Monday, August 31, 2015

NEW Dark Matter Postulates = more I Don't Know.

Physicists and cosmologists are befuddled by a lot of things.  For people that are ostensibly brilliant, they sure are dumb.  This is not an uncommon phenomenon. When a bright mind is indoctrinated and not permitted to consider, let alone investigate, the "Standard Model", or the Eucharist of quantum physics/QP - the Copenhagen Effect (Uncertainty Principle), because so doing would invalidate 100 years of accepted beliefs, quantum physics is doomed to remain in a posture of not knowing.  

Dark Matter was recently determined more of a problem - more confounding  than previously suspected. When a topic is structured in a manner where potential answers are precluded, or indemnified from investigation, progress is  hampered. This problem arose way back when QP was in its infancy.  All the measurable on particle physics were wrong, inconsistent, did not makes sense - when compared to classic, Newtonian physics. Certain physicists had ideas they were certain were true.  SOME of the measurable suggested an assumption was potentially possible. (Others did not.) 

Undeterred, and tired of wasting time in a field where progress was stymied, certain physicists chose to break with the scientific method. They ignored philosophical truths. A presumption - the Uncertainty Principle - was manifest using a perversion of mathematics.  The presumption directed the operators and equations chosen. But even that required special operators and specific assumptions be made regarding the electron/photon. 

Some scientists and physicists, (like Albert Einstein) went nuts. He was so offended he mocked the Uncertainty Principle and its adherents- effectively saying - let them rest on a pillow of (false) assumptions. Fast Eddie Schrodinger, who provided the special operator needed to make the Uncertainty thesis (chance) work, later on refused to take credit and expressed a deep outrage and disappointment with his actions. He regretted the creation and use of his operator, AND... QP generically.  

The problem for QP, and its adherents, is their unwillingness to honestly investigate their discipline free from other assumptions made in science, philosophy. A blind fealty to Evolution prevented, and continues to prevent, QP from advancing, or reconciling past mistakes made. These conflicts are considerable and literally sit at the heart of QP. These are problems QP created fro themselves the day they adopted a presumption to solve one set of conditions they preferred.  

Science wanted to preserve their newly awarded authority as the exclusive holder and giver of information.  Darwin and Nietzsche had murdered God a few years before.  Science assumed that Godly authority. This made many people very wealthy and freed others from the moral shackles they attributed to religion and God.  The European aristocracy funded the discovery/murder and hoped to benefit from the death.  They could do what they wanted with no God peering down and influencing law and behaviors.  

Their predictions did not materialize as planned.  In less than 50 years, all but one of the aristocracies were replaced by alternative forms of government. The aristocracy members remained but held little power and influence. Figure Head arose as the term describing the impotent monarchs.  The average man was also freed from the moral dilemma. QP was in the turmoil of this upheaval. They painted themselves into a philosophical, metaphysical, and professional corner.  

Overtime, Darwin's predictions of special fossil evidence failed to appear.  Numerous conflicts and contradictions arose that should have ended evolution as a theory - but it didn't.  Science and government were addicted to their power.  Science assumed greater and greater authority and replaced belief in God. They simultaneously were granted the authority to issue governments the data governments wanted and needed to expand past their natural, God given, authority.

Science should have learned a lesson when the Miller-Urey experiment did not come close to expectations.  Power and greed prevented that.  But Miller-Urey did expose a need - to cover their tracks, failures, and unscientific behaviors. Lying became expedient and necessary.  Distortion, falsehoods, and gratuitous lies invaded science. Its credibility continues to rest on a flimsy foundation - evolution.  Science refused to re-consider the realities of the universe in any other way.  

The electron/photon are the same object. This particle, component, wave, the something it is - present in all matter and energy - cannot be located, isolated, or measured.  Guessing makes due.  No one has sought to locate another form of electron/photon. That alternative form is the one that imparts life.  It is implicitly and empirically different from the nominal object identified and entertained by QP.  There is no other explanation for the various inconsistencies.  One brave physicist actually termed a quark the God Particle.  He is at least on the right path.  There is a God Particle and it exists in areas not yet observed  or, within the electron/photon, and/or it radically alters the traits nd properties of that object.  

The conflicts and quandary facing science and QP can only be rectified by going backwards and re-examining the entire discipline and science generically by deferring to another unseen, undetectable, and unobtainable object - GOD!  Either that, or the contents inside the atom represents a dimensional threshold where classic physics does not obtain.  God must laugh himself silly.

Paul's Epistles: Love, Charity and Self Reliance.

Revisiting scriptures is always a good idea.  It is amazing what is forgotten over forty years. When that is combined with the variety of a person's interests, and how that may direct their reading, the impact can dislocate continuity and obscure the useful information.  I attended seminary while in High School.  The Old and New Testaments were covered in detail.  Recently re-reading Paul's works reacquainted me with the complications in his life when he scribed them and the useful content therein.  

Paul lived on the run while he wrote the Epistles. Romans, Jews, and others wanted him dead or imprisoned.  Visiting Christians in various locations was literally a life and death act.  Through it all, Paul remained consistent and unwavering in his beliefs and comments.  I happily discovered material that supports the Thesis on electrons/photons presented in this blog and confirmed the true Christian ethos.  Paul's remarks additionally reiterated the joy and beauty available in living the Commandments.  That was needed this past weekend.  My spouse and I had an argument.  We seldom do that.  Once a year is the norm.  This argument hit us both in our weakest areas. It was heated and emotional.  It rendered me incapable of doing anything.  Fortunately, Paul's admonitions realigned my perspective.  The following does not articulate my personal troubles, but does impinge upon a comprehensive mentality.

Reading scriptures is now a daily necessity for me, apparently.  That keeps my focus closer to God, and antagonistic energies at a distance or manageable.   The current state of the nation was clearly revealed in the Epistles.  Details were profuse and pointed.  Turning away from God's commandments, religion generically, and acting to install a secular, subjective, humanistic, relative and amoral, environment is well underway by the adversary's minions.  

Paul stated money is the root of all evil.  I disagree on the source, if not the underlying impetus - Advertising defines and refines greed, avarice, envy, jealousy, and ambitions.  Starting with the first Montgomery Ward catalogue, advertisers sought to grow wealthy - money.  How they inspire others is the point of my demarcation. Advertising overtly implies the target audience holds no value, or a lesser value, if they do not own the product offered.  "You ain't s__t unless you own - a something, is currently the pressure/method used.  Entire segments of society re-enforce this assertion.  Ownership of another something that meets all the practical uses a product ostensibly is owned to deliver, is not satisfactory.  The customer is depreciated for not purchasing the most costly, garish, or new device(s) available.  Examples include: cell phone, auto, name brand apparel, grooming habits and devices, knowledge of specific topics, and more.  These items will preclude a person's ability to associate with others, avoid denigrating comments, and may prevent their entering certain establishments.  Being COOL is defined in large part by the products owned.   

The same society asserts a Christian potentially faces a conflict if they fail to impart of their wealth to the needy. Christians are hypocrites based upon a pseudo-secular political interpretation of the scriptures.  This perspectives serves the interests of subjective humanists.  They seek to purchase each vote and loyalty with subsidies and arguing for antagonistic goals to separate groups of people - using race, sex, sexual behaviors, and wealth.  

Be clear, Christianity does NOT require an adherent part with their wealth to a needy person if the needy do not act to sustain themselves using the resources are available to them.  People who do not act to sustain themselves are owed nothing - unless they qualify as needy under specific exceptions - certain widows, orphaned children, the crippled and infirm, and others whose legitimate and concerted best efforts leave a shortfall.  

Each father is charged with protecting and providing for his wife and children.  Each wive is charged with supporting her husband - who is the final authority in the family.  Children too are expected to chip in an contribute as they may.  Certain unavoidable conditions; drought, acts of God, famine, etc, mitigate need. Past these, No One is generically eligible for assistance, nor are they owed assistance - as Progressives argue.  In the modern culture, many of the so-called needy live in poverty by choice.  The degree of poverty experienced is more often than not a result of choices made that depreciate the subsidy income provided - by numerous private and public sources.  Cell phones, real property ownership, elaborate, expensive, and unnecessary attire options, are chosen over essential needs - leaving a deficit in income for food and shelter.  To contend these individuals are eligible for assistance is ludicrous and actually conflicts with scripture.  Certain religious institutions ignore these eligibility standards and seek to provide sustenance to acquire more members - as this practice positions them to gain more income themselves.  The problem arising is the practice works to add credibility to the claims of Progressives.  It also prevents and denies people from realizing their God given grace.  Less is available for the truly needy when the practice is adopted.  

Race is used by Progressive to advance threats of violence, in addition to the moral implications.  Progressives purposely sought to  create law that prevents the father from residing with his family - the wife and children lose eligibility for state sponsored subsidy.  Eliminating the family structure is essential to make the state the provider and people dependent upon the state.  This assures votes and loyalty over generations.  Not regulating the procreation of women reliant upon the state assures family unity and blood legacy are lost.  Abortion is used to artificially regulate the numbers of mouths needing feeding - and provide others a convenient means to escape responsibility for sexual behaviors. 

The black community was the first targeted and remains the hardest hit.  One in four child lives with their biological father in a two parent home.  Fewer blacks graduate high school, get married, acquire college degrees, and provide for themselves and families, that when segregation was law.  Segregation can be inferred as better system to obtain black self reliance and success.  These facts are so disturbing, Progressives made inquiry into them and reporting them, or in anyway inferring a different outcomes is available - is a race crime.  Comparison may not be made - with the past, or against another race.  How this squares with Paul's admonitions is clear.  It doesn't. No amount of corruption  can make it.  The disturbing aspect is no one challenges this practice.  They permit it to flourish and all but doom children and families to dependency. Generational adherence to dependency is the career option promulgated. WHY, Democrats prefer this and do nothing to end it reveals their nefarious preferences and allegiances.  Black on black violence and crimes receives the same intervention. Black dependency and an over 90% loyalty to Democrats is evidence how well the system works.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

George Orwell's Prophetic Paradigm of Progressivism.

Today's topic is best read after reading another essay - written by a man I consider a modern prophet and a thinker with few peers, in the time he graced this earth and since.  His interpretations and predictions are lasting; evidence of his ability to interpret the workings of the human mind when consumed with Leftist objectives - bribe the dull-witted with promises of personal relief, and punishing the individuals they blame for their own incompetence.  George Orwell's essay: Writers and the Leviathan, is a commentary from 1948 that is as appropriate today for a USA reader, as it was when penned for a Great Britain audience.  I'm stunned after reading it.

Orwell was a critic for much of his professional life and that added to his understanding of motivations and long term outcomes/objectives.  The media functioning as a propaganda tool and political deceit is, actually, a recent phenomenon.  The ethos of the media once refused to tolerate the hypocrisy and dishonesty modern "mediaticians" employ with aplomb and vigor.  They did not fear being rejected and ousted from their employ as writers, personalities, or commentators for being biased, illegitimate liars.  Their oath and credo once mattered.  But, like al things Left, the anxiety that comes when they realize the majority rejects them prompts an enhanced vigor - the Ends desired Justify Any Means necessary.  The dull of wit remain in larger numbers than when Orwell wrote the article.  It is an occurrence deadly to liberty and free thinking people.  The media can be counted in the dull of wit category, as the eventual outcomes of Progressive ideology mandates a predictable and consistent end for their ilk.  You'd think, they would know the history and be wary.

The Founders, those men who risked their lives and careers to create the nation, shared their energy and intellects for a common objective - they wanted to birth a nation that, to the best of their abilities, reflected the considerable insight of their mentors which they advocated.  The second renaissance of thought, came from men like Hobbes and Locke.  A more comprehensive evaluation includes adding the Greek philosophers to the influences than impacted their efforts.  Another resource central to the thinking of the majority was Judeo-Christian morality and Biblical scripture.  A few others, like Franklin, were deists - believed in a Supreme Being.  None were atheist despite their claiming Liberalism was their shared ideology.

It is sad to know that word, Liberalism is now as utterly inappropriate, distorted, and dishonest, as the political views and objectives its adherents display.  Liberalism is perfunctory prevarication and a shroud for the true political ideology of Communism.  Orwell noted modern Liberal are the extreme, violent, and rigid devotees of ideology because at the onset of the mental illness, it was an unachievable objective.  It only became viable because the lies used to advance to it appealed to the dull witted who were, and remain, incapable of differentiating integrity from desire, or enmity from envy.  Liberalism/Communism is sustained, entirely from the prorated promises of equality, and the plentiful punishment voiced against those whom the intellectually insolvent despise, depreciate; but contemptuously covet. They fail to appreciate even if all their perceived oppressors were vanquished and their booty confiscated, their plight would remain unchanged without radical amounts of effort and sacrifice from themselves.  Essential realities are papered over, or ignored by Communist as they know the ideology is a Ponzi Scheme to benefit a very select few who must gain the advantages using severe totalitarian policies that employ murder and intimidation as levers to generate the extra effort and sacrifice required.  There are no short-term, quick fixes that satisfy the inclinations of the immediate gratification and greed Progressive's political base typically display.  They are uninterested in expelling effort, let alone extra effort.  They are lured into the collective - told they are "entitled".  They must be coerced by threat to perform, or eliminated to reduce demands upon the ever eroding assets of the state.  The deadly elements of Progressive politics are glossed over and ignored by those wanting a short easy path to improved lives.  They are uneducated and typically blind to history.  Their allegiance is excusable.  The media and party advocates' allegiance is inexplicable, or evidence of an emotional distortion that precludes better judgment.  

The Practical Quantum Essentials of Paradise - Choice and Consequence

The most insidious deceit propagated by the Left is creating an environment where actions that affront morality, or crimes the Left has deemed unimportant, have no consequences, and anyone considering responding to an action that breaks the moral or criminal code (sanctioned by the Left) becomes the offender.  

Choice in this scenario is not an implicit individual option exercised. Environmental factor influence outcomes.  The traditional evaluation where an individual and his choice are considered and analyzed for good or ill, is a subjective falsehood, a moral mirage constructed to oppress the individual.  Irresistible external forces are either unavoidable, or so compelling, they usurp a person’s will.  The person is a passive element in a circumstance, unable to determine and accomplish an objective.  One choice is no better than another.  All choices are equally valid – contingent upon circumstances and environmental pressures. 

The unspoken purpose of this deceit is to eliminate free will and reduce individual significance. The individual becomes an amorphous component in a metaphysical corruption of Newton’s laws.  An object in motion, or at rest, remains in motion, or at rest, until acted upon by some external force capable of altering the object's trajectory, or rest.  Removing free will removes the individual’s sovereignty and responsibility.  

Society's identified consequences for the choices found objectionable, typically based upon religious moral standards. Consequences were installed to remove or limit decadent or injurious outcomes arising from certain choices. Protecting society and its individual members was the worthy design.  Conversely, the Progressive Left presumes a superior, alternative, more compassionate, assessment - and outcome. The individual is disappeared into the anonymity, comfort, and protection of the Collective.  The Collective in this arrangement and perspective, is considered omnipotent. It is asserted to indemnify the individual from standing to answer for their choices.  The traditional axiom: actions have consequences – is derided as an uncharitable, and unnecessary oppression – evidence of a mean-spirited, and antiquated, punishment delineated from a malignant moral code.  The act of choosing is framed obtusely. Consequences are excused or nebulously precluded.   The illusion of choice is conspicuously irrelevant.  So too are any traditional consequences associated to the choice. 

The individual devolves into an irrelevant factor in this equation. The nefarious goal of the Left’s remodeling of choice is to depreciate the value of the individual, human life.  The benefits available from escaping personal responsibility are so enticing they initiate irrational equivalence and exuberation. Moreover, the limited intellect fixates upon selfishness. They feely associate the perceived personal gains and rejects rational considerations; and, the dire consequences the remodeling creates.  

Reading John’s Revelations puts this equivalence concept into context, and, predicts the purpose for its practice.  Acutely, the individual, or collective acts of seditious worship, and willingness to accept receiving a “Mark” – to function in society or a marketplace, convened to gain access to trade and buy, or proscribe participation, is an irreverent, unholy, objective. This is literally the demarcation for grace and a soul’s eternal solvency.  Many men willfully exchange a precious, essential gift imparted to them at birth, unconscionably.  They are instinctually aware of the illicit implications, but ignore them to gain the benefits and protections promised.  Greed and jealousy, or a fear of disassociation from the majority of their peers, prompt a short-term perspective that seeks to rationalize the option exercised – the Choice. The Left’s social order and construct inculcates excuse making and absolves responsibility.  Any choice is condoned – as it is not a choice. “Everyone does it”, conveys an inability, or reason, to resist and other irrational precepts – environmental influences mandated the option exercised.  

In either option, the soul disappears, or is co-mingled to anonymity - and damnation.   The promised consequences do not tempt more righteous behaviors – the lure of temporal satisfaction and a fear of faith, produce the impertinent choice. The Lord is depreciated, comparatively; evaluated less worthy of the individual’s affirmation.  A Father's love and compassion are provided no quarter.  The Lord has no option, as this equation is fixed, and, like many others, the operation of a universe is contingent upon the specific absolutes contained in a choice.  

Free Will is one important factor, implicitly granted to mankind that provides access to salvation.  The configuration of each soul contains specific electrons assembled and arranged in a consciousness that reflect the choices exercised in a life.  The choices made refine the confederated quantum components that will predicate their suitability for, their ability to survive, the conditions that physically define the afterlife.  Physical properties of matter and energy specifically assembled by choice in a consciousness, will predicate a soul’s eligibility to attain eternal grace.  These are not gratuitous options presented by a vain and callous God to evaluate the merit of the choices made.  They are practical essentials dictated by universal physical laws.  God must live with the consequences of the universe's laws, and man’s choices.  Each man determines his eligibility by choosing - to obey God's commandments (instructions that define eligibility) - or the contentment of the flesh. 

Choice, accordingly, has more intrinsic value than the Progressive Left comprehends, or is willing to admit.  That would invalidate their ideology, entirely.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mel Gibson - a Profile in Media Malfeasance and Personal Enmity.

The Biography people did a hit piece on Mel Gibson.  Only the first ten minutes avoid distortion, inference, innuendo and lies.  Mel obviously stepped on a few of the wrong toes.  Gaining success in the public eye has an unavoidable dark side.  Mel, like all the others who work in Hollywood, set themselves up for great fame, income, and derision.  Hollywood is the real world's equivalent of Manic Depression.  Those reporting on Hollywood are driven exclusively by envy, a bit of hate, and a peculiar sickness - a desire to live off the missteps and misfortunes of others.  The public reading about Hollywood people are driven to so do by the same obsessions and mental disorders: envy, jealousy, hatred, et al. 

The hit piece tries to gain traction when The Passion of the Christ is discussed.  Let's note no one in Hollywood would finance the film.  The film's topic, Jesus Christ, is one Hollywood despises and they work tirelessly to remove Christianity from the public discourse. Secular humanistic values they prefer.  Fact: a large number of wealthy and influential Jews control many studios. They also influence the work of other interests - film distributors and peripheral activities essential to the film craft. Businesses must consider these people if they wish to be successful, long term.  The Passion script contradicted Hollywood's World View.  Gibson bankrolled the film and distribution and every other costs to make and distribute the film. Gibson broke ranks with people who recently rewarded his efforts in Braveheart - two Oscars.  Gibson actions, by not heeding the Hollywood directive, marked him for permanent professional purgatory.  A number of influential Jews in Hollywood decided to ruin Gibson.  He became a marked man. Gibson overvalued his own power and underestimated his personal demons.  

Several Jewish opinion makers and "authorities" were interviewed before the film's release.  They claimed to take offense at the movie's content - they were setting the stage to expose Gibson's misbehaviors, because Gibson refused to obey their orders.  These Jewish authorities claimed the film inaccurately portrayed the Jews acted to murder Christ.  They claimed it was not true and no proof existed the Jews, in any way, murdered, or helped to murder, Christ.  One particularly stated Caiaphas never spit on Christ.  Collectively, they are Jews and may not read the Book of Matthew, for in that scripture each action of contention in the film is clearly documented.  The authority's comments are blatant lies and purposeful distortions.  These comments went unchecked, or challenged, in the documentary on Gibson. The documentary was likely enabled, at least in part, by the same influences targeting Gibson.  

The Book of Matthew reads, Caiaphas, used Judas to trick Christ, ordered the arrest of Christ, questioned him while beating him, then held a mockery of a trial and pronounced the sentence - death.  Caiaphas and the Jewish leaders faced a problem.  The Romans controlled Jerusalem.  Only the Romans could order the death sentence and commit the execution.  The Jewish authorities presumably know this and chose to lie about Gibson and the film's derogatory (to them) content. Caiaphas and the Jewish leadership brought Christ to Pilate, the Roman in charge demanding he execute Christ for breaking Jewish laws - again clearly documented in Matthew.  Pilate ordered a flogging.  That was not enough for the Jews present.  Pilate finally gave the Jews present a choice - Barrabas or Christ could be freed - based upon an annual local tradition.  They chose Barrabas - condemning Christ. To declare the Jews played no role in Christ's execution, is past distortion and prevarication, it is a purposeful act with more than a film's content motivating the lies.  The passion film made 600 million dollars - to the chagrin of the people attacking and trying to ruin Gibson.  They likely double down to ruin him.  If his work could not be ruined, they would ruin him.  

Gibson's "Orthodox" Catholic views were also attacked and mocked as antiquated and not in keeping with "Modern" Catholic edicts.  Gibson's father held these views and taught them to Mel and his family.  They then attacked his father and inferred he should denounce his father - knowing he would not. This refusal was used to heap condemnation upon Gibson.   

The stress and sudden change of circumstances no doubt confused Gibson.  He probably saw it, but couldn't bring himself to contemplate the degree of obfuscation and conspiracy surrounding him.  Mel lost sight of Lucifer's power and will.  Mel has set himself up to Lucifer's disciples to infiltrate his personal life and professional ventures.  

No record exists that documents these Jewish influences working behind the scenes to ruin Gibson's personal life.  Gibson admitted his self medication with alcohol, and who knows what other drugs, ingredients.  Could Gibson be tempted with a planted Russian beauty in the employ of these Hollywood power brokers?  Could Gibson be led, or coerced into drinking with the woman and others to make business deals?  Could the woman be instructed to become pregnant; to break his marriage?  Mel lost his ways and forsook his values.  Could the woman be bribed to incur Gibson's rage and then record Gibson's comments during their break up?  She was getting a large divorce sum from Gibson, and potentially another source.  The woman also got her fifteen minutes of illicit fame.  The answer to all of the above is Yes.  To the rank outsider, the conspiracy doesn't seem plausible.  It appears too complicated and outlandish.  We must not forget who these people are, what they do professionally, and the scope of their wealth and influence.  They are opinion makers. They collectively work to change the public's opinions and views.  They have a century of experience.  Do not underestimate their abilities and the ability of the source of their work - Lucifer.  I'll wager Mel Gibson might agree with this supposition.  

Their goal was to utterly ruin and embarrass Gibson - to set an example to others who might think about resisting their orders.  No one escapes after these interests set their sights upon a person, for fame, or for disrepute.  

Mel Gibson lost his way.  He lived in the belly of The Beast - literally. He forgot the source and the objectives of the company he kept - his professional familiars.  They are committed to mocking and ridiculing, for the purpose of eliminating, religion and God.  They work to create rules of behavior for society - secular humanistic rules.  

Punishments are part of any ideology - especially one deigned to control and manipulate the public. I could go on and make correlations between certain Jewish interests and Communism, et al; a secular, Godless, amoral influence to usurp control of government.  The Rosenbergs are one example.  Reading the History of Joe McCathy's hearings reveals many more Hollywood members.  The history of Communist Party in America reveals still more.  The Jewish religion for this group is merely an ostensible sign, a rallying point that is actually antithetical to the religion.  It's like being a Mason.  It's a club to differentiate members - an to claim the hidden benefits.  Their professional actions are so divergent to the practice of the Jewish religion, and the beliefs therein, claiming they are Jews makes no sense - other than one proposed here.  They hide behind Judaism to enjoy the universal protections it provides them - Jews are victims. They cannot be questioned or critiqued - otherwise a person is attacked as antisemite. The label is used like racist or sexist, or phobe. It is a generic protection against inquiry or truth telling.  These people can only claim Judaism inferentially. They in no way follow the Jewish religion in their professional endeavors.  Their work antagonizes the religion - to be kind.  

Mel Gibson, get back to your family and God.  He will forgive you.  Your wife and family may too, if you truly repent.  You life won't be the same, but you can atone. Find the solitude and contentment only God provides.  You've done enough public works.  You want a project?  Use your influence to help those who will forgive you - the religious people in America and elsewhere.  They are in the fight of their lives to avoid the fate your Hollywood enemies designed.  

Monday, August 17, 2015

Victimless Crimes and other Liberal Logic Logorrhea

Progressives, Liberals, Marxists, Communists, et al - may never tell the truth. The Democrat Party provides an insightful, if not menacing, example of the egotistical distortions, fabrications, deceptions, and falsehoods that are a mandatory skill set the Progressive politician must master.  They lie, when the truth more than suffices. The reasons making prevarication a practical Progressive political essential arises from its economic and charitable insolvency.  The Marxist ideology (Progressivism) is unsustainable and infeasible in practice that consistently delivers insolvent outcomes. Associating the philosophy with a Ponzi Scheme is a kinder, but wholly accurate comparison.

Compounding the difficulties that prompt prevarications, are the eventual solutions required to sustain the philosophy and maintain control over the declared compassionate objective of the ideology - the Worker/Citizenry - the "Everyman".  The philosophy's unspoken reality, a Totalitarian state, is found in the actions taken to eradicate opposition and eliminate the escalating demands of the Workers.  The axiomatic tactics employed are murder and deprivation.  Combined, a toll approaching 200 million human lives is the acceptable cost to advance and sustain Marx's ideology(s). The ideology is literally bankrupt - fiscally and fundamentally.

This philosophy may not, will not, tolerate opposition in this life or the next. God, any deity, is a declared enemy of the State.  A deity will influence, or command the allegiance of a Worker – in preparation for an afterlife. The ideology demands the State, collectively, exclusively, assume the authority of a secular Almighty.  The State seeks and enforces a zero tolerant obeisance.

The source of this vindictive virtue is the Communist Manifesto - Das Kapital.  That document reveals Karl Marx's ambitions, preferences, and natural inclinations. The beliefs and ambitions stated reveal his atheism and hated of a God. Marx stated in a poem: "With Satan, I have struck my deal." Karl Marx also stated he'd gleefully throw humanity into the abyss to achieve his goals.  A study of Marx's documented personal preferences, and perversions reveal a condescending, selfish, bitter collection of the contemptible convictions of a lazy, failed, human parasite. Marx displays his preference for envy, indulgence and enmity. The limits to acquiring power are stated in his conclusion: the desired ends justify the use of any means necessary.

Another advocate of profligate behaviors, Fred Nietzsche, wrote much that aligns with Marx, and indicates a shared resentment, indulgence of appetites, and angst. Nietzsche was the more famous and respected philosopher - for dubious reasons. To his credit, Nietzsche, at least, possessed the ability and dedication to author his maniacal anxieties alone. Comparatively, Marx chose an unkempt, and resentful lifestyle.  He relied upon the generosity of others - whom he secretly despised to subsidize his sloth and care for his wife and children.  Examining the details of Marx's comments exposes a demented personality who held views and beliefs diametrically opposed to the lies of compassion and charity he voiced in a superficial objective - to provide a parity of wealth and status for all Workers. That objective is ostensibly realized from stealing property and liberties from successful individuals. Marxism's central thesis is the confiscation of all property and wealth.  The State then redistributes the property to others – predicated upon their needsneeds the State assesses and defines.  Bribing allegiance is the prime directive.

If we advance a practical intellect upon Marx, his deluded disdain for mankind must, inexorably pollute his philosophical objectives.  History records a startling depravity when Marxism is applied.  Stalin's directed the starvation of tens of millions. Mao's condemned a similar number.  Pol Pot's decadent demands sentenced hundreds of thousands to starvation, or murder in the killing fields of Cambodia. Examine any country when Communism/Marxism was adopted. The investigation will always yield the true needs of Communism, a very select few confiscate wealth and property and control.  The Workers die, or live life in a decadent, depreciated state.  Luxuries are derided as the Bourgeoisie's intolerable and unjust arrogance - save the State operatives.   

Marx’s malfeasant manifesto is ostensibly a doctrine of equality and justice.  Conversely, in practice, and reality, it is a secular dogma perniciously composed as an appeal to deviant plebeian emotions: envy, greed, condescension, and absence of ambition. The doctrine masquerades as a vehicle to impartially install compassion and equity. It is not.  It is a philosophical perversion preferred, and appealing to, the human failures exposed when a merit based competition renders a verdict upon mankind. 

Note: Marx and Engels anticipated a transition was required to complete his final vision of Communism.  A valid philosophy, needs no transition. A legitimate concept will arise monolithically and stand supported by the integral concepts that reward the citizen and diminish the costs the government extends upon the citizen.  Marx's transition is a red flag - indicating Communism must initially acquire sufficient power and control before revealing its "evolved" morphology. Many of the malignant requirements of Communism are subdued and overlooked by the insipid and ardent Workers.  The appeal of Communism, false promises, predictably compromise the attentions of a limited mind. It was specifically designed to attracted and appeal to idiots.

The dull mind, unable to compete in a society, or reason properly; defined as an I.Q. under 80 (utilizing the standard deviations) sees a philosophy promising an artificial advantage to assist them overcoming their innate inferiority, and lack of  enthusiasm.  Intellects falling below 100, are typically the targets of Communism. Vladimir Lenin termed them "useful Idiots".  The dull mind eschews the sacrifice and dedication that when married to considerable effort delivers self reliance and expanded opportunity - the twin pillars standing upon the foundation of Western Civilization's successes.  

In another time, these souls would perish early in life as they are unable to sustain themselves.  They lack the acumen and attention required protect themselves from external threats and escape the natural consequences - predation, and unanticipated, incompetent, acts leading to self destruction.

Individually, and collectively, Communism is antithetical to the persuasions of a natural man.  

Faith and Evolution

To accept and believe in evolution requires a significantly selective assessment of the evidence and information used to present and support the theory.  The scientific method proscribes using evidence where an exception stands that invalidates the theory or postulate.  Several pieces of evidence do this to evolution.

When a requisite component of a theory is missing, and remains missing, a component predicted to arise once better methods of acquiring evidence, and access to locations where the evidence may be found permitted, a component missing from the day the theory was propounded, renders the theory suspect. 150 plus years is ample time to discover fossil evidence of special evolution. The variety of species existing on earth presumes at least example of special evolution would surface.  None was discovered suggesting none exists.

The scientific method also mandates any theory endure intense scrutiny to determine the reasons why the requisite components remain missing and take steps to invalidate the theory if the missing information is not available, and the theory is widely disseminated and adopted as a pillar in the science community.

Ignoring information and evidence that discredits and invalidates the theory, or its supporting framework, is not an acceptable practice of science.  Somehow, evolution persists with its adherents knowing and admitting the omissions and failures noted above.

Unsubstatiated  belief, and belief in a principle or theory when the essential core components cannot be produced, and reproduced, as science requires, defies the standards of rigor science demands from other studies that conflict with science and evolution specifically.  Fealty to the scientific method and other aspects of the discipline claimed; that supposedly validate and venerate science collectively, are unconditional respecting evolution.  The reasons that move many, a majority who claim science as a profession, to embrace and aver the validity of evolution, more closely resembles religious faith.  That Faith, is little different from a theological requirement for Christians and other religions. Religious faith accepts some aspects of the religion's beliefs are not verifiable. Secular interests axomatically dismiss religous faith as it holds no evidence that supports its claims.  Religion accepting and asserting as true, the unverifiable aspects of the belief system, is utilized by secularists to denigrate and discredit specific religious tenets and religion collectively.

A simple conflict explains the dynamics that separate religion and secularists. The supreme being, God, recognized and worshipped by religion, and the authority conveyed to that being, is the friction point.  Science ascended to assume that authority when evolution was proposed.   If no God exists, as evolution suggested, science was best prepared to validate and provide mankind truths.  Science had revealed inconsistencies and falsehoods in several areas of religion prior to evolution's proposition.  Those revelations placed science in a position of respect.  At that juncture, science rightly deserved the respect afforded.  Their consistent behaviors and dedication to the standards that shaped and justified science's discipline and credibility were in part due to the reverence science held for God and religion.  The divergence required a quantum shift in the political winds and ideologies that out of desperation from an absent deity drove many to embrace materialism and temporal gratifications.  If earthly life was the extent of a life, the accrual of earthly delights and wealth became A Priori.

Within this vacuum, Marxism, and Nihilism - as described by Nietzsche, compounded confusions and affections.  Some governments forbade religion, and others incrementally adapted to the spread of evolution that, at that time, appeared poised to deliver evidence promised to make it legitimate and enhanced its credibility.  Science gradually assumed more and more authority as it better served the secular and temporal desires men in government and academe sought to control.  The loyalties of men, once God was removed as an from consideration as an option, fell in line; supporting the authority that abetted their prurient pursuits.  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Dual Slit Experiment - Proof Eternal Life and God are More than Possible

The Modern version of the Dual Slit experiment was first conducted in the early 1900s by physicists seeking to once and forever determine of the properties of the electron.  The confusion surrounding the duality of the electron prompted the experiment.  The electron is a component of every atom.  Component is the accurate term.  It may be a particle, and it may be a wave, contingent upon the environment and, apparently, the choice of the electron/photon.

At that time, all the observations suggested the electron was a wave - most of the time.  It behaved that way.  Problems existed.  Performing an actual observation and measurement of the electron was (and remains) impossible. A true smarty pants - Werner Heisenberg concluded the exact location of an electron could not be determined, and he scribed the Uncertainty Principle to define it.  Heisenberg was correct - at least in this existence and working the tools available, and ignoring any potential external, universal, influence.  Werner worked with another physicist Max Born.  Among other things, Born is recognized for making the Solar System model of the atom well known.  It is an inaccurate model, but serves the human senses' need to visualize this fundamental failure in physics.  Failure is the correct term.  Since the electron's position (and state) cannot truly be known, the model is inaccurate.  Born  went on to concluded "approximate locations" of the electron could almost be calculated. They could be guessed at.  Using the approximations was useful to create and work math expressions to achieve the objectives of physicists and other branches of science - sans the external universal influence.  Born's Matrices formed the approximate locations.  Problems remained.  The electron, which may also be a photon, based upon the gratuitous choice of the component, made matters difficult for quantum physicists.

Sunlight is a photon/electron.  The electricity used is a focused string of electrons.  Electrons literally weld every piece of matter together.  It is the "planet" object orbiting around the nucleus/sun in the atomic model mentioned above.  The Dual Slit experiment was devised to prove the electron was a wave, and since waves giggle around, not being able to determine their exact location was explained.  If only the experiment did that...

The experiment results made matters worse, much worse.  The outcome was so bizarre, physicists chose to determine what they saw interference - RE: WTF is that?  That was not supposed to happen!!!  When the experiment was conducted, they saw particles - Not Waves.  There was more.  The particles arranged themselves in orderly groups - so much for interference.  Rows of electron particles arranged in neat, graduated rows. It appeared the particles followed their predecessors, and, it might be inferred, they learned from them. Trying to measure and determine the electron made it change states.  The actions of the physicists can be suggested influenced the outcome.  The wave behaviors remained...  Why come the particles?  God laughed.

If the stringent secular views mandated by science and physics are removed, and an external universal influence is allowed in the room, much of the confusion evaporates. At least reasonable answers materialize.

Hypothetical: If the electrons cannot be located and their location determined, who is to say there is only one kind of electron.  Science discovers new sub-atomic components regularly.  "Quarks" are numerous and their purposes still a matter of guesswork.  Most of what is known about the sub-atomic realm is guesswork and defies classic physics.  That so disturbed Einstein he stated God does not roll dice - i.e. we don't know enuff.  Science will eventually learn classic and quantum physics agree.  I agree.

Let's theorize another electron type exists. Let give it unique properties - it provides life!  This is sound, because science has not yet used the standard electron to create life.  The Miller-Urey experiment proves the ordinary electrons fails to ignite life.

Let's further presume this new electron possesses sentience.  It senses the environment.  That electron will know when science is watching.  It will learn from its predecessor.  It will organize itself orderly - in a manner that MUST obtain - as Newton suggested all matter in the universe must so do.

Another brainiac - Ernest Schrodinger was so agitated by the electron/photon behaviors, and quantum physic's decision to ascribe only a secular environment for investigation and explanation, he made several statements defining his angst. NOTE: Schrodinger's expression validated Born's matrices!

E. Schrodinger:
"Although I think that life may be the result of an accident, I do not think that of consciousness. Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms. For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else."

"God knows I am no friend of probability theory, I have hated it from the first moment when our dear friend Max Born gave it birth. For it could be seen how easy and simple it made everything, in principle, everything ironed and the true problems concealed. Everybody must jump on the bandwagon [Ausweg]. And actually not a year passed before it became an official credo, and it still is."

The man who gave probability theory its expression (and legitimacy) came to renounced his work.  In the nicest way possible, Schrodinger infers the probability matrices are Too Convenient.  All the problems miraculously disappear - despite numerous conflicts and incongruence elsewhere in the study of quantum physics. (Probability is wrongheaded nonsense - is a less polite commentary.   The likelihood an external universal influence is responsible for life and that unique form of an electron is accordingly high. 

Electrons, at a minimum, move at light speed. Objects moving that fast overcome the known time/space restrictions.  Eternity is an absence of time.  Dimensional access and transcendance of the inherent restrictions is potentially enhanced or complimented at light speed. The precious commodity that is life, remains a mystery despite the advances science made. Miller-Urey, the experiment to show how life spontaneously erupted, is a profound, unmitigated failure. A special electron is required for life and consciousness. A confederation of electrons defines the human consciousness, or soul. An external, universal influence, God, is probable - much more than possible.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

True Detective's Most Revealing Truth

The HBO series True Detective grabbed my attention last season.  This year's story was not as appealing to me, but it did resurrect disturbing memories from my youth, and what I've learned since escaping California.  The main plot dynamic centered around the crimes committed by a rouge's gallery of politicians, foreign nationals, law enforcement, and the nominal California businessman - to purchase a stake in the High Speed railway planned. (This railway is a real event - AMTRAK is currently planning the rail system.) Many Californian businessmen gathered their investment nest egg from criminal pursuits.  Their legitimate businesses are bought with money gathered from drug sales and other activities in their youth. Crime is relied upon to gain entrance to, and in other instances to perpetuate, the legitimate ventures; as tax rates that exceed 50% consume so much profit "alternative revenues" are needed to supplement positive cash flows.   I knew a pair of business partners that operated a pair of new car dealerships, a leasing company, and ancillary pursuits.  After leaving the state, I learned both were sent to prison on drug convictions.  That was shocking, but not out of the ordinary. In the later 1970s, many curious executions occurred in the Central Valley.  Erstwhile yuppie couples were found murdered in their homes and other locations. Upon further investigation, drug related activities were determined causal in their deaths.

That is where your author's personal history intersects.  "Dabbling" in the drug trade was common for many I knew.  A person's individual greed, their risk tolerance, and business acumen determined how the dabbling eventually impacted their lives.  Risks are an unavoidable aspect.  The competition at the drug source often bleeds over into the "retail" marketplace.  If a person is not paying attention, or they become too greedy and invade another's "turf", or if they are unwilling to make the proper business choices, they may end up a statistic.  The actual purchase if rife with risks and dangers. Through my associations I learned intimidation was an all too frequent component.  Intimidation came directly, and when an associate in the trade experienced persuasion, a beating, theft of property, or death.  Some people got in, made a good profit, and re-invented themselves legitimately.  There are many businesses in California that grew out of the drug trade and other crimes.  A few grew their businesses to become influential.  Their criminal backgrounds are often relied upon to perpetuate their legitimate ventures.  That is why the True Detective show caught my fascination.  I once knew people like ones portrayed.

What is acutely disturbing is the reality of the show.  Democrat strongholds, states where Democrats controlled the government for decades - California, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, New York, and others, are where legal crimes thrive.  Wind farms that ostensibly produce electrical energy are one example. The farms consume huge tracts of land for a nominal energy gain.  They are inefficient, and when the wind stops produce no energy.  Ditto solar farms. These projects are funded by government exclusively for the companies that Democrats favor.  Cost over-runs, regulation violations, and the funds to create these exclusive set-asides are typical.

Alternative energy was created specifically to steal the infrastructure and market share bought and paid for by traditional energy suppliers - fossil fuels, hydro-electric, nuclear.  The alternative energy wanna-be competitors, the group whose must rely upon Democrats: regulate away their competition, pay for their new operations, subsidize their existing operations, and attack the competitions, so they may assume the wealth and market share earned by others. This is the Fascist aspect of Democrat policy making/business idiom.  It does not matter if the business operations sustain themselves. Democrats will subsidize the failures in perpetuity - see AMTRAK.  The goals are for the businesses to funnel back large sums of money into Democrat campaign coffers, share the money stolen from tax payers, and provide a physical edifice of the political argument.

The Solyndra solar panel debacle is an example worth examining.  500 million dollars was given to Solyndra - a grant! No strings...  Solyndra built a plant that enabled Obama a campaign video. That tour is the extent of Solyndra profits. The plant closed its doors less than one year after breaking ground.  Cheaper foreign products was blamed.  This price variant was not known, or anticipated?  Was this the rocket science complexity factor Solydra official missed?  Two-hundred and fifty million dollars was spent on the facility.  The remaining sum, an equal amount, was never accounted.  It remains missing.  Where did the money go?  No one is looking, but I suspect the Solyndra ownership, and perhaps, maybe, some Democrat entity divided the money.  To the Solyndra failure we can add Beacon, Ener-One, and several other alternative energy failures that received tens and hundreds of millions of dollars and closed; went bankrupt.

The new AMTRAK rail system is the newest example of theft and waste.  The railways will never reach the advertised objectives.  It won't compete with airline prices.  It won't draw consumers because most do not like going slower at a higher price.  Another ignored fact is the "cultural variances".  If tickets are eventually subsidized to Democrat dependents, many potential riders will avoid that option.  Additionally, the railway requires polluting thousands of "Pristine" acres for development. The supplemental businesses required to operate the railway will pollute more. As always in Fascist endeavors, a very small group will profit handsomely. The union will gain a few more members.  The annual government subsidy checks will increase. And, over time, the railway will descend into ignominy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

TCU's Contemptable Code of Conduct

  The Texas Christian University, TCU, is ostensibly a learning institution that embraces some attributes of Christianity. Why else include the religious designation? The school’s founders; Randolph and Addison Clark, wanted to create an institution that included a Christian environment and instruction; to compliment the standard secular academic studies. The founding Trustees belonged to the Disciples of Christ denomination; later named “Christian Church”.  That rubric was successfully followed for many years without incidence.  So how did a once obscure and tepid institution rise to national prominence? Answer: Pursue a punitive Progressive agenda that unintentionally exposes the school’s student Code of Conduct to the public.  TCU’s Code of Conduct is an intentionally nebulous, intellectual repressive, bigoted, and discriminatory word and thought restriction policy.  The policy is punctuated with specific content directed towards students TCU considers problematic. 

Enter Mr. Harry Vincent. Mr. Vincent is a non-descript, average, white, male student who loves his country, respects right and wrong, and, unfortunately for him, had the temerity to express himself on a social media site having no affiliation with TCU.  TCU suspended Mr. Vincent and threatened severe punishments for the comments made on the media site.  TCU directed Mr. Vincent to admit and confess his “sins” – or else the school would make his discipline more intense, more diverse, and inclusive.

The Vincent Matter unmistakably reveals the Christian designation at TCU disturbs its faculty and administrators.  They, like a majority of university professionals, are products of various enlightened, secular, institutions who believe they needn’t concern themselves with the stigma of religion; or the stigmata of Christianity specifically.  Christianity and religion are anathema to contemporary academic protocols where despotic directives and subjective humanism augment a totalitarian oppression reminiscent of the techniques the Stasi utilized to identify subversive elements in East Germany.  Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot adopted similar policies to re-educate their citizens, and instill the acceptable diversity perspective.  The Vincent Matter unveiled thought and word restrictions opposing reason, conspicuous academic debate, protections in the US Constitution, and an assortment of civil liberty regulations that legally affirm Freedom of Speech. These only obtain at TCU if the student belongs to an officially recognized “sanctioned group”.  

An exceptional element distorts the veracity of the allegations leveled at Mr. Vincent.  The “offensive” comments occurred on a social media site.  Student Harry Vincent did not associate his remarks with TCU.  His profile lists he studies at TCU.  The comments made by others (not students at TCU) that inspired Mr. Vincent’s objections, defamed the United States, and unambiguously declared the US deserved the 9/11 attacks. The comments also excused the recent mob violence, murders, and lawlessness in Baltimore, Maryland. Lastly, the comments inferred illegal immigration is a “right” that supersedes Constitutional and state laws.  The inflammatory comments that incited Mr. Vincent inferred alternative beliefs and views are held by knuckle dragging, ignorant, right-wing extremists – to use vernacular appropriate for this site and topic under discussion.  The person who posted the provocative comments encouraged other like minded souls to contact TCU and alleged offense. TCU chose to act upon their complaints against a student.

The crime of Offense, hurt feelings, emotional distress, owed to a verbal or written insult, typically inflicted by a stranger, is a subjective and circumstantial personal affront which cannot be explicitly defined, nor precisely gauged for impact, or consequence, due to the infinite number of potential human interpretations.  Offense is purposely selected as the causal device for untold, and irreconcilable grievances specifically because it affords an accuser unlimited latitude when framing the offense and the motivations of the perpetrator. 

To evaluate the details of this predicament, Mr. Vincent’s personal information is needed.  Harry Vincent is male, nineteen years of age, and White.  That combination is like religion, anathema to a majority of university faculty.  This assertion is not gratuitous or cavalier.  Educating three children delivered considerable insight with university admission policies.  My two sons faced curious and unjustified obstacles in their admissions. Their academic performance and accomplishments were not problematic. Their grade point averages and SAT scores were above their chosen university’s published acceptance requirements, and, similar publications that rank and define acceptance criteria nationwide. 

My oldest son’s application was rejected. I verified through the school his application was complete and proper.  The reason for his rejection was unspecified.  My son entered the university as an independent student, not a member of a matriculating class.  Curiously, the subsequent autumn, he was assigned to the matriculating class.  How? A considerable number of students the university, students accepted over my son, dropped out or were dismissed from the institution - due to poor grades, and other behaviors not conducive to the university’s “objective standards”.  We learned by investigation a number of the students unable to attain a passing grade received grants and scholarships.  Obviously, the aid and assistance afforded them was not owed to their superior academic acumen.  These students shared an absence of academic proficiency and other traits. They shared the same race, were female, or both.  My son went on to graduate Cum Laude using his God given talents and acquiring a considerable loan debt.

My youngest son is brilliant. He ranked in the top five percent of applicants – based upon the university’s published numbers.  No grant, nor a scholarship, was forthcoming, despite his significant academic accomplishments.  He was also a gifted athlete. A different (Ivy League) university offered him acceptance to gain his athletic prowess. (Ivy League schools don’t offer pure athletic scholarships.) My son preferred to attend the same university as his mother and father.  Our family holds a legacy relationship with the university, the state, county, and community. My wife’s family resided in the state where the university operates over 200 years.  The family paid taxes, and contributed in other ways, towards the development of the state and community for a very long time. They were Catholic. Through that affiliation they donated more effort, time, and money to improve the church, community, and state.  These significant contributions were not considered in the university admission policies.  Race, sex, and an obligatory “need”, were ancillary considerations for acceptance.  The school’s published demographics confirm the assertions. 

Comparatively, my daughter, who sought to attend the same university, had a GPA and SAT score slightly below the published acceptance averages. She was quickly accepted and added to the matriculating class. 

Affirmative action policies in higher education are profuse. The policies work to assure incompetence and inability are afforded every opportunity to fail.  They fail despite a plethora of tutoring and financial set-asides.  These are specifically designed to assist the incompetents enrolled utilizing any criteria except merit.  Comprehensive scholarships are available to certain targeted student groups who meet criteria having nothing to do with, and in contradiction to, the university’s declared mission - elite education.  The university claims the benefits attendant diversity and multiculturalism motive their actions.  That is a blatant falsehood.  Money is made available by the federal and state governments for scholarships, academic assistance, to erect buildings, and to subsidize activities that isolate the targeted diverse groups from their peers.  That money prompts the university’s diversity and inclusion programs. When diversity students wash out, the university keeps the scholarship and grant money. Then, should another diversity student replace the previous one, the university double dips.  The university is thus enabled to garner double tuition, double book sales, double room and board, etc.

White Christian males hold a distinction in academe. They are persona non grata. Universities adopted several uniform policies and created departments specifically to intimidate and suppress the performance the white male students.  The unwritten objectives and motivations in the Vincent Matter are dedicated to racial and sexual prejudice, discrimination, and uniform outcomes.  TCU’s purpose in funding and operating a Diversity and Inclusion department is to overtly bully students who enjoy qualifications the university abhors: white, male, Christian.

It is confounding the group that pay over 1/3 of the university’s tuitions, books, room/board, and add significant revenues in other areas: sports tickets, team clothing, food and beverages at games; the same group sitting atop the university’s donation solicitation list, are considered racist, vile, Untermenschen. Untermenschen is the term used by Nazis to classify the objects they murdered in Concentration Camps.  Untermenschen are not human; nor are they worthy of that designation – hence the term.  White males are an unfortunate complication the university must negotiate, until a time arrives when they no longer need to compromise, or conceal their true objectives. 

Segregation and affirmative action laws share a common designation and duration.  Segregation lasted 60 years.  Affirmative action nears eclipsing that mark.  If academic parity is possible, the duration of affirmative action is sufficient time to obtain it.  If a debt was owed (as some assert) it is paid in kind and term.  There is no longer a valid argument for the unconstitutional discrimination that suppresses and eliminates the comparative standard generated by white, Christian, males.  

Thought restrictions that insult Christian virtues and morality are antithetical to an organization claiming a Christian designation, TCU.  The Code of Conduct adopted defies civil rights protections – irrespective of the cowardly tactic the university employed (slinking behind the private university moniker) to avoid admitting the school’s policies are what they are, and their nefarious intentions unambiguous.

TCU does not enjoy the reputation or size of its academic competition.  Bluntly, comparatively speaking, TCU is an academic also-ran.  A lack of significant accomplishments in the faculty notwithstanding, TCU administrators have ambitions. Their actions in the Vincent Matter declare they are “Fellow Travelers”, and the equal of any Progressive institution where humanism and subjective assessments indulge and promote behavior and policy antithetical to religion, morality, and traditional American values.  They produce and preside over academic rigors that no longer include, nor tolerate, alternative views.  Extremists and enmity - masked as learning, oppress and indoctrinate students to promulgate their world view. Unfortunately, TCU is not alone.  TCU policies are scribed by a Progressive collective cabal that disseminates content across the nation to obtain a universal, zero-tolerance, student Code of Conduct; with special provisions for white, male, Christian students. TCU and other institutions need and want their white male Christian students cowed and fear filled. Parents, alumni, religious leaders, and concerned citizens, must act to end the defamation, distortions, and threats composed to ruin the careers of white, male, Christian children.  These policies have but one objective - to generate a uniform deception and promote the assertion, the Big Lie: “Everyone is Equal in Every Way”.