Friday, August 21, 2015

Mel Gibson - a Profile in Media Malfeasance and Personal Enmity.

The Biography people did a hit piece on Mel Gibson.  Only the first ten minutes avoid distortion, inference, innuendo and lies.  Mel obviously stepped on a few of the wrong toes.  Gaining success in the public eye has an unavoidable dark side.  Mel, like all the others who work in Hollywood, set themselves up for great fame, income, and derision.  Hollywood is the real world's equivalent of Manic Depression.  Those reporting on Hollywood are driven exclusively by envy, a bit of hate, and a peculiar sickness - a desire to live off the missteps and misfortunes of others.  The public reading about Hollywood people are driven to so do by the same obsessions and mental disorders: envy, jealousy, hatred, et al. 

The hit piece tries to gain traction when The Passion of the Christ is discussed.  Let's note no one in Hollywood would finance the film.  The film's topic, Jesus Christ, is one Hollywood despises and they work tirelessly to remove Christianity from the public discourse. Secular humanistic values they prefer.  Fact: a large number of wealthy and influential Jews control many studios. They also influence the work of other interests - film distributors and peripheral activities essential to the film craft. Businesses must consider these people if they wish to be successful, long term.  The Passion script contradicted Hollywood's World View.  Gibson bankrolled the film and distribution and every other costs to make and distribute the film. Gibson broke ranks with people who recently rewarded his efforts in Braveheart - two Oscars.  Gibson actions, by not heeding the Hollywood directive, marked him for permanent professional purgatory.  A number of influential Jews in Hollywood decided to ruin Gibson.  He became a marked man. Gibson overvalued his own power and underestimated his personal demons.  

Several Jewish opinion makers and "authorities" were interviewed before the film's release.  They claimed to take offense at the movie's content - they were setting the stage to expose Gibson's misbehaviors, because Gibson refused to obey their orders.  These Jewish authorities claimed the film inaccurately portrayed the Jews acted to murder Christ.  They claimed it was not true and no proof existed the Jews, in any way, murdered, or helped to murder, Christ.  One particularly stated Caiaphas never spit on Christ.  Collectively, they are Jews and may not read the Book of Matthew, for in that scripture each action of contention in the film is clearly documented.  The authority's comments are blatant lies and purposeful distortions.  These comments went unchecked, or challenged, in the documentary on Gibson. The documentary was likely enabled, at least in part, by the same influences targeting Gibson.  

The Book of Matthew reads, Caiaphas, used Judas to trick Christ, ordered the arrest of Christ, questioned him while beating him, then held a mockery of a trial and pronounced the sentence - death.  Caiaphas and the Jewish leaders faced a problem.  The Romans controlled Jerusalem.  Only the Romans could order the death sentence and commit the execution.  The Jewish authorities presumably know this and chose to lie about Gibson and the film's derogatory (to them) content. Caiaphas and the Jewish leadership brought Christ to Pilate, the Roman in charge demanding he execute Christ for breaking Jewish laws - again clearly documented in Matthew.  Pilate ordered a flogging.  That was not enough for the Jews present.  Pilate finally gave the Jews present a choice - Barrabas or Christ could be freed - based upon an annual local tradition.  They chose Barrabas - condemning Christ. To declare the Jews played no role in Christ's execution, is past distortion and prevarication, it is a purposeful act with more than a film's content motivating the lies.  The passion film made 600 million dollars - to the chagrin of the people attacking and trying to ruin Gibson.  They likely double down to ruin him.  If his work could not be ruined, they would ruin him.  

Gibson's "Orthodox" Catholic views were also attacked and mocked as antiquated and not in keeping with "Modern" Catholic edicts.  Gibson's father held these views and taught them to Mel and his family.  They then attacked his father and inferred he should denounce his father - knowing he would not. This refusal was used to heap condemnation upon Gibson.   

The stress and sudden change of circumstances no doubt confused Gibson.  He probably saw it, but couldn't bring himself to contemplate the degree of obfuscation and conspiracy surrounding him.  Mel lost sight of Lucifer's power and will.  Mel has set himself up to Lucifer's disciples to infiltrate his personal life and professional ventures.  

No record exists that documents these Jewish influences working behind the scenes to ruin Gibson's personal life.  Gibson admitted his self medication with alcohol, and who knows what other drugs, ingredients.  Could Gibson be tempted with a planted Russian beauty in the employ of these Hollywood power brokers?  Could Gibson be led, or coerced into drinking with the woman and others to make business deals?  Could the woman be instructed to become pregnant; to break his marriage?  Mel lost his ways and forsook his values.  Could the woman be bribed to incur Gibson's rage and then record Gibson's comments during their break up?  She was getting a large divorce sum from Gibson, and potentially another source.  The woman also got her fifteen minutes of illicit fame.  The answer to all of the above is Yes.  To the rank outsider, the conspiracy doesn't seem plausible.  It appears too complicated and outlandish.  We must not forget who these people are, what they do professionally, and the scope of their wealth and influence.  They are opinion makers. They collectively work to change the public's opinions and views.  They have a century of experience.  Do not underestimate their abilities and the ability of the source of their work - Lucifer.  I'll wager Mel Gibson might agree with this supposition.  

Their goal was to utterly ruin and embarrass Gibson - to set an example to others who might think about resisting their orders.  No one escapes after these interests set their sights upon a person, for fame, or for disrepute.  

Mel Gibson lost his way.  He lived in the belly of The Beast - literally. He forgot the source and the objectives of the company he kept - his professional familiars.  They are committed to mocking and ridiculing, for the purpose of eliminating, religion and God.  They work to create rules of behavior for society - secular humanistic rules.  

Punishments are part of any ideology - especially one deigned to control and manipulate the public. I could go on and make correlations between certain Jewish interests and Communism, et al; a secular, Godless, amoral influence to usurp control of government.  The Rosenbergs are one example.  Reading the History of Joe McCathy's hearings reveals many more Hollywood members.  The history of Communist Party in America reveals still more.  The Jewish religion for this group is merely an ostensible sign, a rallying point that is actually antithetical to the religion.  It's like being a Mason.  It's a club to differentiate members - an to claim the hidden benefits.  Their professional actions are so divergent to the practice of the Jewish religion, and the beliefs therein, claiming they are Jews makes no sense - other than one proposed here.  They hide behind Judaism to enjoy the universal protections it provides them - Jews are victims. They cannot be questioned or critiqued - otherwise a person is attacked as antisemite. The label is used like racist or sexist, or phobe. It is a generic protection against inquiry or truth telling.  These people can only claim Judaism inferentially. They in no way follow the Jewish religion in their professional endeavors.  Their work antagonizes the religion - to be kind.  

Mel Gibson, get back to your family and God.  He will forgive you.  Your wife and family may too, if you truly repent.  You life won't be the same, but you can atone. Find the solitude and contentment only God provides.  You've done enough public works.  You want a project?  Use your influence to help those who will forgive you - the religious people in America and elsewhere.  They are in the fight of their lives to avoid the fate your Hollywood enemies designed.  

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