Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Celebrating the Death of Christians in South Carolina

One common and consistent practice of Marxists and Communist, groups calling themselves Progressives and Liberals in the USA, is rewriting history. Eliminating truth and tradition is a necessary ingredient to remove freedom and subdue the population under the boot heel of tyranny; or the mentally deranged wishes of the despot currently occupying a building in DC that should be razed - if eliminating oppressive and offensive relics from the past is really the objective.  Objects like the Confederate flag and officers that served in the confederacy are obviously not the real objective, but they serve to distract and provide objects for distorting reality for political purposes.  Promulgating fear, hatred, and violence using the tacit crime of offense to justify the actions, is a novel approach that grew out of Democrats needing the votes from members of society that were once considered, and diagnosed, as mentally, ill, deviant, and/or criminals.  Crisis must not be wasted - a former associate and employee of the boy who never could bring himself to admit his father didn't care for him, did not want him, revealed in an unguarded moment. That crisis that brings the nation to this madness is a direct consequence of legitimate, psychological disorder that has lingered and metastasized for decades - unrequited, or addressed.  The current madness was caused by a father abandoning his son. The abandoned child rearranged reality and assumed an egomaniacal persona to mitigate the hurt, loneliness, and despair that arose. This volatile circumstance grows more menacing when the father is not the father and probably conveys that confusing truth to the erstwhile offspring.  The twisted emotions that turn each morning into an unavoidable desperate panic drives the child to pick from a menu of psychosis or suicidal entrees - retreat into an emotional morass where a lifetime of counseling is needed to survive, or assume megalomaniacal posture, create a separate reality where the father's absence of affections is cast at the feet of strangers who are conveniently packaged for blame.   The later was the option taken.  

This blog has run far afield from the title - as has the solution sold to ameliorate the damage done when Christians were murdered in a church.  The picture of the murderer chosen by the media was selected because it shows him in a room adorned with a Confederate flag.  The flag is not what they wanted to eradicate, it is the political influence and liberties of the people who treasure that flag.  This is not the first step to marginalize that group, nor is it likely to be the last.  Punishing people who hold alternative, traditional views is the actual objective.  Democrats must receive votes from non-traditional and deviant citizens.  Democrats no longer represent main stream America.  The recent attacks on Donald Trump  clearly reveals how reality is purposely distorted, lies compiled to build an illegitimate narrative, and then reported, non-stop about the lies published to fill the public mind with so much incorrect information the limited acumen of most can not discern truth from fiction.  Add hyperventilated emotional content, and the media prevents the majority from investigating on their own what was actually said.  Trump dared to challenge the lies and myths concocted to deceive the public about the behaviors of people who illegally entered this nation.  They are criminals!  They broke immigration laws.  What else they do after arriving does not eliminate the initial crime - regardless of the compassionate fiction written to absolve them of criminality.  Most are unaware Sanctuary Cities were created so these illegals could vote!  Over 200 cities act to disenfranchise the votes of legitimate Americans.  This in addition to the other illegal, criminal voting practices Democrats employ goes a long way to their stealing elections.  If the voting laws on the books were followed, it is unlikely Democrats win many elections outside areas where they created absolute dependency. Those citizens vote themselves a pay raise, or benefit hike each election.  Most do not hold jobs or pay taxes.  They subsist off the efforts of traditional people who now must earn enough money to care for their families, and another family, or more.  

The madness circulating across America will not end soon.  If Iran is allowed to acquire a nuclear weapon, they will provide them to their friends and the Middle East will probably erupt in the chaos predicted by John.  Most do not know the government has built Internment camps for US citizens.  The Jade Helm 15 activities are practice to round up people who disagree with Democrat policy making.  Killing them in the streets and/or placing them in the camps, confiscating their property, and installing Marshall Law could very well be in our future.  Citizens must become politically active and elect a President determined to undue the damage done the past eight years, and end the government over reach that occurred over the previous fifty years.  Everyone will be impacted negatively.  The price of freedom is not carefree.  We will all pay in ways we never considered.  Bloodshed will follow.  I prefer this outcome to the one where citizens run like lemmings into the arms of comfort and safety promised by Democrats.  

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