Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mentally Detached and Racially Radical

The nation has a rough couple of years ahead unless the Democrat Party leadership changes and the residue from the 1960s is removed.  Truly, they are completely ignorant of the average American's life and plight, or they don't give a S___t.  The man in the White House will drive voters away from the Democrat Party in record numbers.  Last week revealed he is deaf to the reality swirling around him - and/or that outcome taught him he must act, and act swiftly and radically, to accomplish the last pieces of his agenda to punish the white race/men who drove his father away. He hates this nation with a passion.  He is ego cubed.  He is a menace and Democrats, if they had a clue, would act to limit his plans and reign in his actions.  They could approach Republicans about impeachment and agree to accomplish that act.  It's really the only hope that remains for Democrats - but they are still out of their minds - in a post election stupor.  Getting beaten that bad leaves marks and the mental confusion it spawns won't go away soon.  They are actually thinking they won!!??  Democrats are rearraging reality and claiming the election proved the electorate want the newly elected to behave like, and work with (to advance the Democrat agenda) the people they evicted from office with their votes!!  Unbelievable.  

Owning the media's allegiance has warped Democrat's perspective and permitted them to increasingly distance themselves from what being an American was, is, and will remain.   

Murdering God and acquiring every deviant group they believe they can bully the public to accept is the new playbook.  They must replace the votes they drive away with policy ambitions each election cycle.  They are running out of options and the latest election reveals how many are abandoning the Democrat brand.  They are doomed, unless they find their way back to reality.  The Democrat's and the media's fealty to Obama is at the core of voter enmity.   

Race relations - how they've reached an all time low, is in print where ever you look and Ferguson's gonna be a breaking point.  Watch!  Wait... and see.  American know Democrats are to blame for places like, and the actions within, Ferguson, MO.  That town is what Democrats plan for all America - if they get their way.

Each new diversity gambit follows the hate, prejudice, and Christian white men are evil and responsible for every ill that impact life on earth since 1000 A.D..  

I doubt that Democrats can remediate their rectal cranial inversion for at least two more election cycles.  Some lessons require a beating.  2020 is the year when they congregate their feces again and drop the collection of extremist splinter groups who currently define their constituents.  

Hillary loses big, and I can't name her opponent.  Mark it down.  

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