Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Racist Written Exams

A judge in New York has ruled that certain applicants for employment in New York are dumb – too stupid for words. They are so stupid they cannot pass the entrance exam. What’s the test? Doctor? Lawyer? Accountant?  Security Trader? Nope!  The Teachers exam is too difficult. This exam reveals if the applicant knows “something” about teaching liberal arts. Teachers must be competent. The public wants its teachers SMART. Passing a Teacher competency exam seems a rudimentary, and, fundamental requirement.

Lawyers and judges are making this more complicated than necessary – or wise. A lawyer, representing people who failed the exams, asserted the written exams are Racist. A judge, Kimber Woods, A Clinton appointee – agreed. In other words, these two publicly stated minority teacher applicants are idiots – incapable of passing a simple teacher’s exam. The Attorney literally claimed the exam is a racist test on a news show. By extrapolation – any written exam is racist. If this ruling stands, precedence is created – the written exam is a racist instrument to oppress minorities.

The people who failed the exam – want the test results thrown out – and given a teaching job anyway.

Brilliant!  Incompetent teachers are employed. People incapable of teaching children will become the preferred candidates. Increasing racial Incompetence quotas is what motivates them. Great idea! The real world outcomes of this complaint –
if incompetent teachers are employed – the academic performance of children degrade. This concession is purposeful. The concession will eventually produce Stupidity set asides – to go with the skin color set asides. It can be argued they are the same, you know. Read on… you’ll see why.

How did minorities teachers get so freaking dumb? The incompetence lawyer repeated a long standing Progressive answer: Socio-economic disparity and bad schools are responsible for Black Under-performance. This supposedly excuses this teacher testing failure too.

Let’s review these two topics.
Socio-Economic Conditions Predicate Minority Success and failure Argument:
This claim is a vote bribing scam. It presumes that money is the root, or source, of all accomplishment – AND – an exclusive derivative for brain power. This argument suggests – No one growing up poor can ever be smart.

Conversely, and just as significant – No person growing up rich can ever be dumb. What rot! Rich kids fail in school just like poor kids. There are differences among rich brains. There are differences among poor brains.

One significant difference in SMART Poor children is cultural. Smart minority kids are accused of acting white – if they study and do well academically. Some poor black students are physically assaulted – for not being stupid. Evidently, some Black communities revere stupidity. Studying and expending effort in those communities is exclusively a white kid phenomenon.

Whose fault is this? Who is to blame? There must always be a Villain in racial disparity – ALWAYS!

Are Mom and Dad to blame? Nope!  Minority Dad cannot be blamed. Dad does not live in the home. Nor can Dad be made to care for Mom and the offspring he created. Forcing that outcome would be racist – and violate LBJ’s welfare rules – No MAN in the House!! Minority Mothers cannot be made to stop making babies either. That proposition is racist too. Revering stupidity (See above) assures dependence. Rewarding breeding makes more uneducated children. That is one goal for Democrat politicians.

Genetic Consequences Predicate Minority Success and failure Argument:
Genetics affects every human trait – Heights, weight, swiftness, slowness, muscles sizes, eye color, skin color, hair type, and more – are all a result of genetics. Importantly, the way a brain is wired, the physical configuration of the nerves, dendrites, neurons, brain size, and other physical features of the brain, are all a result of genetics. As a consequence, the way a brain operates is derived and/or predicated by these brain traits.

Paying attention in class and working towards learning – studying, practice, sticktoittiveness MAY all combine to improve brain power, BUT…be clear, no amount of study, practice, sticktoittiveness can improve a brain that is not optimally configured! Apes and man contain 97.5 of the same genetic code. Why/How: intense instruction beginning at birth cannot make an ape speak, or function above a certain intellectual threshold? ANS: It’s the brain configuration.

Some academics rejected the genetic interpretation. Differential Psychologists at University of Minnesota acted to investigate intellectual causality – and prove, once and forever, nurture and teaching and loving – “caring” collectively – were primarily causal for intellect. In their opinion – Genetics was pfffft! Unimportant. UM Researchers studied Twins, separated at birth – twins raised in disparate environments, by disparate adoptive parents. The twins nearly scored identical results when IQ tested. Moreover, Once the twin who was denied the superior education was exposed to it – their IQ scores equaled their “smarter” twin. The findings in the study… Socio-Economic conditions didn’t mean squat. On balance, environmental conditions (Nurture/Caring) were unimportant.

What does this tell us?

All the king’s horses, and All the king’s men, cannot make a stupid brain smarter. Genetics predicate the physical configuration of all brains. Some configurations support a high intellect. Other brain configurations do not support a high intellect. Analogously, an inferior brain configuration will never achieve parity with a superior brain configuration. No amount of money, time, and effort spent trying to palliate the differences can amend the IQ disparity. This makes for a horrific dilemma.  Inferior brains are a permanent condition. “Investing” to ameliorate the inferior condition is a waste of time, and money, and effort.

The few corrective actions that can make stupidity less of a burden on society are rejected by Democrats, schools, and well meaning, but uninformed “Caring Addicts”. Unlike many other human physical conditions, the brain you are born with is there for life. There are no contact lenses, or hair dyes, or weight loss programs to improve a bad brain. Training – to obey the laws, in fields of employment where the inferior brain can grasp the requirements, is the optimal solution.

The Progressive idiom – teaching every child a College Prep curriculum is a costly and egregious waste of time, effort, and money.

Significant troubles arise when this disparate intellectual reality is ignored.  Once the inferior brain learns it cannot compete in the classroom, it acts to disrupt the learning by others. This removes the focus from its inferiority, and, works to keep others similarly stupid. Not removing the inferior brain from the classroom assures the outcome desired by the inferior brain – and Progressive Democrats – materializes.  The Democrat Party goal is making certain race based incompetence outcomes prevail. Use the incompetence set aside to bribe the votes of the stupid.

Test are difficult… Tests are supposed to be difficult!
We want the best our tax money can buy when our safety, our lives, our property, our families, and our children are at risk or under attack. Untested, racial set asides assure that incompetence is given equal, or preferential, footing with competence – and compensated at the same rate. Importantly – agreeing with this complaint is overtly admitting minorities are inherently stupid and incapable of mediocre achievement.

The actions in this matter elevate race above competence. Consequently, they purposely ignore the intellect and lives of the children they intentionally jeopardized. That is prejudicial, discriminatory, and EVIL. Discrimination promoting an absent intellect is the shortest path to self destruction – since it places the least capable in positions of authority. Incompetence cannot be trusted to take informed decisions.

Those alleging discrimination and racism are actually insulting minorities using racial criteria. It is appropriate those favoring this action, are exclusively served by those for whom they advocate – police, firemen, teachers, etc.

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