Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Election Results - God Shows his Hand

God occasionally acts in ways that conflict with his previously stated goals.  He does this often when his love and compassion exceed his better judgment.  That is what happened last night.  I also suspect God realized he needed to act to preserve his greater objectives. There are timetables and events that God must maintain to secure and perpetuate the order of the universe.  God also holds out hope his children will awaken from their stupors and find their way back to his graces.  What happens now that Republicans were given this gift, will predicate what God does next and how he works going forward.  

A return to Godly principles - acting to es-establish Christianity's right to worship and pray are pivotal items this new Congress must address.  Congress must additionally act to reign in Islam, and any other religion.  They all deserve the same reverence and protections. How Republicans act will reveal their allegiance to the Establishment, or to God and their base. If the establishment is chosen and Congress acts to enact Democrat policies at a slower pace, I shutter to think what will arise.  

Regardless, the wife and I will act to preserve our lives and the lives of our family.  We cannot rely upon the incumbent Republicans.  They should be relegated to positions where they can do the least harm and not work to undermine the gains realized.  They should declare themselves Democrats, as their actions - not their words, expose their true allegiances.  

Let's thank God for this opportunity and pray enough of the new faces in the Senate and House replace the current Speaker and install conservatives to lead both chambers.

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