Friday, July 31, 2015

The End Times -Revelations & Speculation

A television show last evening did an interesting job at portraying what might occur when John's prophecies chronicled in the Book of Revelations come to pass.  The generic portrayal was better than most - as they typically mock and ridicule religion and the Second Coming event at some point. The media can't help themselves.  Why they bother is either a gratuitous effort made knowing Christians will watch, and/or they are unable to restrain their agnostic or atheistic views.  This version followed a news crew, reporter and camera man, as they followed the End Time events. This show avoided direct mocking by using one of cast members as the token atheist. The cameraman questioned the prophecy and their pair's actions until the last twenty minutes - then he acknowledges his views changed.  In all, it was a fair portrayal - if not accurate.

Many people believe, or think God and scriptures are metaphors, or a nebulous record where only the concept is legitimate.  I beg to differ.  There is no reason for the Lord to eqivocate or use general terminology to depict events that must occurs as predicted.  Prophets may misunderstand what is presented them, and that potentially may create errors. When this occurs the Lord clarifies in later prophecies. The Lord simply cannot permit inaccurate, loosely defined, generic instructions suffice for events and commandments that predicate eternal outcomes.  The Lord does not behave similarly in any other area of his responsibilities.  Straightforward, clear, unyielding order is synonymous with the operation of the universe, God's domain. His commandments are specific with no equivocation. Why, how is it possible, the Lord will allow sloppy, imprecise, metaphoric instructions and descriptions. In my view it does not. It may not happen.

The show about End Times/Revelation showed the biblical scholar (introduced at the beginning, but died) making inferences and stating much of Revelations was metaphors - Babylon would not necessarily where Armageddon will transpire. Any large metropolitan area will suffice, apparently.  The proximity to Israel, recorded in prophecy, makes any location outside the Middle East impractical and irrational.  Other comments I've heard and read suggest the Roman Empire was the source of John's rage and comparisons - "the Beast" referenced in the scripture.  Experience led me to think, many people's world view and religious preferences require this reliance upon the metaphor rubric.  They typically also embrace modern translations of scriptures - with all the inaccuracies and open to interpretation language therein.

Old language conventions used in scriptures are not easy to read.  They are often difficult to comprehend.  Scriptures are supposed to be difficult to comprehend.  One function is to expand the intellect of the reader and the topics. Scriptures are to up-lift the reader and improve them.  Using the contemporary language and slang vernacular accomplishes neither.  This perspective goes hand in hand with permitting church attendance in jeans and a T-shirt.  Both practices are disrespectful and diminish worship.  Prayer and worship in a moment of emergency, when God's input in sorely, immediately needed, condones prayer without kneeling, or voicing the prayer.  Otherwise, God commands us to adopt a worship posture described in the Big Ten Commandments.  Our relationship with God is precious and will predicate our eternal station. It is wise to not take chances and to afford it the respect and affection God asks from us.  If poverty prevents traditional Sunday Best attire, make certain the attire is properly prepared before entering the Lord's house. Your Sunday Best is an offering to the Lord - no different than a tithe/donation.

Love the Lord, and he will reward you.  He's our Dad.  He wants the best for us.  He knows our needs.  Importantly, there are limited ways we are able to interact with God. The physical dynamics of the universe predicate specific channels of communication must be used.  Otherwise, you waste your time. Prayer, like scriptures, is not metaphoric.  The verbal prayer can transcend the universe and reach God's ear, or listening device. The physics prove it is possible. Likewise, the details in scripture must conform to physical laws, otherwise, they are meaningless.  As Albert Einstein once remarked: "God does not roll dice."  He will not deceive you, or provide you misinformation when your salvation is at stake.  The adversary works using those tools.  They are antithetical to righteousness.  

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