Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Political Change Needed to Repair a Nation

Ward Connerly is an accomplished man.  He was a Regent at the University of California, and a political activist who advocates ending Affirmative Action laws.  Mr. Connerly was recognized by numerous organizations that respect and value the components and objectives that define the work product of his life.  He is a religious man who knows the importance spirituality places in a life, and the difficulties that obtain when a person attempts to negotiate life - sans the direction and the attendant moral responsibilities spirituality provides and demands.  

Mr. Connerly is a realist and comprehends the obvious.  He is a man who cherishes his God, family and the American culture that provided him the opportunities he applied to advance his work, and create a remarkable, competent professional record.  Mr. Connerly’s actions and comments allude to the significant benefits he associates with the American Culture, and displays his disdain for cleverly constructed misnomers and “equivalents” - that are purposely subjective and relative interpretations of the culture that blessed him. Mr. Connerly is a black man.  Undoubtedly, he faced prejudices and discrimination during his life.  He also knows all men face the same, or similar conflicts, as race forms only a portion of the obstacles every man must overcome if they wish to succeed.  Mr. Connerly’s comments suggest he judges the race obstacle as unavoidable - as long as humans have sensory organs. Race, as a obstacle, he views as less important than the other difficulties arising when Progressive equivalent policies and programs are enacted.  Specifically, the motivations behind the policies and programs – noxious racism and a autocratic mindset, are devoid of the charitable claims used to advance the equivalent objectives.

Owed to his race, Mr. Connerly came to understand every benefit promised by government, or developed in a social engineering construct of compassion, holds a nefarious side. Occasionally, that side conceals insidious and destructive components - articles that necessarily are married with lies and deceit. The despotic objectives of the organizations and people propounding racial compassion and assistance are antithetical.  These are acutely vicious and disparaging when the structure of the policies of professed benefits are strategically organized to control, or restrain, the liberties, and obligations, granted each citizen in the Founding documents.  These policies are developed by a consensus of academic of opinions formed by cohorts of the political organization seeking control over the citizen or group they claim (and use) as a political weapon.  Research and study collide in an “opportunity of oppression” deceitfully labeled and packaged under the auspices of collective compassion, where a guilty party is inserted to draw ire and instill suspicion. Each new policy and program relies upon the same protocols of libel, slander, and FEAR.

A responsible repressive villain is (needed and) identified, then attacked, for the expressed purpose of indemnifying the group the charity charlatans need to obtain a political ambition. Each government benefit must use the force of law to compel the objects of the charlatan’s compassion, propagate and inure endemic, slothful, human habits; that cede self worth and responsibility for a bag of magic beans that are promised to restrain and punish the villain, provide prosperity, and better the lives of those perpetually oppressed by groups and individuals seeking to do them harm, or erect disadvantages to their ambitions. The votes are cast to secure the benefits promised - a bridle of subsidy, and yoke of enslavement worse than the one voiced in argument to heighten passions by recalling events none of the audience ever experienced, but were told, were awful.  Another disadvantage is referenced, Segregation. The vast majority of the group never experienced that outcome either, but, as with the first offense, are told it was horrible and intolerable. The actual consequences of segregation are never mentioned, although reason suggests the consequences are vitally important to learning the intolerable consequences. 

Black marriage, legitimate child birth, high school & university graduation, racially specific professional accomplishments, business ownership, and all the hallmarks of success were in greater abundance when segregation was law.  Mentioning these incidents are conspicuously avoided.  The actual outcomes present a dichotomy - and a glaring finger of blame.  Both are cloaked in a narrative of persistent, unavoidable oppression. A white boogie man hides in the shadows studying every move and thought produced in the black community.  The boogie man is responsible for the despicable conditions, absence of collective accomplishment, and creating irresistible forces that inexplicably draw black people into noxious, destructive behaviors that bring death, injury, ignorance, and irritability.  Teaching the causal factors for the current and past outcomes are “strang verboten”  as it would undermine and expose the actual objectives of the charitable charlatans who loathe the race they claim directs their compassionate actions.  Affirmative action and other racial subsidy/dependence laws are specifically constructed, and protected, to enslave blacks and permanently sentence them to lives of disparate and destructive ends. The Democrat Party foments the outcomes present, and their actions protecting the failed policies and programs is evidence of their actual racial preferences. In the Democrat's political ambitions, blacks are an unfortunate, but necessary commodity, required to acquire sufficient votes to advance their malignant mission of racial and sexual malfeasance, and cultural suicide that presents.

Ward has personally confronted the disparity these types of laws require.  Providing race, sex, & sexual behaviors advantages are the sole purpose for these laws.  They were first presented once Democrat came to realize Everyone is truly NOT Equal in Every Way - as was first assumed.  The majority of the Democrat Party initially opposed civil rights laws. Southern Democrats vociferously opposed the laws. They represented states where the problems with multiculturalism were acute, but improved from today by comparison.  White Northern Democrats eventually realized the benefits of controlling the votes of the black race, as voiced by Lyndon Baines Johnson. That prompted their seeking to enact Affirmative Action laws, "AA".  These were the second wave of race laws specifically scribed by Democrats to make blacks dependent upon the Democrat Party – regardless of the negative outcomes Democrats knew, or suspected, they would foster.  Hubert H. Humphrey publicly declared he would eat the bill, if quotas, based upon a racial composition arose - a blatant, demonstrable lie.  AA was sold as merely providing competent, deserving black applicants extra consideration for jobs and academic admissions, et al.  Humphrey never did eat the bill. 

Welfare and other subsidies, like affirmative action, were the bribes, or political lures used to re-enslave the black community and voters.  The consequences of these laws are ignored, or encouraged by Democrat omissions.  Black on black crime is anticipated.  This explains why white Democrats avoid living in the communities with the objects of their confessed compassion.  Conspicuously, these Democrats live in gated communities, far, far away from the violence they've sewn. They are professionally accomplished people who might do some good if they actually lived in the neighborhoods they claim captures their concern.

Black males killing black males is a late term abortions in the perspective that scribes policies that tolerates, and encourages, the deaths.  The white boogie man excuse has outgrown the Democrat’s ability to control, or use with any amount of civility.  Crime is reaching into white communities by design, or Democrats have created a Frankenstein monster they miserably failed to calculate the potential bad outcomes. Democrats need fear present everywhere - to operate the political protection racket they use to leverage outcomes in their favor

Democrat laws of prejudice are the problem for Black America.  Few recognize the consequences of coerced compassion specifically designed to ruin communities and lives.  Affirmative Action, and every other law that deprives the civil rights of a person not named in the group obliged to the Democrat Party, must end.  Generations of sloth and dependence, with ancillary behaviors that reduce the significance of human being to a vote, are insidious and despicable.  Those who promulgated these laws, including black Democrats in Congress, are ostensibly acting to perpetuate dependence upon Democrats, are criminals - who deserve prosecution for crimes against humanity. Ignoring the failed outcomes of these laws is evidence of people who evidently delight in the misery of those whose votes are needed for Democrats to retain political control, and viability.  This ideology is corrupt and serves no reputable end.  The Democrat Party is guilty of devising policies and programs to disenfranchise millions of Americans and secure the destruction of their opportunities, their communities, and their lives. 

Ward Connerly is need today.  He is needed to again voice a call to end affirmative action and other prejudicial laws that offend the civil rights movement and US Constitution.  He must confront weak kneed law makers and civic leaders to demand change that can only come from ending racial equity laws. Personal responsibility is a vital ingredient to conduct life properly, and secure the blessings of God - as our Founders articulated.  Neither God, nor the Founders are the enemy.  Democrats are the enemy of Black America, and that connection must be made glaringly apparent.  

Blue Collar White Males replaced blacks in the back of the bus, after affirmative action laws were penned.  Their votes were simultaneously lost when race crimes ensued - a consequence of the laws.  BCWMs refuse to vote.  No politician will advocate restoring their rights.  Apparently, only a black man can make these comparisons without fear of retribution that ends careers and ruins lives – to perpetuate the moral malignancy and malfeasance of Affirmative Action, and those whose careers rely upon it. Promoting re-establishing the civil rights of blue collar white males will earn their votes, and hopefully overturn half a century of contrived prejudice and disseminated hatred.  No nation can heal unless all have access to equality of opportunity.     

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