Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Freedom is Very Risky

Freedom ...  is a tight rope walk without a safety net.

Safety and freedom are antithetical.  Risk is the price of Freedom.  Servitude is the price of safety. 

Consider - the X-Games.  Riders originally rode skateboards without pads or helmets - they performed amazing feats of daring.  As the sport increased in popularity, the expanded exposure inevitably brought the attention of the Nannies. Nannies are Progressive in their beliefs. They are terminally unhappy busy-bodies who enjoy spreading the misery they choose as a life style.  Nannies find life’s true and real meaning bullying other people - forcing them to conform to their wants, wishes, and beliefs.  Participants were occasionally injured in the X-Games.  The Nannies took action to mandate helmets, pads, mouth guards, safety railings, track specifications, landing buffers, safety inspectors, and more, for the X-Games.  

The more dangerous the feat, the more strength and skill and sweat required, the greater the likelihood the men and boys participating acquired fame; or injury.  Fame and injury were intolerable consequence to the Nannies. Fame specifically troubled Nannies as it presented another example of males obtaining wealth and attention due to their muscles, testosterone, and fearlessness.  The Nannies convinced many mothers their children might die riding a skateboard, or a bike.  When mothers learned what they sons were doing, they panicked – abetted by the Nannies gruesome and unrelenting descriptions of the potential crippling consequences.  Their sons might also lure other boys, share equipment, or act like boys. Injuries would surely happen.  Injury may leave the family exposed to law suits and property losses.

Many children admired and tried to emulate the best skateboard riders.  They fall. They crash. They fail – often. The process of mastering the tricks performed requires they so do. Cuts, stitches, road rash, blood and bruises are the price for mastering the skateboard.  When the X-Games went prime time, many mothers freaked and demanded the Bad Example being set – no helmets, pads, etc… end.    

Concerns escalated to point where the children were increasingly unable to perform feats of daring, or have fun.  The cuts and bruises associated with childhood were one by one eliminated by laws, and law suits, that prevented children from encountering risk whatsoever.  The X-Games feats of daring are now less spectacular.  That's the outcome when Nannies interject and the danger is removed.  The same is true for freedom.  

The X-Games now suffer from a dearth of "Posers", and women.  The safety committees formed to protect participants from themselves, additionally mandated female participation. Federal laws like: Title Nine; and the Progressive’s desire to ruin the sport assured it.  The vast majority of Progressives are not athletic, nor do they tolerate risk well.  Mamby pamby sissies best describes them.  Risk to them is anathema. Pity is an emotion I hold for their poor, poor, children; whenever the child is not genetically predisposed to emulate their parents. Progressive are forbidden from playing sports (except soccer) or on playgrounds, or in any way participate in rowdy, unsupervised, exclusively male oriented activities. The X-Games participants now "Jump the Shark” more than dangerous barriers. Implementation of multi-sexual-ism is usually the first, and last, sign the "Whateveritis" activity is doomed.   

I read the X-Games made their way into the Olympics!!!  We can all be thankful for that.  Sponsorships and salaries are needed to lure the next generation of Posers into the once dangerous and intriguing sport, and pay taxes!  Remove the danger and Whateveritis becomes lame and predictable. That is a prime directive for Progressives. They hate comparisons. Brave, daring, fit, masculine boys and men, even obliquely, must be eliminated. Sweaty, strong, devil may care, men compare unfavorably to Progressive males. Comparison exposes their missing sexuality.  An obscure aspect of biology, and some cultural derivations, actually suggest, and permit, Progressive men not be classified with real males.  Certain cultures make exception for persons born with male sexual appendages that do not, in any way, behave like men.  These androgenous types are grouped in a category nearer the female persuasion.  They primarily associate with women and enjoy the interests of women more than the natural inclinations of men.  

Unfortunately, in America, there is no weakling - wussy category. That, in part, is responsible for the conflict and trouble.  American culture makes only one exception for these gender misaligned persons - Gay. The media strategically chooses to give these people a larger voice than they deserve. That's understandible because the media is chock-a-block with Progressives - they sympathize with feeling out of place. The media believes if they promote the opinions of these androgenous anomalies, society will embrace them and change to accept them.  The recent fascination with trans-sexual rights and gay marriage is proof positive of what is written here.  The problem is placating these oddities impacts freedom.  It requires indoctrination.

Our freedoms, our rights -- to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want, HOW we want, are being erased one by one. The Progressives refuse to tolerate exceptions to their chosen views. They act in a zero-tolerance manner to punish and attack views not their own - while demanding fealty to diversity, multi-culutralism, inclusion, etc... 

Our freedoms and liberties, defined in the Declaration and enumerated in the Constitution, are now given us piece meal...  one tiny bite at a time...  pre-chewed and strained… with a Heimlich specialist waiting in the wings.  What's permissible comes after a thorough review by the Consumer Protection Agency, and every other Agency of the Federal Government that can convince Congress their input is vital to the continued "Health and Welfare" of the Commerce Clause; the Titles of the Civil Rights Act; and the legions of Americans who are incapable of, or refuse to, negotiate life without assistance – and protection. 

Lately, the laws change so rapidly a person risks acting outside the bounds of the law - never knowing new laws exist.  The goal appears to create so many laws everyone will inadvertantly break one and that will assure criminal charges await anyone daring to challenge the ever evolving status quo.  "It's for our own good" - and the good of Party.  A diverse group of compliance regulators spend inordinate hours in dark, energy efficient "Green" rooms, concocting new rules, new restrictions, new prohibitions, on acts of spontaneous exuberance, and, other pursuits, once embraced as evidence of America's finest traits – male physical superiority and courage.  

Many agencies and organizations (where Progressives hold sway) purposely exclude masculine men from consideration in hiring. Masculine males will expose the shortcomings of the diversity compliant and inclusion obsessed regulators.  If their methods are challenged, esteems could suffer. Paradigms might break. Danger and the risk that inspires most of the for own good laws are essential to masculinity.  The greatest rewards flow from subduing the greatest risks and dangers – regardless of pursuit.  

Freedom is a tight rope walk without the safety net. Modern freedoms resemble the protective gear worn by participants on the Fear Factor show. No one can be harmed whatsoever - when ever.  Everyone must be safe - no matter the cost, compliance, or unexpected outcome, that flows from the Static Analysis cabal found in all government agencies and the regulations they scribe.  Egalitarianism - the bastard child of Marxism, and an unwillingness to recognize what the physical senses transmit - is ostensibly considerate, compassionate, even-handed, and "Oh So Fair".  Fairness, in all its thuggery, is raised and carried about like a truncheon in the white knuckled grip of a Progressive – akin to the National Socialist during a 1930s Munich rally; to encourage citizens to do what they were told...  and like it.  Civility is their mantra.

The word Civility is one (of many) magniloquent clubs used to brutalize an immoral people who resist what's done on their behalf – what’s good for them.  Cries for Civility ring out whenever agency regulators and Democrat politicians confront resistance, lose ground in a poll, or the fallacies in their mission statement are exposed.  Civility is a subjective code word for Shut The F--K Up.  Civility is the last dirty trick used when a person has lost the debate.  Political cries for Civility are synonymous with mercy and begging – crying UNCLE!  Progressives beg Civility littered with tears when beaten. Then, as their opponent relents, they stab them in the back.  Some people just won't learn...There is a direct correlate between word and language restrictions and losses of freedom.  What's good for citizens must be good for the nation.  What's good for the nation must be good for citizens.  What good are citizens, or a nation, who refuse what’s good for them?

Uncivil, extreme, intolerant, insensitive, radical, bigot, racist -- et al -- are the alert words shouted to draw attention to trouble makers who resist the placement of the Focus Group tested thought and communication shackles.  What to do with trouble makers is under review in various agencies charged with protecting us from thinking for ourselves.  Thinking for one’s self and questioning what is done on one’s behalf, is prima facia evidence that someone is extremely inappreciative, and likely aligned with some Extreme organization -- promoting an Extreme ideology, that regurgitates Extreme rhetoric.  Extremes, like dangers, are intolerable, intolerant, and, in toto, must be terminated.

Not everyone will overcome or avoid danger unscathed.  Unequal outcomes create disparity.  Disparity breeds inequality.  Inequality is unequaled in explicating discouraging words.  Hurt feelings and regulations are amplified when outcomes suggests that everyone is not equal in every way. The Pursuit of Happiness is like any other individually defined goal. It reflects the individual's needs and desires.  So long as the individual cannot monopolize a something, or directly impugn another's "Pursuit", the Pursuit ought not to be impeded -whatsoever. Pursuing Happiness is a sacred, God given, Right, set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  All Pursuits traverse the environment and confront a finite set of resources and opportunities.  That is life on Earth.  Shortages will occur as Pursuits are exercised.  The shortage reality is not grounds for regulating away Pursuits, but that is what Progressives sought to do when the members of the various splinter groups that define their base whined - it was unfair, others did more, had more, created more, than they had.  The fairness bureaucracy leapt into action. 

The Progressive Democrats first acted to contort Pursuits of Happiness into the crime of "offense".  Offense is a Neo-criminal charge that grew out of a fairness petri dish; when policy wonks couldn't find precedence in the 14th amendment, the Commerce Clause, the Civil Rights Titles, or the Whole Cloth Warehouse - where most Progressive remedies are woven. Once the crime of Offense is established, government remedies follow. 

The offense remedies are enforced by a group of DOJ employees carrying newly minted Guidelines and Best Practices in one hand, and a Summons listing defendants in the other.  Keeping lawyers employed is A Priori in Progressive policy development. Increasing the size and scope and reach of government is augmented by Progressive Justices.  Progressive Justices are provided special reading glasses by the Harvard and Yale law schools.  The glasses enable them to read between the lines, and see the margin edits written in invisible ink.  As the Justices rule, they create legal precedence and reflexively mandate even more laws and restrictions.  "Legislation form the Bench" permits elected politicians to avoid performing the duties of their office (and any negative press that might arise had they voted on Whateveritis.)  

Civil and Civility complaints morph into criminal offense law, stiff mandatory sentencing; and outrageous awards to the aggrieved/offended party.  That sends a message...  step out of line, or resist, or offend a protected class, and the government will confiscate your property and freedoms. The offense of Pursuing Happiness - unless everyone is equally wealthy, equally satisfied, equally equal, simultaneously offends fairness and justice. 

However, if you join the Party and do as you're told, or, if you are born into a sanctioned group where skin color is the criterion for consideration, or, if you practice an accredited sexual deviation; you May advance (sans merit) and acquire protection, and occasionally great wealth.  Great wealth is available if you will claim your fellowman offended you, made you sad, or caused you to question yourself, doubt your behaviors.  Who needs freedom when a few dollars are available for dishonest, birth-right or behavioral beneficence perks -- and the Government's/Party's power expands. 

Entire divisions of humanity are addicted to government handouts -- some more than others.  But all the addicted share a similar trait -- they value spending power and status above all else.  Trading unexercised liberties for a stipend increase (that elevates a perceived status) is an accommodation made for the promise of a vote.  Indolence addicts value status and money more than their freedoms.  They don't care that a fellow citizen's wealth and freedoms are sacrificed on a secular altar their behalf - morality is for suckers.

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