Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dissecting Infants for Profit - Planned Parenthood's Obscenity

This blog holds an unusual view of the process and moment the soul enters the body.  The soul is not the same energy as the the human life force - Freud's ID.  The two energies are not mutually synonymous. They are separate energies with distinct functions. Most do not think of the soul in physical terms.  The majority believe the soul is a metaphysical, super-natural entity.  It is not.  It has mass and serves a specific temporal and eternal functions.  Comparing a lower order life form helps comprehend the differences between life and the consciousness/soul.  Lower life forms have no obtuse, complex reasoning.  They don't contemplate.  They respond to stimuli and operate on a primitive instincts.  The mentally diminished reveals a much lower cognition function too.  Their physical bodies operate perfectly - save the diminished reasoning. Additionally, if the soul and life force were the same energy, repentance becomes physically impossible. This phenomena also explains why no one has memory of the womb.  What separates the rational man from the lower life forms is his use of reason..., and the use of utensils ;)

The distinction of duties for the soul and life energy in no way diminishes the value of life.  As noted above, the organism lives. The organism feels pain. When the unborn child is literally dissected, in situ, that procedure is no different than what the Japanese and Germans did in the concentration camps during WW ll. Dr. Menkele was famous for similar experiments. Live dissection with no anesthesia is inhumane, ghastly and literally unconscionable. This practice is evidence of a depravity that knows no compassion. Selling the bodies parts, carved away from living infants, is a chosen behavior I have no word to describe.  Evil comes close, but evil does not accurately define the cruelty and absence of basic human empathy.  Even animals hold a higher sense of compassion.  The cretins performing the acts, then clarify their emotional incontinence by arguing about the money they stand to gain from brokering body parts - dissected from live infants!

Progressive are more than willing to suffer collateral damage (except during war) to achieve a political end.  No limit exists for them.  Only detrimental political circumstances and personal loss precludes their acting.  They will attempt to rationalize any behavior.  They will commit crimes, or knowingly suffer crimes be committed - including murder, to achieve a political objective.

For example, take the Batman shooter. He was ostensibly under the care of a psychological "Professional".  He was a sick Young man that displayed the very behaviors and thinking that would result in a catastrophe where others were hurt.  He needed supervision, or placed where he did no harm to himself or others.  From my perspective, it appears the professional did nothing because a shooting might provide Progressives an incidence and argument for gun control.

In another instance, the Progressive Left were more than tolerant of thousands of Mexican national deaths.  They actively pursued the Fast and Furious gun trading practice, giving guns to Mexican criminals merely to gain gun control legislation.  They knew about the thousands of deaths. They knew the guns used were the ones they provided.  They did nothing to end the practice.  The deaths continue to escalate due to their fervor for gun control.

Remember this the next time abortion is discussed. Importantly, pay attention to whom, and which party act to protect this practice - they are complicit.  They assure money is provided to perform the dissection procedures.  I do/did see a place for abortion.  This, however, has me reconsidering that position because infant dissection would remain an opportunity to tempt the greedy, envious, and hateful Left.  One participant caught on video, declares she wants a fancy car; and selling the parts at a higher price will help her buy the car.

Meet the modern Progressive Left!

God Help Us...

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