Wednesday, January 21, 2015

INEQUALITY Explains Why Polling Makes NO Sense

All men are created equal is an overused quote from the Declaration of Independence. Most uses are also MISUSES.  "All men are create equal..." is a clause, purposely truncated from a larger sentence: "We believe all men are created equal... In the Eyes of Their CREATOR" is the original sentence.  

The sentence above asserts the "Equality of Men" is EXCLUSIVELY defined and determined and granted by God. The eyes of the creator infers God's purview of man is equal, meaning God will judge each man equally.  Nothing else may be derived from the sentence. The sentence was specifically formed to express that conclusion.  In no way does the clause or the entire sentence infer each man or woman is innately equal - beyond God's assessment of the man! 

The equality of human beings in every credible category ever conceived is unattainable. The equality proposed becomes an overt statement that infers suppositions of equality.  Equality entrusted to mankind's evaluation - nullifies the original sentence...  therefore and thereby becomes an "Unconstitutional" - illegal - objective!!  The ambition sought using the modified clause is an unachievable and illegal hypothesis and pursuit.  

An environment may be structured to provide synthetic equality for the individual within the environment.  Equality in the Courtroom, or "eyes of the law", is one example.  The manner the accused are prosecuted, the laws used to prosecute, and sentence, were valid objectives the Founders considered and codified. But presuming all who enter a courtroom are innately, biologically, anatomically, cognitively, equal is unmitigated nonsense. 

Changing the focus upon a subjective and relative equality - is a "straw man" gratuitously created by the Progressive Left to present, and allege, unequal conditions exist, (based again upon a subjective and relativist evaluation).  The argument also infers the Progressive Left are only the group capable of ameliorating the inequalities assessed - (using the same subjective and relative standards).  Only Democrats are uniquely qualified to assure equality is present naturally, or by government action - that renders another person less equal by design.  Zero sum is a Democrat mainstay.  A fixed, finite, static amount of a something is always presumed.  If one has, another has not.  In terms of employment this is true.  In terms of college admissions this is true.  In terms of wealth accrual this is Not true.  Democrat know well who they offend with their equality definitions and programs to create synthetic equality - blue collar white males.  

The claim of inequality is laughable on its face unless the people considering the supposition/dilemma are coerced - primed, preconditioned to agree to the arguments presented. Since equality is an unattainable and irreparable condition, no amount of argument can or will change alter the IN-equalities present in the human condition and the societies mankind creates.  Comprehensive Equality is the objective.  The living standard can be elevated - incomes expanded - and special rights provided the targeted "Unequal" group.  Income parity is inter-changeable with comprehensive inequality.

The pursuit of Excellence is the only objective that provides an opportunity to achieve comprehensive equality.  Excellence is abhorred by Progressive because all cannot attain excellence - ERGO - the Left admits men are incapable of achieving true equality.  This argument is no different than the others the Left propagates.  The purpose is to purchase the votes and allegiance through dependence upon government.  When a person or group must rely upon the government to care for them, to make ends meet, they will support the government.  

Progressive equality conjecture presumes immense authority.  It ignores the copious evidence within the Bill of Rights that uniquely clarifies, and expands the definitions of equality - and adjusts equality for specific environments.  

The Progressive's naked, unspoken assertion - is the Founders FORGOT to define and address compliance standards for comprehensive equality.  The Founders did not commit an oversight respecting equality.  They deferred comprehensive equality to God!!!

The Founders refused to establish comprehensive equality because they recognized ubiquitous equality is a subjective, and relativistic, and unattainable, and irreparable condition that specifically acts to deprive the liberties of another citizen once the comprehensive rights of an individual or group are mandated.  Depriving Constitutional liberties and controlling who has access to those liberties, is the political goal of the Progressive.  

Progressives' illegal objectives deny reality and suppose we exist within an environment that is malleable and fungible to their desires and political goals.  Facts must be avoided and subdued for the Progressive reality to exist - which is why word games are played - Politically Correct language restrictions prevent the truth and damning evidence from surfacing.  The political world for the Progressive is a fantasy. Progressive ideology demands fealty to fantasy.  

Men and women are disparately UN-equal.  No amount of fantasy will change this reality.  The physical forms and biology therein, hormones and generic strength are all UN-equal.  Within the human race, there is no uniformity or homogenity - i.e. no equality in size, color, ability, emotional rationality, or, importantly, INTELLECT. Intellect proscribes most outcomes, and that is where, and WHY Progressives seek to establish comprehensive equality for specific groups.  The ambition is to provide them advantages to increase their equality.  Imagine that statement.  Really... increase equality that in their view is comprehensive from birth.

WHY does the subject need the advantages - if all are equal? This contradiction invalidates the Progressive reasoning.  It is striking evidence of the fraud Progressives claims.  Progressives MUST supplement the missing ingredients required to be equal - by their definition.  Those ingredients of equality are missing in the subject's constitution - No amount of effort or subsidy will change that constitution.  

This reality exposes the Progressive MYTH of equality.

Intellect is directly corresponding to success/equality - using the Progressive's own vernacular and values. Intellect and rationality combine to reveal a person's Character. 

Character = Chosen behaviors define WHO the person is. 

WHAT defines the person: color, size, weight, ethnicity, etc.. 

A new poll reveals the equality matrix within America - 

The poll shows that 52% of Americans believe Obama’s presidency is a failure. Of the remaining 48%, 17% think he’s an evil hologram created by the Jews, 12% think Taylor Swift should get back with John Mayer - because this time he really means it, and 19% no habla ingles and couldn’t understand the question.

Need I write more?

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