Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Legal Obedience and the Rules of Morality

God's Commandments are the basis for Western European law and the nominal behavioral rules of those societies.  People who blatantly disobey the rules, but follow the options available for demonstrating their opposition to the rule/law continue in God's graces.  Those who do not follow the law or protest options break the laws of man, and God.  The recent riots and looting in Ferguson and Baltimore are neither, although they lean towards open disobedience.  These events are purposeful in their lawlessness and desire to evade compliance with the laws.  The theft and destruction of property also appears acts of intimidation. As such, these events dare government and society to stop them. Make no mistake, society will stop them.  The current government leadership in those cities have effectively capitulated to the demands of criminals.  The release of those arrested in Baltimore because they could not provide a hearing in time, reveals a lack of desire and curious sympathy with the criminals.  The sympathy is clearly rooted in race.  

Police are government employees.  Most are no different than every other government employee.  My back ground includes working for local governments. I know the workers well.  They are typically, uninspired, and walk a fine line to do as little as possible.  That is the unfortunate nature of government offices where obedience to race laws and quotas replaced meritorious performance a short time after incompetents were hired in lieu of the most qualified and ambitious.  Police differ in their training.  They must graduate the academy.  They are taught a different standard.  They confront many who people who do not want to be arrested for their crimes.  That leaves few options available to make an arrest when the perpetrator resists. What was recently proposed in Baltimore was to not arrest the perps.  

Criminals take notice.  When they learned the police would not stop them, old feuds were settled with violence.  Incidents leading to anger were immediately ended with violence. Violence currently rules the streets of Baltimore.  The police will not intercede.  They were told to not intercede. Their fellow officers face criminal charges for doing their job properly.  The man who died - allegedly at police hands - was a multiple felon.  Some idiot reporter even went so far as to blame lead paint for his misbehaviors.  That reporter is clearly ignorant of the dangers in lead paint, and even more ignorant in the motivations of criminals. 

Criminals are opportunists.  They take advantage of the weaknesses in the justice and security systems placed.  There is an old adage - "A liberal is a former mugging victim."  The vast majority of liberal wet themselves at the thought of physical confrontation.  They convince themselves they can talk their way out of any circumstance, and that reason directs every circumstance - if properly confronted. These are the same people that refuse to reside in the communities they find underprivileged and needed help.  None will locate there. Why is telling.  These people really believe mouthing words will preserve them when violence enters their community.  Caring, is the end of their effort and investment.  They will someday receive the return on their investments.  These people are secularists, agnostics, atheists and they do not want laws interfering with their pursuits of appetite.  That is another "bond" they share with their ideological pals.  Feeding immediate appetites and demanding others pay for their indulgence is the liberal formula for fairness.  Justice is found when more taxes enable their doing what they want, when they want, how they want, and with whom they want, at no personal expense.  Christ often spoke about personal responsibility.  The Big Ten addresses people coveting stuff and acts of violence.  Liberals trying to drag Christianity into the discussion to rob the purses of tax payers must be denied and confronted.  

I fear the Lord's anger is kindled against this nation.  He is no longer helping protect the people living here.  Spiritual coherence is gone and few even want or seek it. 

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