Thursday, May 21, 2015

Science and Academic Dishonesty

The odious hypocrite and cultural contrarian FW Nietzsche is an ignominious character for many reasons.  His professional labors attenuated the demise of decency and religious beliefs, reflecting entirely upon his dissatisfaction with his life, his community, associations, and his efforts to create a meaningful life - based upon adherence to the standards he devised.  Nietzsche never did act to realize what he claimed was essential to his philosophy, truth, and integrity.  That required his becoming a hermit and removing himself from society.  Credibility and legitimacy notwithstanding, he did on occasion happen upon a comment worthy of repeating - "there are no facts, only interpretations" is one of those random comments.  The comment is overtly obvious to anyone paying attention and questioning the world around himself, but Nietzsche received credit for making this observation.  

Nietzsche was the so-called philosopher who stated "God is Dead" - to profit from the newly minted scientific theory which suggested evolution was responsible for life and creation.  Nietzsche saw an opportunity to align himself with science, gain money and notoriety - and took it.  It was an easy and outrageous comment in his time.  Acting outrageously is Nietzsche's claim to fame.  Numerous over the top, irresponsible, inflammatory comments are attributed to him.  Therein lies his contribution to society and mankind collectively - audacity.  The observation on interpretation does supplement Nietzsche's work product and looms as an important consideration; vital to the integrity of the observer and the person making the interpretation. When interpretations stand to radically influence lives and outcomes, they bear watching and a calloused perspective. 

Scientists were once regulated by the implicit conditions and limits articulated in their "Method" to make the same conclusion on interpretations.  Science's Method predates Nietzsche and that casts some doubt upon Nietzsche's authorship of the comment. Perhaps, recent changes within the scientific community  are causal for Nietzsche gaining credit for the observation.  When Nietzsche pronounced God dead, science had just begun the process of murdering God - removing divine influence from their list of potential causalities. As these processes moved forward, numerous divine influences and causalities needed changing, to strip God from consideration.  Natural causes and Man synthesizing causality incrementally began replacing heretofore divine influences throughout science's work.

A considerable obstacle soon appeared.  Mankind and science had not investigated certain difficult domains and that prevented science from "scientifically" providing evidence God played no role in certain disciplines.  The universe's creation was an domain science lacked the technology to gather needed evidence. The cosmos is very, very large and distant. Additionally, quantum, sub-atomic realms were too small for the technology available to provide answers that eliminated a Godly influence. If science could not provide tangible, verifiable causalities that removed any divine influence, God remained a legitimate alternative.  Science was obliged to develop better technologies to remove God.  They did what they could.  They began to investigate the different scales of magnitude with improved tools, and, calculations - to bridge the gaps technology and appropriate investigation tools presented. Science soon learned the tools and technologies needed to gather sufficient legitimate information.  Real evidence was potentially decades away. The potential for mankind never acquiring the tools needed to absolutely verify what is needed to invalidate God was increasingly apparent. Science jettisoned tradition and the philosophical maxim requiring them to admit when they did not know, or could not know, a "Something". Calculations and guesstimations were invented and used.  These accrued - along with the expanding truth, and realization - some realms are too large and too small; moved at speeds impossible to analyze; and probably stood to evade man's best efforts for a considerable time.  

This created a problem.  Science was growing comfortable with the perks given them as they served to provide evidence no God existed.  Science was replacing God as the holder and giver or truth and fact.  The cosmos and quantum realms presented an impediment, as it prevented them from entirely acquiring the considerable power and authority available if God was not an option. Eliminating the potential for a God existing, alternatively, removed God from consideration as a causal variable. Science began utilizing the information and tools available to discredit and denigrate God and belief in God.  Darwin's Theory of evolution was the mechanism utilized.  If science could show evolution was responsible for life arising, and evolving into the various species found, science could rationally infer no God existed.  

Governments and certain societal interests also saw the benefits available to them if God was eliminated.  Religions and belief in God prevented citizens from entirely pledging allegiance to the government.  Businesses and social interests that sought to profit from man's indulging temporal instinctual urges, wanted government to restrict religion and demand legal precedence that prohibited the government from deferring to religion whatsoever.  To so do, government needed science to provide them evidence God never existed.  A pact was formed between science/academe and government.  Government assured funding for research, and science.  Science dedicated specific amounts of research to the ambitions of government.  Business and societal interests, provided campaign funds to government officials who steered research funding to realize the evidence needed.  This collusion expanded and inured into policy and law. Agencies of government arose to specifically add integrity and authority to certain aspects of science that required additional funding and highly specialized research - too costly in the private sector.  The Courts were filled with sympathetic ideologues who betrayed their oaths and used their positions to issue mandates congress and academe could not legally overcome.  The marshaling of manpower and billion dollar budgets assured the success of political ambitions, or alternatively provided the intimidation required to silence opposition.  God officially became a casualty when the school prayer decision was rendered.  Appetites, supposition and desire subordinated interpretation - and facts.  

Miraculously, science evaded scrutiny and their integrity remained in the public consciousness and conscience.  Indoctrination in the public schools helped assure students revered and respected scientists as altruistic and impartial students of their discipline; who would never betray their allegiance to truth and fact.  Government was presented as the ONLY truly impartial entity that always worked to protect the citizen.  Scientists were held up as dispassionate investigators that sought empirical data.  They filtered bias and prejudice from their labors.  Science was portrayed as fighting against incredible odds to obtain sterling information the public could rely upon regardless of the politicians holding a majority, or the president's preferences.  

The inherent dishonesties: philosophy, intellectual, and political science adopted as policies are profuse.  The collaborations and collusions to betray generic honesty by all parties involved are purposeful and serve to confiscate the rights and liberties of the people they claim to represent.  The empirical Method, science ostensibly genuflected in respect, was modified to meet the demands of the moment, and the scientist's appetites and dependencies.  The accepted Methods for proper "Interpretation" - were structured to assure the outcomes desired.  Science sold their services, betrayed their Method, and assumed a prostrate posture to assure government's subsidy of their research.  Fact transformed into a conditional interpretation.  Interpretation eschewed the obvious and impossible.  Truth evolved into a political perspective.  Allegiances were purchased for a sum none of the colluding parties suffered to pay.  The citizenry's tax dollars were used to subdue their fealty and liberties... incrementally.  God passed away in a litany of interpretations made from incredible research.

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