Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trump & Southern Christians Under Assault

Is it just me, or do others see the Confederate flag attack as the next phase in a systematic targeting of Blue Collar White (Southern) Males?  BCWMs are disenfranchised as group and this dates back to when affirmative action laws were first penned.  The Left, Liberals, and Progressives - RE: Democrats knew they could not compete in elections if BCWMs were not ostracized and condemned as a "Hate Group".  Southern white males got lost in the shuffle when the Democrat party chose to confederate around splinter groups and advocate for special rights for groups they could make dependent upon government subsidy.  Dependency assures votes and political allegiance.  

Since that change, any politician that ventures into defending or preserving the rights of Southern whites, or white males generically is not so politely attacked.  The current attack on Trump is representative of what happens to any politician who even remotely seeks to tap the BCWM votes.  After all, it is not BCWMS who suffer most from illegal immigration?  Is it not their jobs illegal take?  

Yes, Democrats fear BCWMs more than any other group because they possess the vote numbers to end fifty years of Progressive effort and law making.  AT a minimum, 20 million votes go untapped each election cycle.  Add their wives - and you see quickly why Democrats fear this group. 40 million votes are wasted.  Look no further than the current treatment of Trump to gain insight on what will be done to any politicians who hints at supporting these men.  Most politicians lack the financial resources to fight back, or ignore and endure the attacks.  Trump has lost tens, maybe one-hundred million dollars for his words.  It’s not only the candidates who are attacked - anyone showing support for the candidate receives a similar dose of bad press and slime - which is why many associates bailed on Trump.  It’s truly unbelievable (and insightful) how much the Left fears BCWMs.

There is no comparison to the treatment displayed at anyone seeking to advocate for white rights - it is vehement and comprehensive.  Do not the media portray BCWMs on TV shows as stupid, beer swilling, NFL and sex obsessed, incompetent fathers and spouses?  BCWMs are treated like pariahs by Republicans and Democrat alike.  

BCWMs see no difference in the parties.  Neither party will demand an end to affirmative action and other race and sex specific laws that disenfranchise them collectively.  They purposely replaced blacks at the back of the bus once the race laws and race preference laws were enacted - by design!  That was the main point of the affirmative action.  It wasn't providing an advantage to minorities - too few take advantage of the benefits.  

The persistence of affirmative action laws cannot be argued a paradigm shift in the outcomes the Left declares they seek.  That shift has never, will never occur.  Nearly fifty years of outcome testifies to the accuracy of this statement.  Additionally, the majority who benefit from affirmative action laws do not need the advantage.  There is another significant negative... affirmative action depreciates the accomplishment made - inferring the beneficiary could not compete directly, and the benefit artificially inflated their accomplishment.

The true purpose of affirmative action was preventing white males from gaining access to jobs and college admission, and thereby erect a comparative benchmark was, and remains, the goal.  Keeping BCWMs under-employed and poorer also prevents them from mounting a challenge to reinstitute their civil rights, and the Left assiduously works to assure that topic is not addressed, or acted upon.

If half of these men were motivated to vote - it send a clear mandate that cannot be ignored.  Truly, they represent the fast track means to end secular liberal oppression and restore virtue and valor in America.

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