Monday, July 27, 2015

Obama Unintentionally Speaks the Truth

The Current Occupant violated his central speaking tenets while in Kenya.  He normally lies no matter what the topic. Even when the truth will more than  adequately convey his point, he chooses deceit - if only to embellish his remarks, or personal contribution.  He said: "When you start treating people differently not because of any harm they are doing to anybody, but because they are different, that's the path whereby freedoms begin to erode".  We agree.  He went on to state: "...bad things happen" when groups are legally isolated and denied basic freedoms.  Again, we agree.  He then went further -  "As an African-American, I am painfully aware of what happens when people are treated differently under the law." We concur. This blog has advocated for essential, Constitutional Liberties be afforded every legal American citizen.  Moreover, restoring the rights of those people who were denied their liberties fifty years ago to provide a leg-up to others whom some claimed could not adequately compete and advance, without that gift, is long overdue.

Blue Collar White Males are treated disparately and all forms of government sanction the disparity.  The strange and confounding aspect and history of the practice is how few members of the black community took advantage of the gifts given them.  This reality contradicts the assertion "Everyone is equal in every way".  Many more blacks would utilize the gift - if they were willing, and/or able to so do. There is a nominal minimum standard that requires showing up regularly and employing a modicum of effort.  It appears, if history is an indicator of ability and ambition, a majority of blacks will not, or cannot qualify.

The President certainly took advantage of the gift.  He would not sniff at the Presidency were it not for the intimidation that accompanies the practice. Any evaluation is evidence of racial enmity.  Nominal critique is full blown KKK style hatred.  Additionally, Mr. Obama could not qualify for the admissions at any Ivy league school without the weighted benefits given black applicants.  He was a lousy student by his own admissions.  His election to Law Review was entirely a consequence of guilt laden white faculty and white students wishing to prove they are not racist.  Black faculty members sought the unearned placement to shove their weight around.  Obama's characteristics described by Harry Reid acurately describes why he was selected - clean, well-spoken, not having a black dialect (unless he needed one).

BCWMs includes Christian men who are further discriminated against - legally.  These men are the last considered, if they are considered at all.  Their religious views make them unemployable in government and larger prvate sector firms that must capitulate to racial quotas.  Degreed white males face a separate environment.  The demands of professional employment self- regulate due to the academic training requirements. However, even these white men men face discrimination in career advancements in their fields.  Less qualified, and often incompetent candidates are placed due to race, sex, and sexual behaviors quotas, and political objectives.  This is most true in government and agency employment.  Universities too openly discriminate - even when voters pass laws to end the practice.

America cannot thrive and achieve its potential unless and until all people are evaluated meritoriously - solely.  Color-blind? Yes!  Irrespective of sex? For most positions - Yes!  Areas where physical strength and size are requisite must never be compromised with physically weaker candidates - no matter what.  Sexual behaviors - No.  This is a choice and in no way is grounds to elevate a candidate. Once that practice is given credence, any behavior may be used to disqualify potential candidates.  Obama's comments were offered to advance gay rights in Kenya - where it is illegal to practice homosexuality - like the USA prior to 1970s. Homosexuality was treated successfully as a mental illness.  Democrats needed to cull votes from gays and other groups like them who were once marginalized in society as they represented deviance and mankind has an overabundance of deviance.  It degrades the society and begs for more indecency. 

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