Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Immorality and Deadly Price of Progressive Racism

The latest horrific murder committed by Islamists is sensational, and unnecessary - among other adjectives used ad nauseum by the United States media.  The US media are profound racists and morphed to become the propaganda arm of the Progressive Left/Democrat Party.  They hold views as antiquated and punitive as those promoted by Southern Democrats who opposed the civil rights legislation.  That group implemented policies that eventually led to the inequalities currently enacted to artificially overcome alleged racial disparity by punishing the concept of merit.  Merit is the unbiased and clinical evaluation of an event, action, behavior, intellectual effort, etc...  Any person, place, thing, or activity, anything that may be examined, is open to the application of meritorious evaluation.  

Because human beings are profoundly different in every conceivable way, merit was targeted for elimination by Progressive Leftists, due to the obstacles it presented to Leftists' ambitions to dominate the US political environment, and implement a Socialistic Utopia/Totalitarian State.  They have successfully conquered government agencies and academe.  The moral disciple encounters and is forced to betray their religious duties in order to comply with various edicts and laws specifically enacted to promote the Left's sanctioned groups.  

The Progressive Left needs their votes to remain politically viable.  By promoting division and distinction between US citizens, and rewarding specific groups to the detriment of others (who oppose their political philosophy) using subjective and relative judgment as a measure, instead of merit, the Left has gained the allegiance of the groups for whom they advocate.  Simultaneously, they have ruined the America economy and driven debt to unbelievable heretofore unrecognized heights.  Their humanistic philosophy applied using subjective and relative judgment have eroded morality, advanced mediocrity, and compelled citizens to ignore the information their God given senses provide.  They have created a dangerous and destructive environment that tempts terror and anarchy.

The racism of the white Left is grotesquely displayed in their fealty toward Barack Obama.  They view Obama as a Negro.  Any person with a drop of black blood in their heritage is grouped with the black race for political and personal purposes.  Although they will never publicly admit their views, in secret, behind closed doors, white Leftists think themselves superior to blacks.  More accurately, they think blacks intellectually inferior to themselves.  Their beliefs are always on display in this regard - glaringly evident in the omission of meritorious comparison when reporting on blacks.  This belief in intellectual disparity is even applied to educated and professionally accomplished blacks. The defects and mediocre results arising from black efforts is anticipated and accepted by the Left.  Blacks are not able, and therefore not critiqued, when their efforts fail to meet nominal expectations, or survive a clinical comparison.  

Progressive media view Obama using this same matrix of inequality.  They are unwilling and incapable of honestly, comparatively evaluating Obama, due to their racial prejudices.  This prejudice explains why they have never negatively reported his decisions, or other actions while in office.  In the Left's view, Obama is doing the best he can, considering he is intellectually inferior.  The Left feel an obligation to do their part to conceal his failures, ignore his disasters, and promote his administration in a highly positive manner.  

The Left also fear being caught in the racial trap they've set to attack their political opponents.  Should they slip, and report unfavorably, they may be named and lumped as a racist.  The Left lives in mortal fear of this outcome.  Being labeled a racist is permanent - by their own design.  

By acting to dissemble Obama's actions and distract the public away from his incompetence, the Left perform their duties to the Democrat Party, and validate their racial perspective and ambitions.  Obama's maladroit, particularly amateurish decision making and consequences are of no consequence to the Left.  The Party's political objectives supersede every consideration. They endorse Obama's dangerous and destructive objectives and foolhardy measures. They've indulged Obama in helping create a perilous and obscenely amoral society because the politically correct uncertainty is politically useful.  The destruction of society is essential to accomplish their political goals, and they are succeeding.  

Obama and the Democrat Party's allegiance to Islam is pronounced and includes their sanctioning and protecting the religion and behaviors associated with it. The immolation of a Jordanian pilot is tolerated to achieve the greater political objective, ameliorate Islam's collective actions, and fulfill the Left's penchant and perspective on brown skinned peoples - whom they view inferior.  Smarter whites are obliged to indulge and applaud their unorthodox behaviors and accomplishments, no matter how mundane - or deadly.  Brown skinned people must be publicly lauded and whites made to accept the behaviors, and consequences of the behaviors - no matter how intolerable or destructive. It's pay back for slavery or prior races crimes they hold as a cudgel to intimidate those who care about such nonsense.  Few alive today knew segregation personally.  Most only read about it when forced to appear contrite for instructors in school.  Contrary to their vocal support and racism by omission, they oddly refuse to live up to their claims of equality.  None live in black communities.  They house up in white fenced enclaves to avoid the same people they assert are equal in everyday and superior, more noble than whites conservatives.   

The Progressive Left avoid conflict and confrontation with minorities by locating with their philosophical and political peers.  The enclave must contain a Token example of an accomplished brown person.  This meets the quota criterion they prefer for others - and policy.  This provides them cover and an opportunity - to dissect the token subject for inferiority and inherent ethnic inadequacy.  This permits them to silently feel superior about themselves.  

The costs of the Left's racism is felt when the Left's true beliefs are hidden and they win elections.  The Media works tirelessly to mislead the public away from the Left's actual beliefs on racial inequalities.  These costs to Christians and innate morality are significant and lethiferous.  Christian worship and public reference to Christ/Christianity suffer continual attacks and detrimental policies made - because the Left/Democrats hate the Christian religion, and refuse to support or protect it.  Democrats intends to eliminate both Christianity and its antiquated and puritanical morality.  That morality denounces the majority of the political ambitions of the Progressive Left, as sinful and decadent.   Meanwhile, Democrats and Obama ignore the acts of Muslims and thereby condone the murder of innocents for blatant political gain.  Innocent Blood is smeared on the hands of Democrats due to their inactions abroad, preference to secure Muslim votes at any cost, and to benefit from the fear potential Muslim terror provides Democrats.  

Simply put, a Christian cannot belong to the Democrat Party and remain in good standing as a Christian.  The claims of charity made by the Left, because they extol using tax dollars to fulfill their Christian obligations to the poor, (and purchase their votes and allegiance) is another improper interpretation made that erodes morality.  Personal responsibility and not chronically relying upon another for support are moral responsibilities that welfare policies eliminate, and place the recipients in moral jeopardy in so doing.   

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