Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why & How Politics Jeopardize the Soul

The human soul is comprised of electrical impulses generated by the physical senses and the processes of thinking - thought.  These bits of electrical energy are named electrons and photons.  Without getting too complicated, know these forms of energy are the same.  They literally change physical "states".  As such, the same piece energy can assume either state, photon or electron, and, how this happens continues to defy logic and confound physicists, even though the physicists found a mathematical way to work around inconsistency using the "Uncertainty" Principle.  The environment where the particle is studied, predicates which state the energy will assume.  The processes of investigating the particle determines which state it assumes.  

These particles, the particle, move at light speed orbiting the nucleus of an atom.  The electron is present in every atom, in every piece of matter in the universe. Its speed is important.

Are you beginning to question my sanity? The "behaviors" of these bits of energy are unusual and defy conventional "Classic" Newtonian physics.  

My sanity is confirmed - I am not the one who conducted the experiments that provided evidence leading to the theories that define the electron/photon behaviors.  These particles when in the photons state, are waves of energy.  

The act of investigation, conducting an experiment, measuring, or looking for the waves of photons, changes them into particles - bits of matter.

The behaviors of these particles are amazing and troubling. If investigated persistently, one begins to consider the particles may possess an ability to adapt to their environment, based upon external stimulus - investigation.  If they do, and they can adapt, that suggests a potential for these particles of matter possessing a rudimentary form of "sentience".  

It is the behaviors of electrons and photons that moved me to create this blog - as the human soul is comprised of these particles.

When I learned about the behaviors of the energy it deeply influenced my spirituality and relationship with God.  

The soul is like a hard drive that collects each physical sensation: taste, sight, sound, touch, and thought. God is be able to read, interpret these bits of energy accrued over your lifetime, and know, exactly, what you did, experienced, and thought.  

Einstein's relativity expression suggested achieving light speed stopped time - overcame the time space curiculuum.  Learning these particles move at light speed, and they are the same energy powering the human body and mind, means they, when configured as human soul, are capable of overcoming the time space continuum.  Time stops.  The particles are eternal.  

Your soul is ETERNAL! 

The environment we place ourselves in, profoundly impacts our senses and our thoughts. 

Politics determine the society we live in and the rules governing our lives. Correspondingly, a person must act to shape or create an environment that optimizes our ability to obtain God's grace. Electing officials who share our spiritual perspective is very, very, important.  

One political Party works to reduce religious worship - Democrats.  Their perspective in this regard influences their other decisions and those create a less than optimal environment
for spiritual growth.  Remember this the next time you vote.  

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