Monday, November 10, 2014

Mark Paredes - Truth Teller - Learns the Risks

Mormon Bishop Mark Parendes is learning, or has learned, truth telling in these latter days comes with a price.  Mr. Parendes had the temerity to state the obvious - former US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not worthy to receive a Mormon temple recommend. 

More importantly, the Democrat Party actively works to limit and eliminate the Christian religion.  Progressives and Liberals define the Democrat Party.  It is they who act to infringe and end public Christian worship.

If we dissect the Democrat Party's platform - it is chock O block with objectives and ideologies that further disqualify Reid.  Harry Reid's comments and behaviors since assuming leader of the Senate make him eligible for excommunication in my view.  The church leadership view the matter differently and chastized Parendes - instead of supporting him.   

There are church members who condemned Parendes opinion and stated support for Democrats.  They are willfully ignorant, and/or value the free stuff Democrats provide them, or I suspect a family member or friend's behaviors have them conflicted over their religion's requirements.  A Mormon cannot support the Democrat Party's objectives and retain in good standing with God or Mormonism - IMO.

Harry Reid is arguably the most visible Mormon in the USA.  The church can ill afford having Reid's behaviors supporting and advancing an organization committed to ending Christain worship being tied to Mormonism.  

Democrats turned away from religion with the O'Hare decision.  Ostensibly arguing for separation of church and state and for evolution being taught in schools.  That's not true.  Democrats actively advance Islam's political and worship rights. Democrats cannot abide with a Godly morality standard. Those who deny God and whose behaviors and/or their "Causes" act as a spiritual replacement, are who Democats preferred to support and advocate.

Once Democrats lost religious votes, they needed replacements and began courting the unorthdox to replace the votes lost.  

Democrats have one political imperative - buy votes and dependency with give aways. They have addicted tens of millions and rely upon the free stuff voters and don't care about economic insolvency.   Many, many Americans' political views are based upon what the government gives them.  Avoiding economic ruin is a responsibility of every citizen regardless of Party.

The recent election revealed another truth - even those who are ostensibly dependent upon Democrats view the perilous state of affairs in America as so dire they are willing to risk losing their free stuff - to stop Democrats!  

Harry Reid is instrumental in creating those opinions and the outcome of the election.  Place Mormonism aside... Harry Reid's actions as Majority Leader entirely acted to forward control of government to Mr. Obama & expand Democrat policies, advance economic ruin, and encourage disobedience of the nation's and God's laws.  The US citizens no longer trust Democrats. They fear them.  

What Mr. Parendes did wrong was apologizing.  One must never equivocate after speaking a truth, otherwise... credibility evaporates.  Apology informs your enemies to pounce. Apology is a sign of weakness.  Stand up for your beliefs, state them, and endure what follows.  Mr. Parendes lost his greatest supporters - those who agree with him - when he apologized.  Actions have consequences - even when the actions are truthful and honest!!!  

Democrats still have not comprehended they are finished politically and their old playbook is rejected. The current Democrat leadership must be replaced.  If Democrats persist, they will not see a majority for a long, long time. 

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