Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Schecter Guitars and Equipment

I've been a musician since I over did a bunch of amphetamines in my mis spent youth.  A long night stuck in a house with a guitar amped out of my gourd led me to try playing the guitar.  Since then, I spent ten years as an amateur player who traveled the West Coast and met many big name talents.  Once my first child arrived, music is a passion reserved for the evening.  I play scales and arpeggios and occasionally record the nonsense I create in the small studio I put together.  

I love guitars and have owned many high quality units.  Some might label me an instrument snob - True!  Gibson and Fender and a few boutique makers were the only brands I'd consider, until a chance meeting in a small Paris Texas music shop where I met a Schecter guitar - a bass actually.  Bass guitar is my forte', but I play all stringed units - some much better than others.  I was passing time with the store owner and randomly picked up the bass closet to me - A Schecter Session Riot.  Schecter Guitar Research - SGR.  It's simple and plain but efficient looking.  I fiddled the unit while conversing until the owner excused himself to return to work.  I instinctively noticed the bass felt good in my hand.  The sound, with no amp was pleasant, so I grabbed a chord and plugged in.  As I played I fell in like with the instrument.  In ten minutes, I've grow to appreciate the unit.  I examined it closely and found no flaws, no cheap fixes and importantly quality throughout.  The units cost was off putting - $600.  I spent ten times that amount for a custom Alembic.  The Schecter is not the Alembic which is adorned with beautiful inlays and a neck I designed myself for sustain. The thing weighs almost twenty pounds.  The SGR weighs in around ten.  

I was and remain astounded with the quality of SGR products.  That company knows what they are doing.  Guitars and basses and amplification are all top notch - superior really in terms of comparison.  

Fender and Gibson rely heavily upon their name.  Gibson holds my affections for more than instruments - they're conservative and have fought against Democrats to produce their living and employ people - all legal.  They ran afoul of Democrats because they deigned to give money to Republicans.  That brought the FBI, IRS, Interior department and other agencies seeking to find an illegal act.  They found NONE, but hampered Gibson's production and that remains.  Ebony wood is not used copiously in Gibson products any more.  We can thank the Obama administration for that.  

SGR is superior to the run of the mill production units produced by Fender hands down.  It isn't close.  Fit, finish and electronics - SGR prevails.  SGR sells for 1/3 what Fender does and the units are better.  Gibson is a bit closer - a tie I'd say, but price drives SGR over the top.  If you want a custom unit, SGR prices are similar, slightly lower than Gibson. Playability and set up, out of the box, goes to SGR too.  SGR makes quality at an affordable price.  I'm sold on that company and I hope they persist in selling remarkable equipment.