstein) went nuts. He was so offended he mocked the Uncertainty Principle and its adherents- effectively saying - let them rest on a pillow of (false) assumptions. Fast Eddie Schrodinger, who provided the special operator needed to make the Uncertainty thesis (chance) work, later on refused to take credit and expressed a deep outrage and disappointment with his actions. He regretted the creation and use of his operator, AND... QP generically.  

The problem for QP, and its adherents, is their unwillingness to honestly investigate their discipline free from other assumptions made in science, philosophy. A blind fealty to Evolution prevented, and continues to prevent, QP from advancing, or reconciling past mistakes made. These conflicts are considerable and literally sit at the heart of QP. These are problems QP created fro themselves the day they adopted a presumption to solve one set of conditions they preferred.  

Science wanted to preserve their newly awarded authority as the exclusive holder and giver of information.  Darwin and Nietzsche had murdered God a few years before.  Science assumed that Godly authority. This made many people very wealthy and freed others from the moral shackles they attributed to religion and God.  The European aristocracy funded the discovery/murder and hoped to benefit from the death.  They could do what they wanted with no God peering down and influencing law and behaviors.  

Their predictions did not materialize as planned.  In less than 50 years, all but one of the aristocracies were replaced by alternative forms of government. The aristocracy members remained but held little power and influence. Figure Head arose as the term describing the impotent monarchs.  The average man was also freed from the moral dilemma. QP was in the turmoil of this upheaval. They painted themselves into a philosophical, metaphysical, and professional corner.  

Overtime, Darwin's predictions of special fossil evidence failed to appear.  Numerous conflicts and contradictions arose that should have ended evolution as a theory - but it didn't.  Science and government were addicted to their power.  Science assumed greater and greater authority and replaced belief in God. They simultaneously were granted the authority to issue governments the data governments wanted and needed to expand past their natural, God given, authority.

Science should have learned a lesson when the Miller-Urey experiment did not come close to expectations.  Power and greed prevented that.  But Miller-Urey did expose a need - to cover their tracks, failures, and unscientific behaviors. Lying became expedient and necessary.  Distortion, falsehoods, and gratuitous lies invaded science. Its credibility continues to rest on a flimsy foundation - evolution.  Science refused to re-consider the realities of the universe in any other way.  

The electron/photon are the same object. This particle, component, wave, the something it is - present in all matter and energy - cannot be located, isolated, or measured.  Guessing makes due.  No one has sought to locate another form of electron/photon. That alternative form is the one that imparts life.  It is implicitly and empirically different from the nominal object identified and entertained by QP.  There is no other explanation for the various inconsistencies.  One brave physicist actually termed a quark the God Particle.  He is at least on the right path.  There is a God Particle and it exists in areas not yet observed  or, within the electron/photon, and/or it radically alters the traits nd properties of that object.  

The conflicts and quandary facing science and QP can only be rectified by going backwards and re-examining the entire discipline and science generically by deferring to another unseen, undetectable, and unobtainable object - GOD!  Either that, or the contents inside the atom represents a dimensional threshold where classic physics does not obtain.  God must laugh himself silly.

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