Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Poverty Myth

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to afford cell phone, hair braids and extensions, elaborate nails, their children wearing the newest tennis shoes and never hold a job? It's easy - if you belong to a sanctioned minority and bear children you cannot afford.

(Since the day this entry was written, Obama phones were added to the generous compensation WANAs receive for existing.  I read yesterday they will next receive fiber optic web access!  I can't afford that type of connection.  Additionally, HUD is about to begin forcing developers to add low-incomes units to their projects - regardless of the retail home costs.  Even existing developments may have these low-income units added.  Local jurisdictions will be lured to participate with large government off-sets.  

Follow the steps below.

Presently, almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes at all to the federal government. Many receive a tax refund – even when paying no taxes. The Earned Income Tax Credit is one example of how Progressive Democrats pay the indolent to vote. Many term this redistribution of wealth. Who qualifies? Democrats call them Working Americans, the Needy, At Risk, Underemployed, and the Working Poor. Let's generically term them WANAs. WANA = Working American, Needy, At risk

These Citizens (and non-citizens) earning under $34,000.00 annually qualify for the tax credit. If a WANA has two children, they receive $4,000 each month from the Feds and another $1,750 from the State. This is a 17% subsidy added to other “incentives” to work as little as possible. Eligible WANAs are entitled to own a home and a car – not counting against the asset restrictions imposed to ostensibly limit eligibility. If their child can be diagnosed with one of the “D” mental disorders: LD, ADHD, ADD, OCD, HDD, DDT, DOA, DOB, DVD, DNA, Eating DD, Learning DD, Conduct/behavioral DD – the family becomes eligible for Social Security payments due to the mental “disability”. The list of eligible “mental health problems” that qualify for a disability label are extensive and cover so many “D" Disorders” they are meaningless. This practice appears a scam - to meet SSI disability criterion, and put tax money into the pockets of mental health providers.

From a doctor's perspective - Medicare payments are better than no payments. Since there is no restrictions for retesting the child for stupidity – why not make the diagnosis? The psychiatric community colludes in the same way climate scientists collude in advancing Global Warming. There are financial considerations that apparently transcend credibility and reputation so long as the payments and research grant money keeps coming. Developing the "D" disorders was a clever scam to make money the Progressive way - stealing it from tax payers by providing services to people who are unable to negotiate life unassisted.

"D" Disorder diagnosis serves another useful purpose - to nullify the disparity in academic aptitude test scores. This supposedly explains the difference/shortfall in student abilities that fall along racial lines. It’s a disability – not stupidity!  Those teaching benefit too. IQ assessment exams of students directly reflect upon an "Educator's" ability to instruct; which affects their continued employment and advancement. No Child Left Behind has requirements that students achieve a measurable degree of intelligence. Student scores stand to impact a teacher's evaluation. However, if the student is diagnosed as stupid; errr... unable to learn, the number of "disabled" are weighed (subtracted) when the teacher is evaluated.

That family with two Disabled children qualifies for another $900.00 per month or $10,900.00 annually for the disability. The total family income stands at near $51,000.00 for the “WANA family with two un-smart children. If the WANA family qualifies for TANF (TEMPORARY Assistance to Needy Families) they get all of the benefits listed above AND Food Stamps! Qualified WANAs are additionally eligible for Heath Insurance from the Fed and State. In some instances, WANAs begin receiving subsidies at conception. Add to this prenatal care, and, even more money - if the mother is unable to work due to pregnancy. FYI...WANAs are historically predisposed to not work while pregnant.

Medical coverage for the birth is provided -- as is motherhood training. Then the monthly payments increase due to the child. There’s more…there are ancillary incentives: food programs doled out through pre-school. They include breakfast and lunch. The government also provides funding for Communities with Children at Risk. These include - Pre-school costs – to fund the school, its faculty, facilities, tuition, after-school care, community based programs, work/jobs programs, midnight basketball programs, food gifts and other “keep kids outta trouble” gifts/programs. The total dollar value of these gifts are intentionally not calculated.  LBJ developed a plan to hide these expenses throughout the agencies of government – military, interior, transportation, etc…

The Needy family of Working Americans is paid, at a minimum above, at the national income average of $60,000.00 per family. BUT… They pay No taxes.  They receive the Tax Credit/Gift noted above. If they inherited or purchased property – they keep it. Buy a car– they keep it. Neither of these two assets disqualifies them from receiving federal and state aid.  56% of those classified as living in poverty own their homes.

Assistance from the private sector/churches must also be summed to measure exactly how much money is provided to WANAs.

The reward to society for all the assistance they provide, are children who fail to attain a 40% graduation rate from high school.

After the majority of Children at Risk drop out of school, most go on to the criminal justice system where costs continue to accrue and expand into other areas that consume even more Federal dollars – or - a young woman becomes pregnant and the cycle begins anew.

The Census Bureau when tasked to determine what classified poverty – could not agree! Census was paid $600,000.00 to study the problem and find solutions. The final report included a nebulous statement that admitted – they were unable to find consensus on what amount of income and asset threshold equated to poverty. This supports the assertion that when confronted with evidence that shows poverty is overstated – the Census / Government / Progressives will claim it exists anyway; and restate their desire to overcome it. This study and recommendation is followed with requests for more tax dollars, to find the answer(s) to poverty. Keeping the tax dollars flowing into poverty research keeps Census workers employed. This explains why so few welfare applicants are denied - ditto the unemployed. If applicants are disqualified, the work load decreases. Long term job security is tied to assuring every applicant qualifies for government assistance.

The Census report also included a myriad of exceptions, obfuscation, conflicting statements, and facts. So many irregularities were discovered-- the Census Bureau disavowed their work – HUH?!!! (PSSST! Uhhhhh…. We dunno… Our boss refuses to allow us to tell the truth).

WANAs are a favorite target of Federal and State largess. After all, they are“Needy”, “At Risk”, “The Working Poor”. The euphemisms used to describe this sub class are diverse. The one aspect they share is a collective desire to live the American Dream – using other people’s money. They might suffer were it not for Uncle Sam’s sharing with them. They might be forced into desperation and unorthodox acts. Few know it was unorthodox acts the government used to persuaded the tax payers to pay for WANAs in the first place. Threats of violence – borne of acts of real violence, were a mainstay of political activism in the 1960s and afterwards. The mid-1960s was a time filled with riots and looting – all justified by Progressive Democrats. Property owners and residents living near the riots were scared into paying higher taxes. They hoped paying the taxes would prevent the riots coming to their neighborhoods. It's no different than paying protection money to mobsters. Progressive Democrat politicians concluded it was better to rob the taxpayers and reap the benefits associated with giving. They may become the targets of violence themselves, otherwise.

In my opinion, it is one thing to pay someone welfare, raise taxes, directly admit why, and for whom you are doing it; then stand for re-election. It is another matter entirely to cloak the welfare in the form of tax subsidies, SSI disability payments, food stamps, social programs and an assortment of costs that are spread into every government agency to hide the true costs caring for WANAs requires. All of the costs to care for WANAs are line items that belong in the Health and Human Services budget. They are not. The departments of agriculture, defense, transportation, labor, housing, interior, energy, military, etc… in fact - all the agencies of the Federal Government share in the deception.

Were the total WANA costs ever exposed the taxpayer might revolt - hence, the subterfuge purposely created by President Lyndon Baines Johnson, LBJ.

I quote LBJ: "These Negroes, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again."

Once LBJ accomplished this goal to bribe blacks he then said: "I'll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

We are left to wonder how many blacks know what LBJ/Democrats really think of them? More importantly, how many knew he planned to use them; enslave them with dependency? And perhaps even more important… how many black Americans care that the lives they lead are financed using a government “protection racket” that mandates workplace and academic apartheid – that:

a.Unmeritorious elevates black eligibility for employment and academic admission?

b. places unqualified blacks in positions where life, death, and economic solvency decisions are made?

c. dilutes the meritorious achievements and credentials of others races?

d. punishes people who critically evaluate human behaviors and develop opinions contrary to a racial dogma promulgated by Democrats?

Or, do black Americans only care about: the benefits they receive – extracted from the burdens heaped upon their countrymen by government, and the political power blacks use (and abuse) to punish and disenfranchise better qualified members of other races?

By the time LBJ assumed the Presidency, Democrats had steadily lost the support from white, Christians – males in particular. LBJ sought to punish white men by increasing the scope and control of government over their daily lives (affirmative action policies) and tax hikes. He is also noted for initiating the Politically Correct rubric – using pejorative words and ideas that work to denigrate people opposed to Democrat policies - like: "Offensive". (Search the archives of this blog for a lesson on Offensive).

Let’s examine a few I referenced earlier: Working Americans, Needy, At Risk, Working Poor, and… no Democrat list is complete without "The Children".

1. Working Americans are pleasant sounding words that convey an old timey conventional paradigm. Americans– that must mean they are citizens. Working – that must mean they are responsible and employed. Combined the term conveys a self reliant citizen – the Everyman. These words are a cleverly constructed misnomer. Democrats love to play with words. It’s that conversational legalese which they mold into easily spoken and understood catch phrases that obfuscate reality and nebulously depict horrors in a friendly, romantic, non-threatening manner. I don’t know, but suspect, there is an entire department inside the DNC dedicated to creating these political puns– they are plays on words.

2. Needy…everyone stands in need of something. Some need a swift kick in the pants and a stern lecture to stop complaining, stop breeding, and get to work. That's insensitive, intolerant, uncompassionate, hurtful, and possible grounds for termination. The Democrat model of the Needy is a person incapable of conducting life on their own. They are to be pitied and compassionately cared for from cradle to grave. It’s never their fault. No matter what chronic bad choices, unorthodox/criminal behavior, foolhardy breeding practices they display. Democrats tell them, and lecture us, it’s not their fault. Law abiding, traditional value adherents, Americans who through effort and sacrifice live a better life, are expected to be tolerant of these misbehaviors and compassionately serve these parasites without question.

3. “At Risk”… of what? At Risk of misbehaving and going to jail? At Risk of harming the law abiding? At Risk of decision making that will further lead them into dependence? Maybe it’s me, but I think the community at large is at much greater RISK from people who are classified as At Risk, than the At Risk are from the community. Perhaps that’s what they mean – Society is At Risk.

4. The“Working Poor” tells me they are not working hard enough, or they may be intellectually deficient/disabled, or maybe they mismanage their incomes. Surveys of the Poor reveal they are neither poor, nor are they working, in many instances. What they are is greedy and unapologetic. They demand something for nothing and threaten to misbehave more if their demands are not met.

5. "Under Employed" is another phrase. This pre-supposes they have a skill set that would lead to better employment. If so why not seek and secure those better jobs? I suspect they can’t or they would do that. The tacit contrivance of Under Employed is that they are prevented from better employment by some external and oppressive source. Surely, there must be some who are Over Employed – I’m guessing that CEOs of large corporations and other Rich Fat Cats fall into that category. People “Not Paying Their Fair Share” are the over employed. Not Paying a Fair Share jeopardizes The Children.

6. The “Children” are NEVER to blame. These “Children” are entitled to a better life... a chance at the American dream. These are the same children who disrupt the classroom, bully, refuse to learn, and choose Gang life as a profession. They procreate early in their teens, and do everything they can to remain in poverty – a trait learned from their parents.

Anyone who plans long term, practices self reliance, manages their acts of procreation (within the confines of their incomes) are somehow morally obligated to care for others who refuse to endure the sacrifices required to enjoy a law abiding standard of living. Democrat policy demands society be responsible; and absorb the costs of misbehavior, sloth, stupidity/disability, never complain or ask – Why? Progressive label makers stand at the ready to contemporarily tar and feather any “trouble makers” who fail to accept their role in the Progressive collective without question. Racist, phobe, hater, unenlightened, intolerant - ists and isms abound to permanently ruin anyone who resists the Democrat Party directives. A few strategically placed terminations, prosecutions and scapegoats later… people become enlightened – and fear filled.

Democrat assertions of not paying a fair share are usually followed with others slurs highlighting the income gap between the Richest 1% and our Working Americans – as if there is a mean income that everyone is entitled to receive. This includes those refuse to work Working Americans. This illogic implies by virtue of their having life, Democrat dependents are entitled to some mean standard of living. And -- should the WANA complain what's given them is insufficient, that’s understandable. Those Over Employed types should Pay Their Fair Share –so that the WANAs lead a better life.

To hammer this point home, we hear their ancestors were slaves, or otherwise oppressed. Slavery and/or oppression are at least in part to blame for their misfortunes and attitudes. Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, but that time factor is unimportant to Democrats. Slavery conveys a horrible scene and that horror is effective when blaming and tindering guilt. Guilt and blame are requisite when arguing disparity. A person blamed is counted upon to feel guilty. Add a threat of violence, and/or professional penalties that include losing advancement opportunities for harboring improper views on race, or diversity, and people are much less likely to complain when they are robbed/taxed; or asked to accept change to their detriment.

The Democrat narrative advanced follows: If slaves were paid, their descendants would have a better life today. Apparently, the same people who are incapable of managing their incomes and lives... those who cannot or will not take advantage of all the sanctioned, specific preferences available in the US--including unconstitutional preferences -- specifically legislated, enacted, and adopted to grant Democrat sanctioned groups advantages... and the funds to pay for them... opportunities that are not available to their fellow countrymen... would never mismanaged their financial affairs regardless of economic downturns. They would avoid the downturns that bankrupted or negatively affected the economic fortunes of other non-sanctioned groups. Their fiscal intuition is so substantial and comprehensive, had they been paid as slaves - they wouldn’t have to work at all. Maybe that is why they refuse to work now. Most seem satisfied to live a life that requires they do as little as humanly possible.

When confronted about the excessive crime associated with low-income communities, Democrats complain crime is only chosen because of economic disparity. Murder, Rape, Assault, Knock-out game are crimes I have difficulty making that connection - but I’m not enlightened - in Democrat speak. Getting caught is a Risk the WANA are willing to accept and I think I know why. Being convicted of a crime results in their living life as specified in the Progressive Democrat Utopia – prison.

In prison, everyone is treated equally. Convicts wear the same clothes, live in the same surroundings, eat the same food, and no one is elevated above another – unless they behave in a way that results in their losing privileges – but that is a subjective, chosen, outcome. Prison is the perfect example of the Progressive’s Utopia. That must be why Commies sent dissidents to prison, or internment camps. That form of re-education was effective and placed the problem person in an environment where they were forced to confront the Utopian benefits attendant a Progressive, centrally planned, way of life. Whenever a person draws back the curtain on this deception, or, they accept what their physical senses and judgment reveals to them, the Democrat media are called in to ruin that person - See Trump. 

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