Thursday, August 27, 2015

Life vs The Culture of Death

Devaluing human life is a necessary requirement for any secular, subjective, humanistic society.  The ideology may not elevate one behavior, or choice over another.  The circumstantial morality preferred by secular humanists provides no tempering aspect for the individual or society.  The consequence of these preferences are ghastly and dehumanizing.  

The entire purpose of mankind existing is to experience life and learn from the exercise. Even secular humanists believe this. They differ from religious people in that they believe this earthly life is all there is.  No afterlife exists for them.  Alternatively, religious people view the earthly life as a qualifying round for an eternal afterlife. When a human earthly life is the totality of existence, the motivation to maximize its value becomes A Priori - literally. Secularists naturally wish to acquire as many comforts and meaningful (to them) material possessions, and power, as their short lives, and effort, permit.  

Morality, right and wrong, good and evil, are radically different concepts in a secular mind.  To a majority, they are stupid and irrelevant considerations - except when they provide the secularists a political argument.  When they conflict with temporal desires, the secularist more often than not, views them in the same equivalent and conditional "relative" perspective he uses for other components of life.  Good and evil, right and wrong, are contingent upon circumstances and Needs asserted. Needs also suffer redefinition. They are not true needs - essential items for life, that, without which, people die, and/or suffer significantly and then perish - type needs. Secular needs are lumped into legitimate needs.  These are products of temporal wants and appetites tortured to assert as a need.  The dishonesty required to be an adherent of Secular Humaism is astounding. However, deceit is readily accepted by those whose chosen behaviors are degenerate by traditional standards, or who are compromised by the totality of selfish interests - single issue voters, or when it works to destroy traditional values and standards - upon which, all the liberties used to argue for erradicating the liberties - to advance special individual interests, are based.  

The last clause is useful as it provides a reference for secular logic - destroy a thing that enables you to accomplish something because it interferes with your personal agenda, comforts, appetites - or requires cooperation with traditional society at large.  

Eternity is a very long time. Long enought to render this speck of time that defines earthly life properly. The opportunities resident in the afterlife are predicated by the choices made and behaviors displayed while living an earthly existence.  Your author attempts to avoid interpreting the Lord's motivations and compliance standards, but, scriptures infer some choices made while in the flesh, appear to compromise the soul eternally.  Murder is one act that may rise to that hellish standard.  

The conflict between secular humanism and religion generically is historic and deadly.  The two standards are antithetical and unable to peacefully co-exist.  This is acutely evident if one views the current religious conflict in America.  The fundamental political objective of the Progressive Left, advocates for secular humanism and no fault existence, must obtain authority over life and death.  Their ability to eliminate opposition using any means necessary has always been requisite. No installment of secular humanism has avoided the murder of many.  Nearly 200 million perished in the worship of equivalence.  Secular humanism is a Death Cult. They are obsessed with death because death is an instrument which must be employed with regularity and vigor to pursuade dissenters and eliminate competition. Secular humanism cannot withstand an honest debate or competition.  People love freedoms - and those may not exist is a secular society.

Murder in the secular society begins early in life for many souls and groups.  In certain groups murder is profoundly punitive and perverse.  Abortion claims half of all black births in America. Currently, more black infants are aborted than graduate high school within black America.  That evidence provides the true measure of secular humanism, its sensibilities and sensitivities.  

Not producing a self reliant, non-equivocal, absolute behavioral standard, permits and silently endorses any standard of behavior.  Not requiring a person adhere to an absolute standard, and not punishing violations of the standard, assures unorthodox and violent behaviors expand and go unchecked. When education is considered stupid, and a waste of time; "Acting White", breeds a community of self destructive  criminality and violence that does not respect life.  A life committed to dependency is the perfect idiom of secular humanism - materialism trumps moral considerations using equivalence.   

A respect for life sits at the core of Christianity and most religions. All laws and standards in a religious society are contingent upon that relationship. When the most innocent mebers of a society, the truly At Risk, infants in the womb - are brutally dismembered, under the mantle of Choice (to prevent the population dependent upon the state growing too large) it reveals the depravity of the ideology used to argues for retaining the authority to murder the unborn. 

Life holds no value in this ideology.  That sentiment is conveyed in the absence of absolute standards, and the non-existent controls and punishments needed to achieve it.  Others standards required for success are similarly dismissed and regarded as optional. Every choice is presented as equivalent - all outcomes and objectives are viable. Maintenance of an acceptable population size - to provide sufficient votes needed to win elections, while keeping the population in a size that does not over tax fiscal requirements, is a dicey problem. Only murder provides adequate flexibility. 

The Culture of Death pervades secular humanism, and the political party that embraces, promotes, and funds it. Democrats cannot divorce themselves for the actual consequences of their adopted and favored policies. Their disdain for life, God, tradition - behaviors that elevate humanity, is evident in their rabid arguments to preserve abortion, ignore the reality and consequences present in the black community, and desire to make the outcomes present in the communities supporting the Democrat Party - the only option available. Total control of government is required for this ideology to operate as intended.  Murder, death and intimidation are essential elements, needed to pursuade opinions, and eliminate God.

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