Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Essence of Life - God's DNA

Our bodies were created in God's image.  Few details are written that bolster that statement.  Speculation using the information we know is the only was to interpret that assertion.  I prefer to use scientific information because that is the playground for most atheists - and agnostics also defer to science when they seek to deny God exists.  Both suggest if a God does exist, that God certainly isn't linked to mankind the way referenced in the Bible and other scriptures.  

God in the atheist's view is an extra-terrestrial entity that for reasons unknown chose to "Seed" life on earth.  Atheists - side step (ignore) the UNcaused First Cause that created all the matter and energy in the KNOWN universe.  But somehow, someway, for some reason this entity chose earth to seed life.  Human life was not necessarily the objective in the entity's work.  If evolutions is the measure and process by which man came to be, hundreds of millions of years must transpire.  Unless our entity has managed to overcome the time space continuum - he is unable to survive long enough to see the product of his efforts.  And, without additional manipulation of the life forms seeded to earth, evolution fails - spectacularly.  I will not specifically highlight the chasms in evolution that science has yet to reconcile - but I will cite one.  There is no evidence of one specie evolving into another specie - none.  Despite all the fossil evidence located and displayed to "prove" evolution, not one shows evidence of specie evolving into a different organism or specie.  We must have both for evolution to advance past theory. No fish/reptile... no lizard/mammal... nothing.  Not even the easy ones exist - EX: earth mammal/sea mammal - a four limbed land mammal in the process of transforming into a sea going mammal with fins and blow hole.  Evolution has many more fails - monumental fails in fact.  However, if evolution is false, God MAY exist.  Science and their benefactors spent fortunes, and centuries, working to murder God.  They will not resurrect him anytime soon.  

Man and God:  

The relationship - similarities in our bodies to God's - cites the word Image.  Our Image is like God's  Are our bodies shaped like God's?  This part is straightforward.  What else is similar requires investigation and speculation - based in "accepted" data - recognized facts and evidence available.  Unfortunately for science - many areas remain chock full of undetermined circumstances.

Each person, dating to Adam, are infused with a unique form of energy - that Einstein proved will also exist as matter - by God.  This energy is the same or very similar to the substance that empowers God in his advanced state.  Remember, a human being must be translated to endure God's presence.  The environment where God resides is lethal to man in his earthly body - but... man's life energy probably survives that environment.  I speculate this because God infused man with life energy.  That energy empowers man's consciousness and his body. That energy also constitutes a man's SOUL.  

That energy was given man by his heavenly Father - I submit it is the same energy as God's and science has yet to identify it. We carry with us God's life energy.  Just like we share our earthly parent's physical traits and biological DNA, we share life energy with our heavenly Father.  

This specific form of Energy (as science understands it) is a curious bit of matter.  The study of electrons/photons contains more Uncertainties than verifiable facts.  In fact, when this energy is studied, it changes states.  Repeat - when human beings examine the energy - it changes states!!!  Something about human interaction is likely causal.  In my opinion, this energy possesses a capability to sense it. The energy appears sentient.  That is why this blog is named sentient.  Imagine... God's life energy defies scientific investigation by design.  Man will not comprehend this energy until God chooses to allow man to penetrate the cloak he placed to prevent man's knowing - how very appropriate.

Most everything science knows and calculates about electrons/photons (and other atomic matter) is guess work - backed up with mathematical expressions.  The pieces of matter that comprise this energy are sub-Atomic in size.  They are so small and move at least at light speed (maybe faster) and that makes capturing legitimate data, evidence and facts, impossible.  Much of the information designated as factual in the quantum physics discipline is calculated guess work.  It troubled a renowned physicist so much, he stated he regretted he had anything to do with quantum physics.  Erwin Schroedinger was brilliant.  He has a math symbol, a quantum expression/postulate, and a dilemma/paradox named after him.  Precisely because the STATE of electrons/photons at a specific moment in time is undetermined... unknowable - the state of the energy providing life to the cat, placed in a box with a deadly substance, cannot ever be known - for a certainty - Schroedinger's Cat Paradox.

I also submit the life energy that powers our bodies and constitutes our souls is not yet identified by science/physics.  The photons is alleged to carry an electro-magnetic force.  Life energy is unique and vastly different from the generic electricity and light we all encounter each day.  If the energies were the same, the experiments science conducts to PROVE how life spontaneously and inexplicably sprang forth with no external input, would not produce the black "Goo" that always materializes when science conducts the experiment.  Science claims the Goo contains the "building blocks" of life.  Balderdash!  It's black goo and nothing more.  

So what is certain?  We are our Father's children and we are alive because the energy within us is unique and given to us by God.  I'll also submit the energy is provided each person by a Godly mechanism that science has yet to comprehend.  That first breath, when a baby is birthed and no longer physically attached to the mother, is when the energy is infused. That's my suspicion, and may not be accurate.  

I rely heavily upon divine inspiration whenever I write about God.  For much I must account and atone.  My past behaviors are "less-than".  I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams (and my due).  I write with hopes of expanding and advancing belief in God; using the varied blessings God provided me.  

If I'm fortunate, God will continue providing me inspiration and direct my thoughts to accomplish the ambition he brought my mind to see - bringing children and their immortal souls, closer to their OUR Father.  

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

INEQUALITY Explains Why Polling Makes NO Sense

All men are created equal is an overused quote from the Declaration of Independence. Most uses are also MISUSES.  "All men are create equal..." is a clause, purposely truncated from a larger sentence: "We believe all men are created equal... In the Eyes of Their CREATOR" is the original sentence.  

The sentence above asserts the "Equality of Men" is EXCLUSIVELY defined and determined and granted by God. The eyes of the creator infers God's purview of man is equal, meaning God will judge each man equally.  Nothing else may be derived from the sentence. The sentence was specifically formed to express that conclusion.  In no way does the clause or the entire sentence infer each man or woman is innately equal - beyond God's assessment of the man! 

The equality of human beings in every credible category ever conceived is unattainable. The equality proposed becomes an overt statement that infers suppositions of equality.  Equality entrusted to mankind's evaluation - nullifies the original sentence...  therefore and thereby becomes an "Unconstitutional" - illegal - objective!!  The ambition sought using the modified clause is an unachievable and illegal hypothesis and pursuit.  

An environment may be structured to provide synthetic equality for the individual within the environment.  Equality in the Courtroom, or "eyes of the law", is one example.  The manner the accused are prosecuted, the laws used to prosecute, and sentence, were valid objectives the Founders considered and codified. But presuming all who enter a courtroom are innately, biologically, anatomically, cognitively, equal is unmitigated nonsense. 

Changing the focus upon a subjective and relative equality - is a "straw man" gratuitously created by the Progressive Left to present, and allege, unequal conditions exist, (based again upon a subjective and relativist evaluation).  The argument also infers the Progressive Left are only the group capable of ameliorating the inequalities assessed - (using the same subjective and relative standards).  Only Democrats are uniquely qualified to assure equality is present naturally, or by government action - that renders another person less equal by design.  Zero sum is a Democrat mainstay.  A fixed, finite, static amount of a something is always presumed.  If one has, another has not.  In terms of employment this is true.  In terms of college admissions this is true.  In terms of wealth accrual this is Not true.  Democrat know well who they offend with their equality definitions and programs to create synthetic equality - blue collar white males.  

The claim of inequality is laughable on its face unless the people considering the supposition/dilemma are coerced - primed, preconditioned to agree to the arguments presented. Since equality is an unattainable and irreparable condition, no amount of argument can or will change alter the IN-equalities present in the human condition and the societies mankind creates.  Comprehensive Equality is the objective.  The living standard can be elevated - incomes expanded - and special rights provided the targeted "Unequal" group.  Income parity is inter-changeable with comprehensive inequality.

The pursuit of Excellence is the only objective that provides an opportunity to achieve comprehensive equality.  Excellence is abhorred by Progressive because all cannot attain excellence - ERGO - the Left admits men are incapable of achieving true equality.  This argument is no different than the others the Left propagates.  The purpose is to purchase the votes and allegiance through dependence upon government.  When a person or group must rely upon the government to care for them, to make ends meet, they will support the government.  

Progressive equality conjecture presumes immense authority.  It ignores the copious evidence within the Bill of Rights that uniquely clarifies, and expands the definitions of equality - and adjusts equality for specific environments.  

The Progressive's naked, unspoken assertion - is the Founders FORGOT to define and address compliance standards for comprehensive equality.  The Founders did not commit an oversight respecting equality.  They deferred comprehensive equality to God!!!

The Founders refused to establish comprehensive equality because they recognized ubiquitous equality is a subjective, and relativistic, and unattainable, and irreparable condition that specifically acts to deprive the liberties of another citizen once the comprehensive rights of an individual or group are mandated.  Depriving Constitutional liberties and controlling who has access to those liberties, is the political goal of the Progressive.  

Progressives' illegal objectives deny reality and suppose we exist within an environment that is malleable and fungible to their desires and political goals.  Facts must be avoided and subdued for the Progressive reality to exist - which is why word games are played - Politically Correct language restrictions prevent the truth and damning evidence from surfacing.  The political world for the Progressive is a fantasy. Progressive ideology demands fealty to fantasy.  

Men and women are disparately UN-equal.  No amount of fantasy will change this reality.  The physical forms and biology therein, hormones and generic strength are all UN-equal.  Within the human race, there is no uniformity or homogenity - i.e. no equality in size, color, ability, emotional rationality, or, importantly, INTELLECT. Intellect proscribes most outcomes, and that is where, and WHY Progressives seek to establish comprehensive equality for specific groups.  The ambition is to provide them advantages to increase their equality.  Imagine that statement.  Really... increase equality that in their view is comprehensive from birth.

WHY does the subject need the advantages - if all are equal? This contradiction invalidates the Progressive reasoning.  It is striking evidence of the fraud Progressives claims.  Progressives MUST supplement the missing ingredients required to be equal - by their definition.  Those ingredients of equality are missing in the subject's constitution - No amount of effort or subsidy will change that constitution.  

This reality exposes the Progressive MYTH of equality.

Intellect is directly corresponding to success/equality - using the Progressive's own vernacular and values. Intellect and rationality combine to reveal a person's Character. 

Character = Chosen behaviors define WHO the person is. 

WHAT defines the person: color, size, weight, ethnicity, etc.. 

A new poll reveals the equality matrix within America - 

The poll shows that 52% of Americans believe Obama’s presidency is a failure. Of the remaining 48%, 17% think he’s an evil hologram created by the Jews, 12% think Taylor Swift should get back with John Mayer - because this time he really means it, and 19% no habla ingles and couldn’t understand the question.

Need I write more?

God's Commandments and Law Breakers

My views on what God absolutely demands from man and mankind have changed over time and I do not pretend to know God's will.  IN part I refer to the specific religion God favors and holds out above all others, if any he does, reside with him.  

God compiled and issued behavioral commandments for mankind and every man.  Various religions articulate commandments in their scriptures. God directed us to contact him for supplemental and direct guidance on how best to gain access to the blessings contained in each commandment.  Specific blessings are predicated on obedience to specific commandments. Blessings associated with commandments vary - and may vary more depending upon the needs and behaviors of the person obeying the commandments. These blessings are vital for each person - as none of us are identical - and each person's peculiar needs predicate which blessing benefit them most.  Godly obedience requires following all commandments.  Grace cannot be obtained unless the commandments are obeyed is a uniform religious edict - irrespective of the specific religion.

If we examine the Big Ten Commandments given to Moses, they are not unique.  Religions other than Christianity also hold those same or very similar behaviors as mandatory requirements - some view them essential for salvation too. What God requires for salvation is contingent upon where you seek an answer to that question - Bible, Koran, Talmud, Septuagint, etc...  each source's requirements vary, although several commonalities exist. The homogenous aspects of Godly commandments aligns with the commonalities of mankind.  The innate and essential nature of man appears infused with a instinctual morality.  Most people witness behaviors and establish an age when a child is capable of learning right and wrong from instruction.  Curiously most children respond to commandment specific behaviors before they are able, or were taught right and wrong.  A child knows when they cross the line of approved behaviors as though instincts drive that recognition

Mankind's morality and corresponding behaviors correlate with 7 of the Big Ten commandments.  The Big 3 portion of the Ten Commandments - the first three - exclusively define worship and communication with God.  These demand and define how we are to revere and communicate with God. I believe God is an emotional being.  I additionally believe God is occasionally a lonesome deity.  God wants, and perhaps requires, interaction with his offspring/children; for the purpose of better assuring they obtain salvation; and potentially, to advance his own position in the afterlife.  We are created in God's image - if the definition of IMAGE applied in that statement extends to emotions, God loves and desires to interact with is children - like most all parents.

In my opinion, a man may achieve much grace with God by adhering to the Big Ten - irrespective of his religion preferences.  God is a loving father and he wants his children to advance into the afterlife on the best footing possible.  God's anger displayed and recorded in the Bible invariably arises from mankind refusing to obey the commandments issued. Bad behaviors reduce the numbers and likelihood of men and mankind achieving grace.   Mankind, collectively are also potentially united in God's view or by physical restrictions - to enhance or degrade - the organism of man's obtaining grace.  

The individual can only go so far and is limited by the scope of his influence.  Mankind, collectively, hold a much greater sphere of influence and power in numbers. The human soul's essential structure and the physical material that comprises the soul, must be specifically developed, and contain properties that arise from following the commandments, in order for man's soul to endure the optimal after-life environment/condition.  Mankind are analogously structured.  Obeying commandments is the process through which man and mankind show submission, recognize authority, and improve themselves.  Gd has not and will not issue commandments that jeopardize his children's eternal opportunities.  The source of commandments is extremely important - to know the will of God and to properly worship God - not following another God, or an entity pretending to be God.  God's anger is quickly generated by worshiping another deity. Typically, God's commandments generate peaceful and pleasant societies.  When men claim God's authority and behave in ways that defy traditional Godly commandments, that must move a person to examine the behaviors to validate authenticity - so far as possible.

The behaviors of Muslims, claiming God commands them to murder and decapitate non-Muslims, Muslims, or any person they judge unfit or not unified with Godly commandments (as the murders claim the Koran commands) is bizarre in my view.  I'm not a student of the Koran, but do know the Prophet Mohammad is ubiquitously referenced.  Mohammad seems elevated to a level near God.  This conflicts with my beliefs and background.  A prophet is not God.  A prophet is occasionally chosen to relate God's intentions to mankind. Great risk is present when a man claims God's authority and each revelation must be verified.   A prophet's opinion and words are not always God's direct revelation, nor do they necessarily represent God's wishes.  Sadly, man's physical condition is imperfect.  A man may misinterpret God.  

Many Biblical prophets have run afoul of God's wishes. Some, but not all  suffered punishments.  Precisely because not all received punishments, that provides opportunity for man to misinterpret God's wishes and the prophet's authority.  Examples include Moses' declaration about his powers and efforts for the Israelites.  Moses was banished from the promised land.  Another includes David, who ordered the murder of his associate Uriah, so David could have access with Uriah's wife - whom David coveted.  David did not lose his kingdom, nor his authority with God.  God's reasoning for David's outcome remains unknown - purposely.  Much of what is written about God provides unclear and inexact direction, or reference for our own behaviors.  Interpretation is crucial and vital.  Knowing God's wants is impossible.  Gathering a generic and wholesale interpretation is all that is available in many instances.  Knowing what behaviors are optimal, and which ones are critical - for each person - due to their unique composition and predisposition - is difficult and much prayer is required to learn what God desire from us, individually.  

The practice of murder, in the name of God, if committed in a vacuum - where no accrual of property, political power, or material wealth occurred, "MIGHT" provide weight to the argument God sanctions the murder.  These would be rare, hyper-conditional, and must come with definitive reference and authority to diminish the reflexive determination - the murder of innocence is never sanctioned by God.  

The reality present in these recent and past murderous actions are not free from worldly gain.  The accrual wealth, influence, authority, and power have always been factors whenever murder in the name of God occurred.  In the same vacuum, it appears these actions are adopted exclusively to propagate terror and gain political advantages using Islam as justification.  

The intent of inflicting acts of terror have a specific functionality.  The habit of using the social media to graphically display that act of murder and concealing the identity of the murderer, additionally frames those actions in a manner that discredits the reasoning advanced for the murder and the undermines the credibility through inference - that God sanctions the murder.  

A man acting in God's name fears nothing and trusts God to preserve him.  Broadcasting gratuitous, gruesome acts, alleging God sanctions the actions, is disreputable at a minimum, and more indicative of a personal vendetta, with an unGodly objective to amass property, material wealth, and gain a political edge.  Murder to get gain is an ancient practice and coalition administered by Satan and Cain.  Cain was the first co-conspirator.

The practitioners of Islam, must also trust their safety to God.  Not speaking out, cowering in fear, permitting terrorists to capture the reputation of Islam and violate that reputation, indicates an allegiance with the murderous acts, or it works to denigrate the beliefs asserted- Islam.  Neither improves my opinion, nor the opinions of a majority of non-Muslims regarding Islam.  If Islam is truly a religion that seeks grace with God, it will advance those principles softly with encouragement and evidence.  Theoretically, a Muslim would attack anyone that jeopardizes the reputation of Islam because that directly impugns God and permits people practicing another faith to legitimately repudiate Islam and its God.